“Madonna and Child with Mary Magdalene,” Titian, circa 1560, WikiArt.

Part 10: Apparition of Mary

First glimmer rising sun, rosette dawn,
Irish Christian and pagans gathered at
Sacred Druid glen, place of streaming
Light, worship and prayer, still waters
Reflecting, flowered pastures, light tree-
Cascading on altar stones. Sanctity and
Simplicity, divine presence felt, beyond
Pagan magic spells and church hymns,
We knelt in silence. As Sister Muriel, I felt
Oneness with God, end of strife, hunger,
Disease, within sun-rising beams of light,
Mother Mary appeared at altar stones.

Holy apparition, by all present seen, light-
Lingering, Mary spoke to us, to me, voice
Clarion-clear, “To northern lands take thy
Ministry, my intercession to sick and poor,
Conversion of sinners.” In disbelief I took
To feet, in defiance stood, leave my home
Ireland, how, where and for what north
Lands? Holy Mother’s light enveloped me,
Such purity touched heart and soul, I fell
To face, forehead to Mary’s feet, her hand
Upon my head, in miraculous moments,
Her devout servant, in Christ, I became.

Yes, I was proud in accomplishments, felt
Equally as one with Druids as with newly
Formed Celtic-Irish Christian church, self-
Serving passion and obedience, these sins
I confessed at Holy Mother’s feet, and in
Doing so, I rose anew, understanding
There was no more I, me, or mine, but
Devotion, to be compassionate as God is
Compassionate,* Sister Muriel, servant in
Service divine, to sea-cliff living monks
I would visit, learn and pray with them.

“Christ and Samaritan Woman at the Well,” Angelica Kauffman, 1796, WikiArt.

As Holy Mother’s apparition lingered
Amongst altar stones, everything had
Changed, new calling revealed, unfolding
Before me, life charted, course set north,
Christ as my helmsman, north to Sheep
Islands, challenges daunting, windswept
Waves, crashing seas, islands tween
Norway and my future. Lo! I remember
Psalms, “Be as for me, I shall sing of
Your strength; Yes, I shall joyfully sing
Of you loving kindness in the morning,
For you have been my stronghold.”
Psalms 59:17
*Luke 6:36

Whilst concluding this series of 10 poems, Sister Muriel begins her calling and
journey to northern lands: Faroe Islands, Iceland, and perhaps Greenland.
As a historical fiction poetic character, she moves north as Vikings move
south into British Isles. Thank-you for reading and for your kind comments.
Servants of Mary or Servite Order began in 1233 A.D. For more, see this link:

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