genetic-sistersAn upheaval of granite and time, our island
Withstood ravages of glaciation, scarred by
Retreating Ice, lashed by winter storms. Here,
We made landfall, rocky tangled heights, taking
Root like hardy evergreens, families belonging
To live and love, hard days farming, lobstering
On picturesque Deer Isle.

Whilst secluded amongst thick spruces, a
Familiar voice approached from lifetimes
Hence, days of sailing skiffs and wagon trails,
We had lived before as twin sisters, Rachael
And Rebecca, thrust upon snow-crested barrens,
Wood gathering, clothes-mending, duties of
Adolescent girls, Maine winter-island wilderness.

With brilliant stars o’erhead, full moon silver-
Bright, we ventured onto bay ice. I remember
Papa’s warnings, how wind and tide can ice break
Apart or cause it to groan mournfully on deepest
Cold nights, enticing prospects for girls who
Ventured undaunted in wind and rain, until we
Fell through thin ice, hidden beneath fresh snow.

As freezing water stilled our hearts, we were
Touched by warming light divine, heavenly
Chorus beckoning us to rise above gelid deaths,
Beyond earth and moon to welcoming celestial
Heights. Oh, Rachael, I thought, by greeting holy
Hands, you have abandoned our parents and me,
My wandering soul now lifeless, without hope.

Blurred procession of seasons, I knew not time,
Decades passed in moments; my existence lost
To grinding halts, and all around me changed,
Our parents passing to eternal light, our cabin
Snow-collapsed. Aimlessly roaming misty ocean
Edges, I grasped for transient earthly ties, fleeting
Childhood memories of our loving home.

On that harkening day, Rachael, you returned, not
An anguished soul, but a grown woman born anew,
Who recognized my misting form. “Come to me,
Rebecca,” you said, “Take my hand, move into
My being. For, we shall dwell together, heart and
Soul, occupying one body until our earthly days
On these Maine islands are complete.”

Such are our lives together, minds forever bosom-
Bound, inadvertently one talking, then the other,
Oft confusing friends and family, sleeping in
Spiritual arms entwined, tangled heights amidst
Hammered shores, beneath starry skies, beyond
Normal reckoning of love, life, and divine eternity,
Rachael and Rebecca, twin sisters one.

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