“Christ Healing Blind Man,” Eustache Le Sueur, WikiArt.

Part 2: Healing, Dream-Visions

Tending to sick and injured, touch of my
Robe, Christ’s healing strength is given.
I am but a stream, Sister Muriel. Pains of
Infirmity I feel, hands and feet, illnesses,
Infections too horrid to discern, briefly
They exist upon my body, those near
Death, at times, I can offer only earthly
Release, forgiveness and salvation of the
Cross, eternal life for all: peasants, beggars,
And condemned.

In privacy of glades, I evening bathe, body
Host to maladies endured all day, witness
Christ’s crucifixion, dozen mortal ailments
Bleeding and inflamed. Yet, worst afflictions
Are grief and sorrows of heart. Selfishly,
I think, “O! Weary one, touch not my robes
Today.” They fall to knees, collapse at my
Feet, Christ’s light passing from me to them,
Aura visible all round us in broad daylight,
Souls holy-spirit filled, renewed.

During evening meals, farmer’s table shared,
I eat, bread we break, parables told, Christ
Body broken for our sins, take of wine, his
Blood. Thus, holy sacrament is explained to
Rustic souls, wondering, yearning for the
Word: “Where is he? Where is Christ?” He
Is with us – everywhere. Leaf I pick from
Tree, hold to sun, complexity of life. Christ
Is found in sacred wells and streams,
Standing stones once precious to Druids.

Yes, these things are beyond Biblical, but
Pastoral souls can relate, for they need
Physical connection to spiritual. Thus, in
Essence is who and what I am,  Sister Muriel
Modest vessel, messenger, suffering servant
Of Christ, intermediary of God to followers.
Yet, I teach them to seek Christ on their own,
Live in faith and light. Prayerfully, I must
Minister to other Irish hamlets and villages
In need, always providing greatest good.

“Muse,” Henri Martin, WikiArt.

During lonely walking miles, along hand-
Laid stone walls, sunny meadow-lands,
I rest at edge of forest-pastures, ringing
Melodies of grazing sheep. Here my soul
Is restored, strength renewed, sips from
Stream of life. Thus, is my solitude. Only
Then does Christ speak to me in dream-
Visions: “Muriel, serve least of these, you
Do it unto me, my brothers and sisters.”
For now, I sleep in sunny warmth.

Once known as Bryna, Sister Muriel is Viking-era Irish young
woman who received 
Christophany as teenager, dedicated her
life to healing sick a
nd injured, and writes poetry of self-reflection.
The earth is too much with her. 

For those who missed “Sister Muriel, Part 1”

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