“Young Woman with Flowers,” Henri Martin, WikiArt.

Part 1: Glade Christophany

Family did not understand, specially
Farran, my younger sister, why I, Bryna
Have given myself to Christ, changed my
Name to Muriel or Bright Sea, for I was
Transformed in ways unfathomable.
Habitual forest wanderer, risks realized,
Into flowered, morning glade I ventured,
Ancient stones, once druid gathering
Place, instead voice to mind and heart
Touched: “Follow me.”

At first, thought I trick of fairies, until
Christ appeared, light-bathed, sun-
Brightened glade, blinded within, life
Shown anew, again two simple words,
“Follow me.” Alas! Such quickening of
Marrow and soul. Upon knees I offered
Myself, “Yes, Lord,” Into stream I walked,
Round me dizzying daze, my body to
Depths sank, my old self washed away.

Lo! Stream became as limned crystal,
Sun-gleaming, with first gasp of air,
I had risen, born again, nail-wounded
Hands lifted me to Christ’s side. For
Hours we talked, moments sweet as
Honey, miracles performed, bread and
Fish we ate and supped, baptized in
Water, in his spirit, healer made, walking
His path, Irish holy sister, age sixteen,
I followed in passion and in faith.

To mother this account shared, my face,
Hair bright-burnished. No longer was I
Bryna, I was Sister Muriel. Of all these
Blesséd glories, pain lingered in my heart,
Lonely seashores I wandered, child in
Christ recast, first footsteps on my own,
Facing troubled world. Nor was I hermetic
Dark-robed monk dwelling in seaside
Stone hovel. My calling was sick-injured,
Weary of body and soul.

“Christ Taking Leave of his Mother,” Cranach the Elder, 1520, WikiArt.

When infirmed or grieving called for
Christ, I was there, suffering servant in
His name, life-long commitment to those
In need, only meager food and shelter
I required, charity of others, warmth of
hearth fires, soup and bread, secure
Place for night’s rest, no stranger turned
Away. I remained until duties were
Fulfilled, comfort to families, together,
We prayed until dawning light.

Bryna or Sister Muriel is fictitious Viking-era Irish girl who
Christophany or vision of Christ after ascension.
Only few e
xtra-Biblical instances have been recorded. 

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