“From the Well,” Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpana, WikiArt.

Part 4: Child by Stone Reborn (Last)

Confrontation on Kirkjubøur shores, island
Laird, Fuldarr named, pitted Betrys against
myself, Sister Muriel, sister against sister,
Teas from rocky flower heights, broken
Fever, cold death-like sleep lapsed. From
Sea goodness comes, dark water-stalkers,
Natural balance, Fuldarr stated, “Cursed
Are two sisters, bringing death upon
Faeroe folk, wave-tormented fishers,
Shepherds on windswept grassy mounts.”
Lo! Betrys shuttered at truth-twisted
Words, evoking ancient seafarers.

“My Laird, another speaks from behind
My eyes,” stated Betrys. “Clans shore-
Landing, keel-marks made dozen decades,
Before devious destroyers, oaken oaths
Made of sea-islanders, betrayed by fire
And sword-point.” Upon this very shore,
They prayed, net-draped stone altar.”
Mother in tears approaching, breathless
Child in arms, magic of ages evoked, as
Father Blàthan stepped forth, archaic
Tongue spoken, all round us time-swirling,
Dying child laid upon stone altar.

By wave of hand, child into stone absorbed,
Disappeared, held between death-torment
And new life, father stated to Fuldarr, “On
Knees confess dark-death sins.” Tales of
Horror, primitive fisher souls inhabited
Faeroe Isles, sheep bringing, life sustaining,
Praising, living in light of ancient gods,
Until betrayed by Fuldarr, greed of sheep,
Land, sailing boats. Seawater on driftwood
Splashed, father’s wave of hand, Druidic
Magic, living child emerged, reborn,
Truth-wisdom, prophesies revealed.

Gloria! From Druid rituals and rites, new
Religion emerged, Christian hermit monks
Across Faeroe Isles visited, sequestered in
Holy solitude, word preaching, followers
Adopting familiar faiths to new, worshiping
Druid gods of oaken trees to Christ’s cross,
Miracles and mysteries to their eyes, much
The same, goddess Brigit saint became,
Revered as Holy Mother Mary, sick healed
By faith and herbs, came Muriel and Betrys,
Faeroe Island calling, sea voyage trails, by
Sisters of faiths combined could prevail.

“Seated Christ,” Vasily Polenov, 1887, WikiArt.

Who speaks, and who listens? Who steps
Forward after hearing words of salvation?
Divine calling? Two beliefs, oft conflicting,
Merged, made whole, healing, living in light,
Hymns and prayers, advent of Christ, arduous
Years lay ahead, monasteries, stone chapels,
Across Ireland, white-wingéd word spreading
Into far-north realms and isles, suffering
Betrayal, likes of Fuldarr, Norse invaders,
Christianity persevered, Celtic-druidism in
Shadowy decline, deep-forest lingering, oak,
And mistletoe lost except to faithful few.

Child by stone reborn, cornerstone of Faeroe Island Christian faith.
Thanks for reading this circa 600 A.D. historical fiction poetry. 

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