“Pine Forest,” Ivan Shishkin, 1885, WikiArt.

Seventh day in Irish wilderness, I, Sister
Muriel, ventured to borderlands of pagan
And Christian faiths, soul searching,
Praying, pains suffered by injury, illness,
Dangerous turn in path I took, into
Darkness, self-doubt, failure as sister
In Christ. Why did I make this life-
Choice? I am yearning for beginnings
New, upon hill fort I climb. No, I was not
Alone. Awaiting sunrise, we held hands,
Dawn-facing semicircle, my twin sister,
Betrys, Druid priestess, standing at my side.

Have I abandoned Christian faith? My
Answer would come slowly, deep within,
Roots infiltrating rocky Irish soil. Dark
Robe discarded, undergarments to feet
Falling, I yearn for summer sun upon
Pale body, hair undone, shoulder-flowing,
Necklace of beads and bones, blue paint
Upon my face. Summer solstice sun rises,
Light illuminating my soul. Unceasing wind,
I feel ancient calling, primitive, profound.
For this week I am no longer Sister Muriel,
I am my old self, Druidess Bryna.

“Morning,” Henri Fantin-Latour, WikiArt.

Hands upon my shoulders, I thought my
Twin sister, Betrys; however, familiar
Supporting strength, pained suffering
I knew well. “Fear not, my child,” voice
Whispered at my ear. “Within your flesh
And blood flows pagan and Christian
Faiths, this you cannot deny.” Naked before
Holy Mother Mary I stood, her radiance
As rising sun. At Easter, we had worshiped
The same, awaiting rising sun, risen son,
Similar beliefs, Christian and pagan, this
Spring morn we gathered, east-facing.

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