124823864Willingly not unwittingly,
I slept with a poisonous spider
Entangled in her web,
Deep brown eyes, short auburn hair,
And caresses that elevated me
To a lover’s exotic plane.

Physically and emotionally fragile,
I’m too easily returned to
The affections of one I loved so well,
A secret oasis secluded
From a garish, intolerant world.

Can we not forget the angst of recent days?
To turn back time as if it were the
Autumn of the year?
Before my eyes were opened to
The horrid right and wrong of you.

Alas, because I know
How wrong you are for me,
I willingly give myself anew.
To gently glide my hand along
Your trembling waist to relish
Those luscious poisons again.

Lightheaded from our passions
I viscerally could not resist,
I am yours eternally my
Intoxicating arachnoid.
Entangled in your intricate
Silken strands, I’m cocooned
And writhing in your web.

Written while in the throes of a toxic relationship.



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