Newfoundland Poetry

  • 1202. Hearing Myself Anew
    Rocks, wind, first skiff of snow, treeless Plain, windowless cottage, no doors, Crofter’s abandoned lifetimes, meager Hopes, memories lost on desolate Shores. To my childhood home I have Returned, older […]
  • 1189. Home Headlands
    Old photo of home headlands, Time, color faded, restored, in Digital picture frame on desk at Work. “Where is this?” curious Asked, attempting to gaze past fog, Mist. “That’s home,” […]
  • 1134. Fundy Fishing-Stage
    During winter months, no “rents” are open On fishing islands, cottages, cabins closed. Whilst lobstering, able hand on forty-foot Boat, I stayed at tiny island house, fishing Stage or outport […]
  • 1123. Newfoundland Memories
    Old memories of Newfoundland, like ghosts, Linger on night pillows, enter pre-waking Dreams, decades of wispy images, voices, Feelings, even smells, cascading return, Forgotten past, repressed, life-chapters, When I was […]
  • 1113. Canada Day Reflections
    Canada Day reflections, Maritimers, men And women who sailed, fished, European Immigrants, seeking, praying for new life, Opportunities. For Newfoundlanders, family Was carving niche out of coastal forests, Short summers, […]
  • 1070. Saga of Seafaring Brædyn, Part 4
    Part 4: Forever-Seeing Horizon (Last) In presence of Holy Breather, Brædyn asked First of three questions, no more, lest agéd Mother required days recovery from spiritual Separation, mind-body. “You said […]
  • 1069. Saga of Seafaring Brædyn, Part 3
    Part 3: Elder Mother, Saana Arrows tree striking, Norse warriors shields Raised, protecting Sigrith on exposed Labrador Shore. Except these attention getting arrows Hit harmless distance away. “We know you,” […]
  • 1068. Saga of Seafaring Brædyn, Part 2
    Part 2: Brædyn Meets “Mother of us All” Wind wailing in rigging, Norse longboat making South along Markland course, clear head-turning Cry, one word: Mother. At first thought imagined, Loss […]
  • 1067. Saga of Seafaring Brædyn, Part 1
    Part 1: Seafaring Brædyn Drowned-Reborn White-cresting seas, Norse longboat storm Seafaring, girl overboard thrown, hands rope Slipping, heavy cloak, boots, no bobbing head, No frantic waving arms. All feared Brædyn […]
  • 1058. Reflections Self-Concealed
    Awakened by confusing dreams, memories Resurrected from past, places and people Wrong, swirled within my mind, except Regressed past rising from subconscious, Revisiting in midnight moments. Unable To think straight, […]
  • 491. Jigging Northern Cod
    Beneath this wooden boat, ocean waves rise And fall, rocking open dory, steady drifting With sea currents, beyond sight of rustic Newfoundland landwash fishing stages, past Austere outports,  spruce-clad hills […]
  • 453. Grand Banks Cod Fishing
    Heady days of taking Northern cod on the Grand Banks, I remember trawlers pounding Whitecaps into spray, Avalon coast distant, Diesels churning to Tail of the Banks, trawl Net and […]
  • 421. Labrador Whaling
    Along Labrador coast we sailed, navigation Amongst perilous ice and fog, stretching Sails from shores of Belle Isle, signal fires Of distant fishing stations, we cut north Upon the liquid […]
  • 416. Beothuk Wind-Whisperer
    Yes, I remember days of sailing long-ships, When Vikings first laid claim to Beothuk Lands, armed with swords and spears, they Surveyed tree-lined shores, lumber seeking, Felling trees, their campsites […]
  • 357. Emily and Ismene: Poetic Trilogy
    Part I. Emily, Time-Lost to Ægean Seas  My quiet Emily, are you forever lost? Rainy Days in Newfoundland, reading old postcards In our attic, light of water-streaked window Panes, blankets […]
  • 349. Meriel and Demasduit
    Daughter of Irish immigrants, Meriel and her Family endured harsh life, secluded Newfound- Land fishing hamlet, subsistence living, abject Servitude, gutting and drying cod for barrel Packing, tiring daily chores, […]
  • 333. Home Buoy Bells
