“Peasant Children,” Vladimir Makovsky, 1890, WikiArt

Above my pallet bed, wood carved, I rise
To one verse, John 1:1, recited aloud with
Morning rosary prayers, bowl of porridge,
Hearth coals warmed, dawning day, my
Work begins, herbs, elixirs, healing sick,
Tending to impoverished, poor in greatest
Need. “Who will help us, Sister, for we
Have nothing, clothes upon our backs.”
John 1:1 I prayer whispered. “Begin with
Cleansing bath,” I replied, clear streams
Of Irish forests, washing dirt away, sins,
Farmer’s baptism, acceptance of Christ,
For many, life began anew: clean clothes,
Bowl of thin soup, crust of bread, night
Fires flesh and bone warming.

“Pine Forest,” Ivan Shishkin, 1885, WikiArt.

Some shunned teachings, however, fearful
Or distrusting of Christ, crucified, dead,
And risen from stone tomb, sacraments of
Eucharist, body and blood, rituals more
Primitive than Druidism they argue, too
Ghastly for children, suffering illness,
Hunger. Winding footpaths, non-believers
Disappeared into forest dangers. Where
Is John 1:1 for them? Where is darkness-
Defying divine light? Why do they not
Believe? Must I be lone wilderness voice?
“If not by Christ, seek solace, healing
Refuge of Druids,” I offered, words deaf
Ears falling. Yes, I believe presence of
God flourishes on Irish hillsides and
Farmlands, but not in every soul.

John 1:1 – In the beginning was the Word, and
the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Why did Sister Muriel send the non-believing family
to the Druids? Thanks for reading.

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