“Fir Forest,” Ivan Shishkin, 1891, WikiArt.

Part 3: Fated-Destinies Unforeseen (Last)

Cloud-dark winds shrieked overhead, trees
Distance creaking, forest echoing, “That
noise?” Kollstien asked. Desperation in
Beasts’ eyes, Sigrith explained, “Creaking
Is their danger call, in safety hide. They
Live more by instinct than deep thoughts,
Seasons they know, but not solstices, same
With dawn and dusk, they recognize not
Horizon sunrise or sunset.” In their primitive
View, oceans were foreboding realms, end
Of earth-world, islands beyond non-existing.

By blood-bone, of young Unna, shaggy ones
Protected, into hollow tree they shoved her,
On our approach, circle defended, clubs and
Heaving stones readied. Mother of child Unna,
Sigrith, present with us, soul-songs sang aloud,
Touching beast primitive hearts, refrains of
Ancient woodlands, sacred glens and glades,
Trees their wind-waving divinities. Alighted
Upon summer breeze, shaggy ones in unison
Sang of revered ash tree, belovéd Yggdrasil.

Amidst standoff, Brithe and Sigrith gathered
Small sticks, dried grasses, scraps of cloth,
Lost lengths of matted hair, doll they made,
Half Unna, half beastling child, held it high
For all to see, peace offering, exchange for
Unna, release from tree captivity. “Look! How
Pretty, heart-soothing,” sang Sigrith, mother’s
Bedtime melody. Strange magic spells, Unna
Ran forward, stood akin with large beasts,
Hand-holding, child-guide she had become.

“Ols Maria,” Anders Zorn, 1918, WikiArt.

“Mother, they are forest creatures, last of their
Kind, first believers of Yggdrasil, numbers
Dwindling since Norse dark decades.” Fated-
Destinies unforeseen, they followed Unna,
Mystical refrains, grunts and coos, mother
Tending plodding children, they disappeared,
Months passed, adolescent girl, visiting our
Tribe in mourning tears. Shaggy ones were
No more, killed not by skirmish-wounds, but
They awakened not, long peaceful lives, sleep-
Dying with Unna’s soul-singing melodies.

What happened to the shaggy beasts? Did they die by fated-
destinies or because of Unna’s soul-singing? Thanks for reading.

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