“Calling of Vikings,” Viktor Vasnetnov, Wikiart.

Explore or settlement establish, argument
Of Austmaðr, east-land man and his family,
Sea-storm stranded, five Viking longboats
Surveying great peninsula of rocky new-
Foundland, deep fishing bays, hammered
Coastlines, long mountain ranges, home
Familiar as Denmark, Norway, promise of
Abundant life, rumors of Vinland, building
Homesteads, family and farm raising.

Night of beach-fire resting, morning sun
Sea-rose, Austmaðr argument lost to Norse
Warriors, women, and children, to explore
South, four longships made sail, isthmus
Crossing. Austmaðr, his wife, sons, and
Daughters abandoned, well-armed with
Few sheep, their sailing ship, no course
But driftwood collecting, tree felling,
Homestead making on isolated headland.

Thus, heroes are born, not ale-boasting at
Feast tables in mead-halls, but seafaring
Might, eyes of family face-searching, by
One’s own hand their story written, live
Or die, sand or sea, husband’s confident
Strength, they ship night-slept, daylight
Labouring, drinking from clear streams,
High-ground clearing, hearth and fence
Building, shore-beacon fires at ready.

"Homestead making on isolated headland..."
“Homestead making on isolated headland…”

Life twained by heavy burdens, pleasured
Joys, animal trapping, berry picking, thatch
Roof mending, tool-making at anvil stone,
Austmaðr and family claimed homestead,
Flock growing, loom making, life of fishing,
Wave-crest plowing, boats arriving and
Leaving, families remaining. That it should
Be told, path of greatness, his sea saga well
Sung, Austmaðr, Man of East-Land.

Note: Old English letter ð has “th” sound as in think or
that. The name “Austmaðr” (and variations thereof)
means austr “east” and maðr “man” or East Man.  

This is poetic interpretation of several-year habitation of possible Norse site at Point Rosee, far southwest corner of Newfoundland. For more on space-based image archaeology (with short video) and site excavation, see this link:

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