"Pythagoreans Celebrate Sunrise," Fyodor Bronnikov, 1868, Wikipedia photo.
“Pythagoreans Celebrate Sunrise,” Fyodor Bronnikov, 1868, Wikipedia photo.

By torchlight we followed the Master,
Pythagoras, along an arduous mountain
Path, beneath stars, cold moon, crescentic
And apprising, reluctant to surrender night
To dawn’s first affirming blush.

Our journey in flame flickering solitude are
Lessons for this pilgrimage, in stepped stages,
Rising above chthonic, base realities, to
Approach divine through study, dance, and
Holy music, thrumming of mystical lyre.

In quiet solitude upon the mountaintop,
The Master speaks, learnéd to listeners,
Young novitiates, who in secret brother-
Hood, grasp perception of immortal soul,
Transmigration, resurrection of the dead.

While stars and passing planets, appear
Close upon ethereal night, Pythagoras
Peers beyond, venerable knowledge seeker,
Divination inspired by gods, to fathom
Boundless aperion of sage Anaximander.*

At first light, streaked warmth gracing
Eastern skies, the master speaks of soul’s
Divine journey, reincarnation as rebirth,
To grow in strength and light, celestial
Harmonies grasped with each emerging day.

For Pythagoras, divination is coupled with
Understanding of science and mathematics,
Blending of prayerful aspirations, beauty of
Geometry, planetary orbits, and god-like
Sun center of an ordered universe.

Dawning this harkening day ushered sunlight,
Illuminating distant peaks, imparting rosy
Life to diaphanous ascending clouds, and
I have realized a light within, brief glimmer
Of gods’ infinity upon this spiring peak.

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres. ” – Pythagoras

*Greek pre-Socratic philosopher who studied origins and  balance of the universe,
and with whom Pythagoras was a student.

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