“Sermon on the Mount,” Carl Heinrich Bloch, Wikimedia.

Part 1: Revealing Dreams

Revealing dreams, images, voices past
My imagining, upon awakening my life
Changed, single word pressed upon my
Mind: Vessel. Irish countryside seclusion,
Vessel of divine thought, I began writing.
God and nature are one, here he speaks
To me, Sister Muriel, spiritual-corporeal,
Simple and complex, with ancients I agree,
Elements: fire, water, air, earth, these alone
Do stand, and are divinely admixed as misty
Clouds. From this I understand substance
Of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Welling within my soul, I walk summer,
Wagon trails, venture upon deep forest
Paths, glades and glens, resting at grassy
Banks, clear-flowing streams, expressions,
Founts of divine holiness, and small ways,
Reside in me, living cistern, vessel for lines
Of verse, rambling stream, one idea flowing
To another, leaves on gentle currents riding.
In solitude, I glimpse the eternal, thoughts
Like rising highland clouds, just beyond my
Knowing-reach: incarnation, life, teaching,
Death, resurrection, all overwhelming.

As much as bread nourishes the body, these
Verse prayers nourish my soul. Yes, I am
Humbled to my knees, daunted by their
Presence, guided by their wisdom, strength.
By Christ’s flesh and blood, I embark on this
Mystical journey of faith and growth, lest
I forget who and what I am, vessel, cistern,
Follower, spiritually enslaved to my master,
Vows of chastity, charity, and obedience,
Freedoms beyond description, unfettered
From earthly things, by blessings divine,
I live in holy service to others.

Thanks for reading this first of new series of Sister Muriel poems.

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