“Druidess,” Alexandre Cabanel, Wikipedia.

Part 3: Druid Magic, Bird and Tree

How do I reveal secret side of self, breathing,
Living part of me,  estranged, religious beliefs
Too far distant? This blustery morn, upon
Heights of Skellig Mhór, two cloaked figures,
One familiar to Father Blàthan, other sisterly
Same. “Remain here,” I said to Betrys, anxious,
Not knowing what to expect, warm greeting as
Always, or silent condemning stare, at least
I bore much needed bread, fish, and cheese.

“Father, I have returned,” I said, bowing, tears
Welling, emotion-broken, moments unable to
Speak. He grasped my hands, “Tell me, sister,
What troubles you so?” At beckoning, Betrys
Stepped forward, hood pulled from head. “My
Sister, Betrys.” Realization ‘neath scudding
Ocean clouds, Druid priestess, deeply delving
Into ancient pagan rituals and rites, she bowed
At father’s feet, forehead touching stones.

All transpired we related, vision of Mary and of
Brigit, light rising from fissured altar stone,
Calling we received, minister to fisher folk and
Shepherds on distant Faeroe Isles. Norsemen
We would approach as passengers from Norway
shores, payment passage navigation sunstone,
Its secrets revealed. “On this, I will meditate,
Pray,” advised father, his letter-writing pushed
Aside, bundles opened, fruit and vegetables.

“But first, let us meal together take, prayers of
Thanksgiving, health. Father welcomed Betrys,
Wonderment at times, his gaze at me, then her,
Back again, marveling sister twins. “Before my
Calling, Betrys, I was familiar with Druid magic,
Bird and root.” She turned, listening to account
Of ancient magic spell. “Elder man, standing
Quiet at water’s edge, birds feeding, tree trunk
Landing near his feet, one bird with hurt wing.”

“Moss, Roots,” Ivan Shishkin, WikiArt.

“Wave of hand, into tree bark bird was absorbed,
Another hand wave, from mossy roots, healed
Bird emerged, effortlessly flew away.” Father took
Sip of water, adding, “I learnt that day, nothing
Is lost in nature, energy by magic transformed,
Healing sick, in death, body releases soul.” Thus
Was father’s lesson, he rejected not Druidism,
But accepted Christ as his savior, Catholic calling,
Following over fifty years, serving all in need.

Young man in circa 600 A.D. Ireland, Father Blàthan, was spiritually
transformed by Druid magic, reborn new creation in Christ, much
like bird from root emerging. Thanks for reading.   


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