“Flower Clouds,” Odilon Redon, 1903, WikiArt.

Part 3: Marian Apparition

Amongst clouds, eternal boatmen oaring,
Sailing, upper realms of sky, earth, sea,
They drew near to Father Blàthan, shadows
Cast upon Skellig Mhór, arrows falling at
His feet, “Father, single Norse longboat
Irish coasts approaching.” Wave of hand,
Clouds sea-transformed, ocean-wave
Mirror, two ships sailing keel-to-keel,
Two destinies, one in peace, other of
Raiding sword-spear death. Lo! Father
Recognized mast-standing, sea-discerning
Shieldmaiden and her Norsemen twelve.

Ancient voices resurrected, unheard for
Hundred ages, returned, wings of wind-
Darting storm petrels, “I come in love and
Peace of my son, druidic magic of bark-
Transforméd bird, life renewed, gnarled
Root taking feathered flight.” Windswept
Realization, “Holy Mother, the twelve,
What seek you of your servant?” “Healing
Herbs, faith, Sister Muriel, Betrys sick
Tending on Faeroe Island shepherds,
Fisher folk, fevered fits taken.

“Holy Mother, where are you?” father
Asked, voice of immaculate heart upon
Cloud-borne light, Norse longboat, sail
Furled, Skellig Mhór landing made,
Monastery vision of Mary, apostles
Semi-circled, prayers, hymns of praise,
Divine thoughts understood beyond
Spoken word, herbs gathered, mortar
Pestle, jars of ointments, oils, roots,
Flower petals, Father Blàthan ship
Boarded, accompanying Holy Mother
To Faeroe Islands.

Wind to water, air to cloud transformed,
Norse longboat took to clifftop heights,
Sail, steerboard mist-streaming, distance,
Time unbraided, oceans above-below,
Ancestral boatmen passing left, right,
Ágausta and Holy Mother one the same,
Accompanied by apostle crew, miracles,
Mysteries, magic spells of solar-stone,
Sorrows given way to faith-emboldened
Strength, white wings uplifting, sky views
Only far-seeing Druids knew, first Faeroe
Isles keel-descended.

“Christ and His Disciples,” Odilon Redon, WikiArt.

Beacon fires, tides turning, Norse longboat
Landed on Kirkjubøur protected shores,
Wave of hand, dark clouds ushered broad
Sunlight, Sister Muriel and Betrys greeted
Marian apparition, for shimmering moments
Few, Holy Mother appeared, disappeared,
Ship of sail, and the twelve vanished into
Evening breeze. Alas! Darker forces were
Afoot, island laird, questioning, fault-
Finding, sisters two, what gods they prayed,
Painted druid or Christian cross, fevered
Children tea-taking, turned death cold.

Historical fiction poetic characters, Sister Muriel and Betrys, lived during “murky”
transition or 
adoption of Celtic/Druidism to advent of Christianity in British Isles,
specially Ireland. For more, see this Wikipedia link.  Thanks for reading. 

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