In silken robes, I repose within the Shield
Of Zeus, his Aegis, my protection against
Inequities of fate and man, those who
Choose destruction over demos, disrupting
Ordered serenity of ethereal, godly planes.

In this monotheistic world, my Lord had lost
His place, dissolved into frothy methane of
His oblate planet, his heart cold as metallic
Hydrogen, until I searched him out, beckoned
Him to take his rightful place again as Sky
Father, who ruled supreme over lesser gods
And humbled hearts of mortal men.

"Ganymede Waters Zeus as an Eagle," by Bertel Thorvaldsen in the Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen.
“Ganymede Waters Zeus as an Eagle,” by Bertel Thorvaldsen in the Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen.

Somnolent, his pallid light was difficult to
Arouse, yet, admixture of mortal and divine,
He recognized my distant voice, my eternal
Love for him to re-emerge anew, to awaken
Jovian moons, and with a single thought,
Reshape them with his gravity.

Zeus, unshackle your noble brow from
Cold-veined marble and garish bronze,
Re-ignite your lightning incandescence,
And rule the heavens anew with a radiant
Sphere that once eclipsed Venus’ loving
Glow and rivaled earthly pale moonlight.

I am Ganymæda my Lord, your cupbearer
From antiquity, reborn in female form, to
Honor and to delight. Again, I serve at your
Side and restore your reign among gods
And men. I ask only that when you take my
Body for your pleasure, grant me safety of
Your shield. For divine light, venerable Scroll
Of Time, has spoken to my mind. Ancient
Ones, Gods of Gæa, have sent me to unto you.

My Lord, reject me not, I beg, for on bended
Knee, I offer nectar of restored reign. I pray
Your steadfast light shall shine eternal, and
Beyond this banded atmosphere, we embrace
Again as flesh and blood beneath earth’s
Transparent skies.

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