Sister Muriel

Fictional character and mystic, Sister Muriel ministered to Celtic Ireland during advent of Christianity and early monasteries, circa 6th or 7th century A.D. Once known as Bryna, Sister Muriel received Christophany as a teenager, dedicating her life to healing sick and injured. At times, she struggled with her faith, her encounters with Druids, and related her experiences and spiritual journey through poetry. Trying times, the world was too much with her. 


  • 1270. Sister Muriel, Morning Prayers
    Above my pallet bed, wood carved, I rise To one verse, John 1:1, recited aloud with Morning rosary prayers, bowl of porridge, Hearth coals warmed, dawning day, my Work begins, […]
  • 1255. Sister Muriel, Fern-Lined Path
    Irish forests deep, fern-lined path I walk, Elevated in faith, my feet touch not earthly Ground, my steps following Holy Mother Mary in my spiritual life, experiences rarely Shared, written […]
  • 1162. Sister Muriel, Faith Affirmed
    When questioned by monks of resurrection, I, Sister Muriel, saw renewal, Christ same but Different, new creation, purity of soul and Heart, crucible-formed by divine light. Of Other religions I […]
  • 1159. Sister Muriel, Winter Prayers
    Winter-still afternoon, Irish farmlands, cold, Clouded skies, first snow flurries fall, gentle Flakes, covering frozen earths. Crucifix- Clutched to breast, hood pulled over head, I, Sister Muriel, am lost in […]
  • 1110. Sister Muriel, Miracle of Stone
    Armed strangers we feared, men silent Stalking on wooded paths, face hood- Concealed, hand on belt, ready with sword Or dagger, Irish highwaymen, invading Norse, they killed, stole in broad […]
  • 1109. Sister Muriel, Divine Vessel, Part 3
    Part 3: Recollections and Reflections (Last) Within these verses, darkness cannot Remain unstated, for with joy of serving Christ, needy of Irish farmers, came great Sorrows, grief imparting to my […]
  • 1108. Sister Muriel, Divine Vessel, Part 2
    Part 2: End of Suffering Dreams, harsh realities blending into waking Days and weeks, I, Sister Muriel, questioned Why those with greatest needs, peasant farmers, Fishing families, suffer at hands […]
  • 1106. Sister Muriel, Divine Vessel, Part 1
    Part 1: Revealing Dreams Revealing dreams, images, voices past My imagining, upon awakening my life Changed, single word pressed upon my Mind: Vessel. Irish countryside seclusion, Vessel of divine thought, […]
  • 1105. Sister Muriel, Easter Sunrise
    Seventh day in Irish wilderness, I, Sister Muriel, ventured to borderlands of pagan And Christian faiths, soul searching, Praying, pains suffered by injury, illness, Dangerous turn in path I took, […]
  • 1062. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Calling, Part 4
    Part 4: Child by Stone Reborn (Last) Confrontation on Kirkjubøur shores, island Laird, Fuldarr named, pitted Betrys against myself, Sister Muriel, sister against sister, Teas from rocky flower heights, broken […]
  • 1061. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Calling, Part 3
    Part 3: Marian Apparition Amongst clouds, eternal boatmen oaring, Sailing, upper realms of sky, earth, sea, They drew near to Father Blàthan, shadows Cast upon Skellig Mhór, arrows falling at […]
  • 1060. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Calling, Part 2
    Part 2: Ancient Voices Beckoning “Do you hear wind, sisters, ancient voices Beckoning?” Ágausta asked of Betrys and Myself, sea clouds scudding, brief moments Subsiding, returning, night, day moaning Thoughts […]
  • 1059. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Calling, Part 1
    Part 1: Spiritual Awakening Austere islands, rocky shores, single Norse Longboat landed on Streymoy Ilse of Faeroes, Shepherd and fisher folk greeting us, grave Concerns in faces, voices. Sickness across […]
  • 1057. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Voyage, Part 7
    Part 7: Sister Muriel, Betrys Reborn (Last) Times in moments swirling, soul suspended Tween clouds and sky, familiar voice asked of Me, “Do you wish to continue as Sister Muriel?” […]
  • 1056. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Voyage, Part 6
    Part 6: Betrys’ Christian Clouds “Rumors we have heard of this Mary, far- Reaching are our eyes and ears. Your faith Means nothing to us,” my Norse captors Taunted, smoke […]
