“Woman at the Well,” Carl Bloch, WikiArt.

Part 2: Woman at the Well

Upon ethereal ocean heights of Irish isle
Skellig Mhór, my soul ascended in prayer,
To cloud-level understanding. How many
Spiritual elevations, I am uncertain, steps
From boat landing, climbing mountaintops,
I feel Christ everywhere. Could it be holy
Scriptures are beginning, gospel recorded
Verses, to further realizing divine. In quiet
Of stone cell, each flat rock placed, circular
Wall forming. structure is created, rising
Into air. Likewise, study and meditation
Were essential to discovering Christ.

Here, I dwelt, prayed on Father Blàthan’s
Question: “Who is Christ?” Not who was he.
Certainly Father believes he is spiritually
Breathing, alive. What shall my answer be?
Ringing morning bells, silence lifted for
Simple breakfast, honeyed bread, eggs,
Cistern collected rain-water, conversation
Began, cordial, though I was not his equal,
He accepted me. “I understand you have
Had visions of Christ and Holy Mother?”
Father asked. Thus were apparitions life-
Changing, oft difficult to explain.

“I was wandering adolescent, no life-purpose.
Christ appeared as if on road in Holy Lands,
To my soul he spoke: heal sick and injured,
Feed hungry on his behalf, small miracles of
Fish and bread performed. When I awoke,
This world returned, Sister Muriel I became.”
“Then I ask you, Sister, who is Jesus Christ?”
“Living image of invisible God, present in
All things, now, then, and forever more.”
“Man holy spirit incarnate,” Father added.
In tearful epiphany, I uttered, “I feel
Much like the woman at the well.”

“Self-Portrait,” Francesco Hayez, 1878, WikiArt.

When I gazed upon Father’s timeless face,
His eyes mercurial blue, deep-set, they
Reflected ocean skies, sea depths, old soul
Meditating, building future monastery on
This rock-ragged isle. By his humanity, I
Was touched, humble man, who accepted
Single loaf of bread as if Christ given, with
Me, he shared. Divine light taken residence,
Father Blàthan was spiritually all I aspired
To be, and perhaps beyond my prayerful
Avail. Yet on this first full day, I could look
Within and state aloud who Christ is to me.

Here, Sister Muriel’s relates her Christophany, where it was only mentioned
in first series. What is significant about Sister Muriel feeling like the woman
at the well? Who is Father Blàthan? Who or what does he represent? 

For poems of this series, I listened to “Risen,” original motion score by Roque Baños. 

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