“We are better off together, for better or
For worse…”

Down-pouring rain, blustery Maine island
Night, we cannot sleep or stay awake. As
If ferry-boat marooned, we wait in silence,
Passengers boarded, lives uplifted by
Thoughts of going home. Yet, we sit side-
By-side on the sofa, comfort of cushions,
Blankets, pillows shared, lives punctuated
By ironies, even in love’s choppy seas,
We are better off together, for better or
For worse. Each time we argue, it wears
On heart, soul, remnants of healed hurts,
Incising lasting scars. What have we resolved
Tonight, darkness of early morning hours?
Sleepy head falls into my lap, I play with
Thick brown hair, soothing wavelike
Motions, sending you into restful sleep.
Quiet realizations, glimpse of previous
Lifetime, we were shipwrecked sisters,
Cold-capsizing gale, still clinging to each
Other off windswept coast of Maine.

Secrets I shall forever keep as we sleep tonight…
Predawn r
ain and wind evoke past-distant images.
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