Viking sólarsteinn (sunstone) or Iceland Spar, Wikipedia photo.

Part 4: Revelations of Sunstone

“Upon these prayerful heights of Skellig Mhór,
We perceive more than clouds,” advised Father
Blàthan. “Your journey is beginning, turning
Point in Norse religious beliefs, exploration.”
From dark cloak, he removed sunstone, held
Toward Irish dark-clouded horizon, location of
Sun revealed. Thus, father explained, clear-stone
Would change course of history for Norsemen,
Habitation as traders, farming Christians in
Far-distant northlands.

Alas! Father Blàthan concluded, “Norse would
Bury their dead at foundation of abandoned
Stone church, drink final cup of life.” Hearing
This, Betrys burst into tears. “Father, legend
Says Celts killed captives of warring clans, far-
Seeing ritual, final cup in life given, thrust of
Blade.” Dagger she revealed, “In dying moments,
Afterlife seen, future the condemned perceived.”
Vision of ancient rites cloud-appearing, Betrys
Collapsed upon stone-slab steps.

On pallet bed we placed her, furs, hand-woven
Wool blankets, she breathe-rested, candle lit
Within darkening cell, narrow doorway light
Providing. “Memories, self-realization came
Upon Betrys,” offered father, whether pagan
Ways or Christian.” Betrys awakened, “I am
Here.” Again crying. “Visions in clouds seen,
Watery pool reflecting passage of life. Faeroe
Island Voyage of Mary and Brigit, we must
Make, you and me, my sister, side-by-side.

Week of prayers and meditation, father told
Of us sunstones, three made, unknown origins,
Some believed ancient Greeks, ships exploring
Irish shores, beliefs in Hyperborea, sea voyages
Seeking realms of eternal spring and peace,
Continuous sunshine, mythical forests of
Apollon, three sunstones gods gifted, one
Over ages surviving, nascent Christian church
Coveted, prize of great wealth, power over
Clouded skies, over those who had not.

“Visitors from over the Sea,” Nicholas Roerich, 1901, WikiArt.

Lo! To Irish shores we returned, foot journey
To Norse outposts, far north outer Iles, twin
Sisters, Muriel and Betrys, for shield-clad
Longboats we searched, striped sails wind-
Stretched. Mary and Brigit with us, healers,
Seeking those in need, body and soul, calling
To Faeroe folk. Fresh keel drag-marks we
Found on sandy isthmus, footprints out and
Back, hilltop cairns, place of Norse beacon
Fires, swift arrows falling at our feet.

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