Seascape with Sailing Ship..." Anton Melbye, 1844, WikiArt photo.
Seascape with Sailing Ship…” Anton Melbye, 1844, WikiArt photo.

Part 6: Epilogue, Honouring Ocean Waves

“We must honour ocean waves,” stated Segun
To mother, Selva, now age 32, “Return to sea
Origins before wandering mountains deep.”
Perplexity of life and fate, Selva recognized
Knowing eye-lights of Dolius within, as did
Passing pilgrims, sick and poor, making
Ascent to soul-soothing wells of Kharsos,
Some calling dark-haired Segun “Healer” for
Infirmities were cured by touching his robes.

Ship-claving waves, wind-stretched canvas,
Segun’s vision of his conception, slave-child
Mother chained to mast, violation of ancient
Family, Selva’s suffering at his birth, pains
Of realization, upon knees falling, he kissed
Selva’s feet. “Holy Mother, never shall I forsake
You, our souls forever entwined.” Where human
Hearts are oft inspired, Segun accepted his
Destiny, mortal vessel upon cresting seas.

O! Young Segun only partial destiny revealed,
Beyond gleaming citadels of Kharsos awaits
Mirror of your soul, shepherdess touched by
Divine dream-visions, gentle spirit bestowed
With heart-humbling dark eyes and hair. She
Receives inspiration from sunlit springs,
Form-assuming evening mists. Listen for her
Psalm-songs, ringing of sheep bells, for she
Is mortal-divine, to Camila give praise.

"Dawn's redeeming canopy..."
“Dawn’s redeeming canopy…”

For Segun, all things mortal descended into
Sea depths, young man transformed to sage.
He gave himself to gods, soul and marrow,
Selva to comfort his tears in such epiphanies.
Anvil of raging seas, hammering waves shape
Men to steel, confronting foam-streaked
Brine, death near-drawing upon brazen helm,
Acts of faith, perseverance, dawn’s redeeming
Canopy arises from honouring ocean might.

“[Segun] some things you will think of yourself…
some things G
od will put into your mind.”
― Homer, “The Odyssey”

Enduring characters are timeless. Their lives continue
upon flowing steams of light, converging in poetic
verses. For now, Part 6 concludes the storied lives of
Selva, Segun, and emerging shepherdess Camila. 

Written during early morning hours whilst listening to
Lessons with Grandma,” from movie soundtrack
Loud and Incredibly Close,” by Alexandre Desplat.

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