"Ingleborg," Peter Nicolai Arbo," 1868, WikiArt.
“Ingleborg,” Peter Nicolai Arbo,” 1868, WikiArt.

Time swept over me, present moments
Transformed into memories, two halves
Of myself, lingering in Norse past, fond
Years remembered: boats, wind-stretched
Sails, men in leather armor, homestead
Building. Experiences time-vanished,
Obliterated by death, Greenland cold,
Yet not from mind’s eye. The dead sleep
in dream-like places once loved, rest
Soul-restoring, dark melancholy, family
Absent, mortal flesh, breathless joys
Or age-infirmed agonies.

For years I remained in sunlit warmth
On wool-woven blanket, upon grassy
Greenland cliffs, waves crashing, sea-
Birds sailing amongst clouds I loved.
Here, I remained until Viking longboats
Were no more, homesteads crumbled to
Foundations, ruins of one stone church
Remained, I was neither lost nor found,
Silenced gloom, my awaking place was
Unchanged, no seasons, no family. How
I hoped and yearned for some magic,
Another life to live and love.

Hvalsey Church, Greenland. Photo by Jon Vidar Sigurdsson.
Hvalsey Church, Greenland. Photo by Jon Vidar Sigurdsson.

Years flowed by, another drifted toward
Me, gentle awakening, kindred ocean soul,
Who in kind words, greeted me, mirrored
Self. Thought-rekindling verses, I recalled,
Flowering fields of Norse song, whale-paths,
Greenland fiords, explorations, adventures
Penned as poetic sagas, I had become her
Muse, two hearts upon cresting seas, salt
Spray, waters familiar as my own, shores
We called home. By these stanzas, I live,
Breathe again, Shieldmaiden Brithe.

Poem of muse discovery and awakening, written from
perspective, how she lives again through verse. 

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