Tricks played upon my eyes, I returned to
Dark stretch of slender pines, pondered
Things perplexing, unexplained. We saw
Each other, this I know, fairy, woodland
Sprite, diminutive body, tiny hands and
Feet, headful of untamed curls, twinkling
Light visible, then disappeared.

I trusted my feelings and eyes, stating
Bit too loud, “I know you’re there. I saw
You.” No response from maiden fair.
In fact, this forested stretch turned
Quiet, no wind, no fluttering of resting
Snowbirds. Alas! She had vanished as
Winter sun at night. 

Whilst visiting, I tied few small ribbons
On nearby trees, hoping for glimpse of
Pale face, female form, diaphanous wings,
Glittering frost on sunlit meadow grass,
But to no avail. Until this day, I dared not
Share secrets memory-kept, penned in
Book of pressed flowers, tucked away. 

Thanks for reading.


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