Inuit traditional clothing, seal and caribou, photo by Ansgar Walk, 1999, Wikimedia.
Inuit traditional clothing, seal and caribou, photo by Ansgar Walk, 1999, Wikimedia.

Until I read my grandfather’s journals, I did
Not understand his dream-visions, accounts
Of early Inuit, their struggles, and how the
People prospered before machinations of
Quallunaat. For I am a proud Inuk woman,
Spiritual and modern, family and career,
Advocate of aboriginal women’s rights,
Return of ancient ways, soul of our people.

We rally for protection of our women, repro-
Ductive rights, safety from male predators,
More deadly than polar bears. Of spiritual
Dreamscapes, I follow the Holy Breather of
Life. I walk amongst radiant cloud-light,
Seeking those who once lived, yearning to
Be born again, and those in soul-strife,
Murdered women across our noble land.

I pray for continuance of our people, tribes
of Nunavut. Holy Breather guide me as one
Of our sisters is missing and feared dead,
Her lifeblood flowing from killing wounds,
Her virtue evil-violated, drunkenness and
Drugs that infects our people, wresting hope
And faith from grieving hearts, women,
Mothers, countless victims never found.

We searched for her before blowing snowfalls,
Torn mittens, her blood frozen in our hearts,
Spilled upon granite rocks. Guide me Holy
Breather to find this lost sister, to ease her
Soul, to recover her broken flesh and bone,
And to provide peace to her family, who in
Sleepless anguish, wait by radio and telephone,
Forsaken by those who vowed to protect.

Some say we have fallen from old ways, of
Shaman and spirit-realms, I pray and speak
For our people, a hundred broken hearts, one
Voice reaching for dreams lost to violent winds.
I stand here tonight on this snowy ridge, alone,
Unafraid and with my grandfather’s knife, my
Prayer for those who are missing and to seek
Wisdomed justice by your guiding hands.

For more information about exploited and missing Inuit women see this link: and this link:

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