  • 1055. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Voyage, Part 5
    Part 5: Shieldmaiden Ágausta At sword point Norsemen held us, Betrys And I, Sister Muriel, beach landing concealed, Cunning warriors, observing us at distance, Longboat keel-marks, telltale footprints not Surf-erased, […]
  • 1054. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Voyage, Part 4
    Part 4: Revelations of Sunstone “Upon these prayerful heights of Skellig Mhór, We perceive more than clouds,” advised Father Blàthan. “Your journey is beginning, turning Point in Norse religious beliefs, […]
  • 1053. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Voyage, Part 3
    Part 3: Druid Magic, Bird and Tree How do I reveal secret side of self, breathing, Living part of me,  estranged, religious beliefs Too far distant? This blustery morn, upon […]
  • 1052. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Voyage, Part 2
    Part 2: Mary, Holy Mother, Goddess Brigit Hard pulling rowboat oars, Betrys and I, Sister Muriel, backs heaving, cresting waves breaking, To sea-distant rocky heights of Skellig Mhór. Slow progress […]
  • 1051. Sister Muriel, Faeroe Island Voyage, Part 1
    Part 1: Twin Sisters, Muriel and Betrys How can I leave one ocean clifftop for another? Abandon fields and forests of Irish homeland For trackless cloud-swept heights of Sheep Isles? […]
  • 1010. Sister Muriel, Christmas Visitation, Part 2
    Part 2: Second Calling (Last) Next morning I awakened, Holy Mother was Woods wandering, not in bleak winter day But glorious sun-filled spring days, trees Budding, growing seasons, earth resurrected […]
  • 1009. Sister Muriel, Christmas Visitation, Part 1
    Part 1: Cloaked Visitor Cold December Irish morn, first dawning Light, cloaked visitor knocked at cottage Door, breath steaming, face hood-concealed. Before opening, I, Sister Muriel, felt emotions Welling: love, […]
  • 1000. Sister Muriel, Trial of Faith
    Trial of faith, of perseverance, journey Through valley of death, not by choice, But circumstance, temping descent with Ease taken, no fear or concern, until Realizing seductive slopes proved too […]
  • 993. Sister Muriel, Magdalene Gospels, Part 3
    Part 3: Magdalene and Prayer (Last) Evening meal with Father Blathan, night At Skellig Mhór, I slept in cold stone cell, Simple pallet on damp rock slab, candle For illumination. […]
  • 992. Sister Muriel, Magdalene Gospels, Part 2
    Part 2: Gospel Fragments Charity of Irish farming families, bread, Potatoes, honey, rowing boat to monastery At Skellig Mhór, scudding clouds, pulling Against rolling whitecaps, Father Tristan’s Magdalene Gospel translations […]
  • 991. Sister Muriel, Magdalene Gospels, Part 1
    Part 1: Father Tristan’s Translation Evening, wooded Ireland farmland trails, Hooded figure fast-walking, steps running, Chest pain-heaving, at my feet collapsing. “Sister Muriel, this manuscript deliver to Father Blàthan,” monk […]
  • 983. Sister Muriel, Separation
    Vaporous sound, single word I hear, breeze Amongst tall oaks, across sunlit Irish glens And glades: Separation. But from what? I ask Aloud, prayerful pleas, for I, Sister Muriel, Live […]
  • 977. Sister Muriel, Lone Wayfarer
    Morning walk into Irish glade, fern-lined Path, nature-communing, sunlight tree Streaming, Druid stone altar, Christian Meeting place, wooden cross standing. Nearby brook, lone wayfarer approached, Cloaked as me, shepherd staff, […]
  • 967. Sister Muriel, Rain-Prayers
    “Sister, we don’t know how to pray.” Thus, My evening began, around hearth fires, Irish Shepherding family visiting stone cottage. “We fear God as armed stranger.” Thoughts Honest as perplexing, whispers […]
  • 965. Sister Muriel and Brynlyth
    Dark creature lurks within, blood-thirsting Warrioress, ancient hunter-farmer clans, Ocean-crashing rocks, snow-streaked clouds Descending jagged isthmus, standing naked And tattooed, bronze-sword wielding, pagan Soul, observing from behind my eyes, Nursing […]
  • 949. Sister Muriel, Mary Visitation, Part 3
    Part 3: New Creation (Last) Startled awake by cool sea breeze, Mary asked, “How long?” Afternoon had passed, I felt her Stay near ending. Our descent from Celtic hill- Fort, […]
