“Both walking long roads, I wonder what we have missed…”

Realities of romance, different time zones.
It’s 10 pm for you, 2 am for me. Yes, I was
Asleep (restlessly) or awake (barely), ever
Concerned for you, how difficult Arctic ice,
Heavy seas will be. Day-night snow continues,
Accumulating, plows running all 24/7, wind-
Drifting high upon your windows, doors.

For now, I sleep when you do, duet of lives
Synchronized to same temporal plane, love
Given and returned. Both walking long roads,
I wonder what we have missed, things not
Done together, as much memories as visions
Dreamt, on sunlit meadows, we reached
Heights together. O! Realities of romance.

Distant voices echoing in space, your sat
Phone struggles to work from inside your
Snow-covered house. “Hello, hello.” “Yes,
Yes,” were last words we spoke. Teasing,
You repeated everything twice. Willing
Victim of your humour and indignities,
Can I endure another 12 months of this?
Probably – realities of romance.

Thanks for reading. 

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