“The Rose Robe,” Henri Martin, WikiArt.

Part 3: Stone Church Miracle

From seashores to hillsides, messengers
Awakened me, “Sea Sister! Marauding
Northmen beach invaded!” Clashing
Swords and shields, wounded on both
Sides, impasse at stone church. Beckoned
To tend wounds, bless dead-dying, Norse
Pagans, Christians alike. Overwhelmed by
Blood blade-might, I am but one person,
Stature small, stout of prayer and faith,
Ministering in Christ’s love, holy word.

Sword-wounded on beach freely bled,
Surf red-tinged. In tears, I fell to knees,
Sea Sister praying as never before, for
Christ’s intervention. Mocked I was by
Armed Norsemen, dared I plea for his
Presence on desolate beach. “Pray when
In need,” Christ dream-vision said, “For
I am everywhere, leaves of trees, breath
Of breeze.” Divine peace and presence
I felt before cloud-descending arrival.

Bathed in golden radiance, brazen Northmen
Trembled as did warriors of Irish clans,
From stone church Christ’s Holy Mother,
Mary, appeared, calming, healing with single
Touch. In presence of such tender mercies,
All took to prayerful knees and wept. Within
Mary’s beach-hovering aura, warring swords
Fell to sand, evil thoughts released, sins
Forgiven, spirit of Christ instilled. In all
Things, peace and love abounded.

After healing miracles at stone church, how
Could we remain unmoved? Blessed  we
Were by Holy Mother’s grace and purity.
Upon clifftops overlooking this place, altar
Was built, stones moved by Viking longboats,
By oxen cart, word of Mary’s visitation Across
Ireland spread, long lines of pilgrims prayed,
Flower offerings, hundred, hundred healed
By monument touching, place so named:
Aillte Mara Naofa Muire.*

“Madonna of Mercy,” Piero della Francesca, 1445, WikiArt.

For all present, Northmen and Irish clans,
Accepted Christ as savior, beach baptisms,
Sacrament of Holy Communion. In mystical
Ways, bloody beach that day reminded of
Christ’s blood shed for salvation, wounds
To his side, harsh arrows nails of crucifixion
Cross. On blesséd day, Holy Mother spoke to
Me, belief in her son spread into Norse lands,
Warriors on both sides, his disciples became.
Lo! My duties at stone church were completed.

*Mary’s Holy Sea-Cliffs

For now, Sea Sister Muriel returned to her calling, healing  injured and infirm
of Irish farms and countryside, amongst Celtic ruins, Druid standing-stones,
ancient holy places adopted for Christian worship and prayer. That which was
holy since antiquity was sanctified in Muriel’s day. Thanks for reading. 

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