  • 948. Sister Muriel, Mary Visitation, Part 2
    Part 2: Blesséd Burdens Revealed By flickering hearth fires and candlelight Mother Mary and I, Sister Muriel, talked And prayed, our faces illuminated by Radiance divine. Resting amongst Irish Forests, […]
  • 947. Sister Muriel, Mary Visitation, Part 1
    Part 1: Marian Apparition Morning walk in Irish glade, rambling stream, Forest mist, shimmering light perceived within Laurels. I, Sister Muriel, clutching rosary and Dagger, approached with reverent prayers. In […]
  • 925. Sister Muriel and Gunnolf, Part 8
    Part 8: Conflict and Realization (Last) Conflict of faith, Christ and pagan gods, Names, deeds unspeakable from dark past, Upon Faeroe Island cliffs, I, Sister Muriel, Realized connection to both […]
  • 924. Sister Muriel and Gunnolf, Part 7
    Part 7: Sister Muriel Becomes Byrna Guidance of sun-discerning Sólarstein, wind Wingéd longboats westward pushed across Norwegian seas, Gunnolf and me, Sister Muriel. Women and men-warriors on gunnels stood, Surveying […]
  • 923. Sister Muriel and Gunnolf, Part 6
    Part 6: Dyrfinna and Betrys Sky and sea leaden-grey, two Viking longboats Made for Northern Ireland, south sailing along Norwegian coast to turning point Shetland Mountain peaks. “Watch for beacon […]
  • 922. Sister Muriel and Gunnolf, Part 5
    Part 5: Dyrfinna, People of No More As funeral pyres burned, clouds descended, Mountaintops obscured, faces and flames In blood-washing rain, overcome by grief And burning flesh smoke smell, we […]
  • 921. Sister Muriel and Gunnolf, Part 4
    Part 4: Sólarstein Revealed Moment of angst, to ocean shores running, Lure of cresting seas, I, Sister Muriel, called For Gunnolf as longboat sail raised, “My Lord, navigate I can […]
  • 920. Sister Muriel and Gunnolf, Part 3
    Part 3: Marian Apparitions Divine light bathed, visitation by Mother Mary, at first we could not speak nor move, Including me, Sister Muriel. By her radiance She spoke to us, […]
  • 919. Sister Muriel and Gunnolf, Part 2
    Part 2: Sister Muriel and Dyrfinna “By wind-rustling sails, we know of you, Lord Gunnolf,” I, Sister Muriel, stated. “Darting white-crested waves, storm Petrels relate your seafaring exploits, Shield and […]
  • 918. Sister Muriel and Gunnolf, Part 1
    Part 1: Vision of Holy Mother Alarms rang loud at Inis Fathlinn, Irish Southwestern coast, fishing clans, farms And firths, black smoke plumes distant Rising, raiding Northmen, five longboats Landing, […]
  • 900. Sister Muriel and Betrys, Part 2
    Part 2: Betrys’ Druid Beliefs For years I had served as sister in Christ, Betrys delved deeper into pagan rites, Primordial powers, earth dwelling. For as I had traveled to […]
  • 899. Sister Muriel and Betrys, Part 1
    Part 1: Twin Sisters Glade Meeting We acknowledged each other across sunlit Irish glade, druid priestess nodding to me Sister Muriel. Whilst we followed different Religions, we bore similar likeness, […]
  • 889. Sister Muriel, Celtic Vellum, Part 4
    Part 4: Prayers to Mary and Sesilída Trumpets sounded, hillsides shook, trees Fell, ancient forces descended upon Norse Village broad-firth, army of twelve skeletons, Bow bearing, marched upon their lands, […]
  • 888. Sister Muriel, Celtic Vellum, Part 3
    Part 3: Curse of Crazed Crone Kick in small of back by Gerduris, fire out In cold darkness roused. “We must leave!” Whispered she. “Change into these clothes, No longer […]
  • 887. Sister Muriel, Celtic Vellum, Part 2
    Part 2: Gerduris Reveals Curse Splash of cold sea-spray, I rode with stout Norse seafarers, steerboard-man kept keen Horizon eye, first faint line of mountain peaks, Few glances at me, […]
  • 886. Sister Muriel, Celtic Vellum, Part 1
    Part 1: Sister taken as Prisoner-Guest Approach of cloaked stranger, staff walking, Concerns of Christians and Druids, alike, I, Sister Muriel, sunlit glade, stream resting, Snap of twigs, I feared no […]
  • 885. Sister Muriel, Transfiguration
    Upon ancient Celtic hillfort I stand, Sister Muriel, Easter morning, awaiting sunrise, With Druid worshipers celebrating dawning Equinox, Ēostre or Ēastre. Thus, we observe New birth, advent of spring growing […]
  • 867. Sister Muriel’s Pilgrimage, Part 9
