“Christ and His Disciples,” Odilon Redon, WikiArt.

Upon ancient Celtic hillfort I stand, Sister
Muriel, Easter morning, awaiting sunrise,
With Druid worshipers celebrating dawning
Equinox, Ēostre or Ēastre. Thus, we observe
New birth, advent of spring growing seasons,
Sun-warmed Irish days, fertility rites, fields
And beasts, life in fullness, prayers, songs
To respective gods, celebrating Christ’s
Resurrection, gospel-written, all who will
Listen and accept receive salvation.

Beneath moon and stars, by flickering torch-
Light, winding night path we climbed, joyous
Pilgrimage in faith and prayer, we talked
Amongst ourselves, not differences in faith,
But beliefs we shared, Christian and pagan,
Rising-sun meaning, divine powers greater
Than ourselves, first glimmer of awakening
Morn we beheld, pagans chanting, bowing
In prayer, first illumination of morning clouds,
I stood alone, in faith, beholding new day.

“Do not watch holy flare,” one of them warned,
Turning head from east. “With us, bow and pray
Face-down, forces past understanding.” Yet, in
Naivete, I held my cross, relished Easter sunrise,
Thoughts of Christ’s resurrection, until cloud-
Rising opening gate, blinding rays struck me to
My knees, suspended in living flood of light,
Sight of hundred eyes, voices beyond shores of
Time, penetrated my mind, creators before
Miraculous fusion of water, earth, and sky.

“Woman with Flowers,” Odilon Redon, WikiArt.

All tongues of man, past and present, spoke,
Until one I recognized, thought and words merged,
Wisdom prior to prophetic verse, simple words,
“Follow me!” My soul took soaring flight, wingéd
Dove amongst solar beams, Christ’s resurrection,
Appearing to the twelve, in faith believed, presence
Of his love and life unbound, transfiguration of
Who and what I was, I realized good in everyone,
His reflected light, those I would serve: hungry,
Poor, sick, those of every faith or none.

Once known as Bryna, Sister Muriel is Viking-era Irish young woman
who received Christophany as teenager, dedicated her 
life to healing
sick and injured. Her poetry is often self-reflection, at times adventure.
As historical-fiction character, the earth is too much with her.
Thanks for reading.

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