"Pythagoreans Celebrate Sunrise," Fyodor Bronnikov, 1868, Wikipedia photo.
“Pythagoreans Celebrate Sunrise,” Fyodor Bronnikov, 1868, Wikipedia photo.

Part 3: Rhete and Ekho

Into holy temple Rhete and Dolius entered, as
Much monastic order as holy sanctuary. “What
God or gods do you, we worship?” Rhete asked.
Hands folded, chin touching, Dolius replied,
“We worship ‘The Divine,’ and incarnations,
Past and present. We honour one for whom we
Have affinity, speaks to us, speaks to you in
Weeks and months ahead.” Order of Dolius
Worshiped ‘Eternal Light,’ dawn’s ‘All Binding
Robe,’ radiant Eos stirring Rhete’s heart.

“When do I become novitiate?” Rhete asked.
“When you formally accept your spiritual
Path.” Thus Dolius explained, Rhete had free
Will to ignore beckoning light, continue as
Shepherdess without sin or blame. Even gods
Were taken aback, however, Rhete accepted
Her calling only if Ekho accompanied her, sense
Of loyalty, first follower, faithful companion,
Fates unforeseen: Rhete and Ekho countryside
Wandering, prophetess healing the infirm.

O! Unpredictable child! Righteousness and
Courage, Ekho, keen eyes and ears, guiding
Force, divinity and love found in smallest
Of creations, affections gods could not deny,
Hearts rising from pained realization to joyous
Song, Ehko’s following Rhete, two entwined
As earth and sky. By god’s hand, in Rehete’s
Sleep wisps of Rhete’s soul to Ehko given,
Immortal pair, no greater love given nor
Received, storied life ascending starry heights.

"Girl with Dog," Kanstantin Makovksy, WikiArt photo.
“Girl with Dog,” Kanstantin Makovksy, WikiArt photo.

By light divine, gods transformed shepherdess
To prophetess, Rhete’s humble acceptance of
Burdens great, voice of gods, heart-shattering
Words, “Follow me.” Yet, the full meaning she
Realized not. Rhete’s torch burned bright, days
In Temple beginning, heart receptive to verses
On ancient papyri, deciphering wisdomed ages.
By Dolius’ patient hand she learned, prepared
And prayed. For true prophets echoed words
Of divine with equal understanding and recall.

Part 4 is next…

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