“Serious Question,” Sergey Solomko, WikiArt.

Part 1: Honeycomb Ceremony

Early age we had secrets daren’t shared,
Things done and should not, lovers too
Young to understand, old enough to feel
Heart-beating raw delights, bare feet
Running woodland paths, what we did
Was no sin, I, Dagný, bared maiden’s
Breast to you, Stefán, skin white beneath
Full moonlight. Broad-chested, same you
Did, warm flesh fires alighted, knew then
We were destined for stark, distant lands.

Of different beliefs we held, pagans gods
I believed, as Christian man you converted,
Blended mysteries we both held, before our
Marriage, agéd crone I sought, her sight
From madding realms, took our hands in
Ceremony, honeycomb we grasped palm
To palm. “Squeeze!” she said aloud, we
Did so, sticky hand-fasting. “Honeyed
Years you shall behold, times together
And apart, islanders living to old age.”

Joined to you then and there, I accepted
Christian marriage very afternoon, stone
Church of your faith, kneeling prayers,
Water splashed upon my head, bread and
Wine, flesh and blood, beliefs primitive
And stark, life-sticking, golden-honey bond,
Norse shield-lands we left for Iceland. Alas!
No direct sailing course taken, days wave-
Heaved to Sheep Islands, Faroese dialect
Far-kin cousins there spoken.

“Roaming flocks we obtained…”

First spying eyes on long-wooled sheep,
I realized this our home would make, not
Promised Iceland. Persuaded you with
Pleas and cries, austere beauty of myriad
Isles, one of which we made homestead,
Roaming flocks we obtained, first few,
Numbers grew beyond fingers counted,
Each we named, shepherds crook, ridge-
Winding paths, saga of Dagný and Stefán,
Living honey-blesséd years.

Norse couple joined in pagan honeycomb ceremony, heart-sought
destinies, t
wo bee-like souls, Greenlandic separation, returning home. 

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