RememberingI remember when our life was secure, summer
Sunrises, cherished moments, when ascending
Light revealed dawn’s ethereal vault, cascading
Vaporous colors, stretching from zenith beyond
Horizon’s silvered unfathomed depths.

I recall cold surf at our bare feet, jeans soaked,
Two women who believed love transcended
Earthly constraints, affections beginning with
Break of day and enduring for a thousand years,
Life’s devotion reflecting in adoring eyes.

I recollect when we first held hands on Newfoun-
Land shores, roaring surf on rocks, a red-striped
Lighthouse beaming, signaling our love to all
Who dared to see, to those who understood,
Ocean’s primal calling, love two women shared.

I remember when we became us, a plurality of
One, two hearts, two divergent souls that in
Love’s surrender merged, our arms and legs
Entwined, divine calamity, private ecstasies
Exchanged on a secluded spruce-lined shore.

On this galing North Atlantic day, I cling to
You, these abiding thoughts as heavy seas drive
Us further from familiar buoy bells, hearth and
Home. Amongst bergy bits, we ride dark waves,
Taste of cold brine, mariner’s uncertainties.

Storm-gripped, we are running foaming waves.
With Flemish Cap at our backs, warps deployed
To steady our course, we churned all day and
Night for the Azores, five-hundred miles, thirty-
Six raging hours to foreign-island shores.

With hatches secured, lights glaring aloft, we are
Surfing black nights to rising sun, to safety or
To ruin, my hands and hopes grip the wheel. By
God’s guiding grace, we will persevere to make
Love and to trawl Northern cod another day.

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