"Now crowned in silvery winter snow..."
“Now crowned in silvery winter snow…”

Clouds gathering, low and heavy, first Maine
Snow transformed farms into picture postcard
Scenes, white flakes swirling amongst homes
And barns, hearth fires burning, promise of
Christmas and New Year’s, covered firewood,
Split and stacked in straight cords, bladed trac-
Tors breaking paths, clearing graveled lanes.

Whilst self-reliant, we stayed connected to our
Neighbors as snow deepened on rolling pasture-
Lands and frozen cattle ponds, enwrapping dark
Stands of evergreens, phalanx-flanking far
Boundaries, life known by our forefathers, who
Rediscovered this harsh and fertile land, hand-
Turned, raising hardy New England families.

By sinew, bone, and muscle they labored, field
Clearing, planting, raising cattle, sheep, poultry,
Sacrificing, persevering, they followed nature’s
Grand ways, with each stone cleared, prayers of
Faith and hope uttered, higher visions gained,
Pains of farmstead birth, what earth and Mainers
Borne, now crowned in silvery winter snow.

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