Poetry is my life, and my life is poetry…

“Summer pilgrimage to Grand Manan Island…”

To readers of my poetry, please accept grateful “Thank-You!” You have kept me going more than you know. Kind words and suggestions are always appreciated. Also, I wish to thank early morning pre-posting readers who were there for “5:00 am poems,” making suggestions on plot and dialogue. Yes, poems can have dialogue.

With summer pilgrimage to Grand Manan Island, I understand why writers, poetry and prose, make journeys to new and distant locales for a change of scenery. I returned to familiar Atlantic Canada accents, Bay of Fundy, and explored rocky clifftops and thick spruce forests, all of which were inspirational for new poetry.  Equally important was meeting new people, especially older residents, listening to their stories and histories, poetic insights, adding color and realism. As a result, the most popular poems in 2016 were Maine-related.

This year was significant as I reached a personal milepost of 800+ poems in ~44 months of writing. Whilst not into numbers, attempting to manage this many poems can be daunting, assigning categories, character names, and most importantly, having new, unique storylines. I imagine my poetry as hand-turned pottery, shaped and sized, embellished with painted figures and fire-glazed. Such are poetic characters, some transient and others, timeless and enduring.

“Portion of Eastern Portico,” David Roberts, WikiArt.

This effort has required reading in archaeology, seasonal-religious festivals, and era-specific histories, whether the poems were Greek, Roman, or Norse-related. As months passed, classical influences have varied from Homer, Hesiod, to Ovid, and to Greek philosophers and playwrights. Inspiration can come from obscure textbook footnotes, ideas leading to poetic exploration, new characters, and their interactions. Thus are places muses and poetry have taken me, and like poetic characters, I, too, have changed in the writing.

Again, I wish to thank readers who followed me on Twitter and for your likes, retweets, and for comments posted on my poetry website. May we enjoy health, happiness, and prosperity in the New Year 2017. 

Poems by categories and number:
Maine                    36
Greek-Ægean       174 including ~20 multipart poems.
Viking Norse          16
Thera                     10
Roman-Pompeii      3
Total 2016         ~245
Poems may be under several categories.

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