    Day dawned clear, summer sun warm on my First cod jigging trip to Conception Bay. Once On wide, deep waters, wind-stirred air turned Cool, spray cold, nothing that I couldn’t […]
  • 324. Rekindled Memories
    Rougher than Nova Scotia, worse than Maine, Newfoundland Novembers are brutally cold. Yes, Haligonians and Mainers will protest, But they forget heartbreaks of Grand Banks, Pitching foam-streaked waves, fog obscuring […]
  • 320. Wait Till Morning
    Reduced to fear and doubt, I pray you’re Not lost at sea. Five days over due, no one Has heard from you since leaving Trinity Bay For distant Flemish Cap. We’ve done nothing […]
  • 314. Briny Memories
    If pained memories are repressed, why do Pleasant ones also fade to forgetfulness? Old letters and family photos thrust them Both to forefront of mind and emotion. Resurrected deep from […]
  • 247. Attic Memories
    A childhood mystery and panicked fright, The attic, the lower landing cluttered and Claustrophobic, hanging clothes covering Faded, torn wallpaper, illuminated by a Single light adjacent to a plastic-covered Window, stage […]
  • 235. “Atlantic Ranger”
    Moving cargo by sealift on “Atlantic Ranger,” Canadian Maritimes, Baffin Island, port-to-port Greenland and Iceland, dodging icebergs on Heaving Northwest Atlantic, flying the Red Maple Leaf, maritime way of life continues. […]
  • 224. Love of Ocean
    When and where I love the ocean varies like Colours of sea waves. Whilst at edges of shoal Waters, I yearn for familiar rings of home buoy Bells. Harsh clangs […]
  • 222. Love Lost in Labrador
    Our relationship began as friendship, Corresponding about poetry and prose. Over time, our discussions became more Intimate than words we wrote, dreams And visions experienced by poetic Minds, penned sparks and flames. […]
  • 213. Belle Isle Archaeology
    From the southern reaches of Labrador, sea- Shores mirror coastal regions of the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, Separation of twenty nautical miles. Betwixt Them, glacier-scoured Belle Isle, post-Ice age […]
  • 119. Avalon Mornings
    Quidi Vidi fishing village near St. John’s, NF, Wikimedia photo. My love escape with me to Newfound- Land to behold brightly painted fishing Boats on secluded bays and inlets, Towering Greenlandic icebergs […]
  • 116. Accident or Predestination
    Trinity, Newfoundland My memories are genetically encoded, Resequenced DNA, imparting knowledge And experiences that never existed at Least in my present memory, genomic Complexities that if I attempted to unravel […]
  • 72. “Trinity” God, Cod, and Family
    Trinity, Newfoundland Windblown snow clung fast to spruces on Newfoundland cliffs. In brutal hand-numbing Cold, winter invaded the Avalon coast. Ice- Crusted and empty, fishing boats lay tied-up And moaning, […]
  • 57. O! Insolent Seas
    Glimmer of streaked rose revealed Weary mariners survived black night, Pitching slate waves, over-washed in Exploding spray. Such were their lonely Pains; such was their shivering plight. O! Insolent Seas, […]
  • 35. Simple Truths
    The Grand Banks was heaving, a “mixing- Bowl” morning, with cold spray crashing The bridge. As dawn broke, transitory and Red-streaked, a simple truth stretched Over me. I realized that […]
  • 19. Time to Make a Livin’
    Heave Ho! The Betty Marie To white water she takes In a rolling, foaming sea. She glistens in the swells In frigid winds and spray To take the schools of […]
  • 14. Our Unborn Child
    My love, the sea is blowing white and wild Rolling, surging, heaving in the wind As when a dozen years ago We made our first-born child. Half-grown and tall like you, […]
  • 9. We’re Newfoundlanders, Let it Show!
    Razed down by ice to cold bedrock Where Vikings landed ten centuries ago, Look here my friend and do take stock, We’re Newfoundlanders, let it show! I know your eyes […]
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