    Part 9: Norse Religious Turning Point Swords-in-hand, footsteps from sea to Shore, Vikings Iceland landed. From Sheep Isles they strove, farthest bound Norway. As two cloaked figures, monks appearing, Father […]
  • 866. Sister Muriel’s Pilgrimage, Part 8
    Part 8: Years Falling like Autumn Leaves Weary sea-maiden I had become, washed Into Sandoy inlet, first landfall of Faroe Isles, cold-staggering, I collapsed at feet Of Father Blàthan, memories […]
  • 865. Sister Muriel’s Pilgrimage, Part 7
    Part 7: North Sea Sailing to Sheep Islands East-sailing from Norse shores, I yearn for Ultima Thule, sea or land, I care not. Thus Is my calling, seabirds, currents guiding, […]
  • 864. Sister Muriel’s Pilgrimage, Part 6
    Part 6: Waters no Longships Sailed Destiny and fate as one, earth turned upon Itself, forces dormant since antiquity arose, Old and new gods united as one, rumors of Ultima […]
  • 863. Sister Muriel’s Pilgrimage, Part 5
    Part 5: Mardoll Scorns Norsemen My mind fractured, life lost and restored, Dreams upon storming shores, memories Of climbing island steps, cells and oratory, Sister Muriel vague thought, dark image […]
  • 862. Sister Muriel’s Pilgrimage, Part 4
    Part 4: Sister Muriel becomes Mardoll How does one prepare for sea pilgrimage, praying, fasting, reading holy scripture? By what steps could I purify my soul? Yet, We ventured north […]
  • 861. Sister Muriel’s Pilgrimage, Part 3
    Part 3: Sister Muriel’s Pilgrimage Revealed Restless night, I ventured to pray at eastern- Facing clifftops. At first glimmer of dawn Father Blàthan appeared, first as corporeal Man, then as […]
  • 860. Sister Muriel’s Pilgrimage, Part 2
    Part 2: Woman at the Well Upon ethereal ocean heights of Irish isle Skellig Mhór, my soul ascended in prayer, To cloud-level understanding. How many Spiritual elevations, I am uncertain, […]
  • 859. Sister Muriel’s Pilgrimage, Part 1
    Part 1: Sister Muriel meets Father Blàthan Journey to southeast reaches of Ireland, Prayer and introspection, more than lone Pilgrimage, I felt transformation and fear Of where my calling leads. […]
  • 857. Sister Muriel, Part 10
    Part 10: Apparition of Mary First glimmer rising sun, rosette dawn, Irish Christian and pagans gathered at Sacred Druid glen, place of streaming Light, worship and prayer, still waters Reflecting, […]
  • 856. Sister Muriel, Part 9
    Part 9: Worries of Faith and Doubt Years of Irish countryside, splendor and Mystery, attempting to answer questions Of new followers. Why did Jesus die, why Did he not live […]
  • 855. Sister Muriel, Part 8
    Part 8: Druid Rites at Standing Stones Waking dream, I stumbled into Druid rites At standing stones, simple altar, men and Women, torches burning, reciting verses I could not translate, […]
  • 854. Sister Muriel, Part 7
    Part 7: House of Sorrows Snows in summer falling, hardship across Irish lands, tending sick and dying in House Of Sorrows, O! Mother Mary, hear prayers Of Sister Muriel. Disease, […]
  • 852. Sister Muriel, Part 6
    Part 6: Christian Pagans Yes, I have visited and prayed at pagan sites, Knelt on ground holy as that of monasteries, Presence of God equal, damp stone churches Or open […]
  • 842. Sister Muriel, Part 5
    Part 5: Ancient Druid Stones “Sister, how and where should we worship, Christ?” Questions asked by those who Revered pagan gods, and by inspiration Divine, turned to Prince of Peace. […]
  • 841. Sister Muriel, Part 4
    Part 4: Miracles of Bread and Fish “Sister, we are cold and hungry,” moans Of collected farmers, worse than poor Growing seasons, cold blight gripped Irish farmlands, perpetual winter in […]
  • 840. Sister Muriel, Part 3
    Part 3: Stone Church Miracle From seashores to hillsides, messengers Awakened me, “Sea Sister! Marauding Northmen beach invaded!” Clashing Swords and shields, wounded on both Sides, impasse at stone church. […]
  • 839. Sister Muriel, Part 2
    Part 2: Healing, Dream-Visions Tending to sick and injured, touch of my Robe, Christ’s healing strength is given. I am but a stream, Sister Muriel. Pains of Infirmity I feel, […]
  • 838. Sister Muriel, Part 1
    Part 1: Glade Christophany Family did not understand, specially Farran, my younger sister, why I, Bryna Have given myself to Christ, changed my Name to Muriel or Bright Sea, for […]
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