Tenzing Poetry

Wandering messenger, Tenzing referred to herself as “poetic window,” thought-feelings recited whilst trekking high steppe, streams and forests beneath sun and cloud.  Legend relates she is of Mongol descent, tempestuous spirit, at times benevolent (“beautiful gaze”) or vindictive “thorn-mistress.”  By arm-raising songs and wind-blown ribbons, Tenzing is revered. Fingers on one hand, her poetry consists of five lines or five lines per stanza.  For now, that is all her verses reveal.   


  • 1303. Tenzing, Place of Fiery Light
    Beneath clear mountain skies, I wandered, Stream resting, cool water drinking, as did Bryjema, grass grazing, music of ringing Bells. Traversing rocky moraine, I am farther From home, happiness and […]
  • 1302. Tenzing, Beyond the Beyond, Part 5
    Part 5: Bewilderment Gave Way (Last) Tedious steps descending to rocky moraine, Fast-flowing streams, visit to Taygreté, one Word haunted me: Bewilderment. Cymbals, Drums, prayerful soul seeking divine, I, Tenzing, […]
  • 1301. Tenzing, Beyond the Beyond, Part 4
    Part 4: Mountain-Touching Heavens Rising mountain heights, presence of Taygreté, Priestess or oracle, I, Tenzing, wisdom there Received. Knowing dark eyes, she conveyed, “Young girl, divine voices beckoned me,” she […]
  • 1300. Tenzing, Beyond the Beyond, Part 3
    Part 3: Pilgrimage to Taygreté Night awakened, peering outside of small Yak-wool tent, dense fog descended, my Companion gone, Bryjema mist-wet. No Moon or stars I was nothingness lost, some […]
  • 1299. Tenzing, Beyond the Beyond, Part 2
    Part 2: Chance Encounter Three days Bryjema and I trekked rising Rocky paths, toward distant mountain peaks. No closer they seemed, one moment clear, Sunlit, next mist-shrouded, time obscured, Arduous […]
  • 1298. Tenzing, Beyond the Beyond, Part 1
    Part 1: Rocky Paths Together Taken What lies beyond mountain heights, cloud- Swept distance of nomadic shepherds and Goat herders? Beyond this life of prayer, Village solitude, of stream-flowing valleys? […]
  • 1297. Tenzing, Pony Bryjema
    Life has many pathways, mountain meandering, Valleys steep sloping, cold-flowing streams, Days of happiness, but one true destiny. Goat- Herding family, tent dwellers, arduous lives For generations, we lived as […]
  • 1296. Tenzing, Rivulet of Light
    Of age to make hillside pilgrimage, prayers And prostrations, my family watched from Afar, evening descended, sun setting behind Dark-silhouetted peaks, first stars, planets Rising-emerged, night of celestial solitude. Distant […]
  • 1295. Tenzing, Moraine Prayer Flags
    Not all deserts are sand-rippling dunes, Extending to cloudless horizon, lost Regions where nomadic wanderers Mingled alongside snowy summits. Where is this other desolate world? Here, on high plateau moraine, […]
  • 1294. Tenzing, Plateau Migrations
    First snow flurries, harbinger of hard winter, As hunter-gatherers, we migrated from high Plateau to protected lowland pastures and Lakes. Tonight, at river’s edge, campfires Burn, sparks rising to starry […]
  • 1293. Tenzing, Place of Bones
    Beneath wind-shivering wildflowers, Grasslands, bleached bones I found Infiltrated with reaching roots. How Many years have tribal clans taken Nearby paths across high steppe? In windy silence, I sing amongst […]
  • 1292. Tenzing, Sacred Path
    So much charity by so few, we are Forever grateful, songs of praise, no Blessings forgotten, protection from Windblown rain, grain for bread, clear Waters, we love and are loved.  […]
  • 1291. Tenzing, Clouds and Earth
    Upon high grasslands, clouds and earth Merge, morning sun, moving shadows. Alone, I walk amongst windy light, eyes Uplifted, arms outstretched, I rise to Mountain heights on lofty breeze.   First […]
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