Maine Poetry

Isle au Haut Lighthouse.

Down East, Maine bays and islands are poetically inspirational. This includes Acadia National Park, its rugged coastlines and scenic mountains. This page contains Maine-related poems, some of which were written after visiting native Mainers, many of whom have intriguing stories to tell. I find life and history of coastal islands fascinating and collect old scenic postcards of narrow thoroughfares, Isle au Haut, and historic lighthouses. Enjoy reading.


  • 1339. Sea Breeze B&B
    Yes, we bought an old seaside house in Maine, Near Lubec, most eastern part of foreshore, Next to Canadian border, two plus hours out Of Bangor, edifice to another era […]
  • 1331. Forested Sphere, Part 3
    Part 3: Nature’s Magnificence (Last) For the two of us, ocean wind was our Companion, coupling with living invisible. How stiff breezes caused seagrass to wave, Cold shuddering, seabirds darting […]
  • 1330. Forested Sphere, Part 2
    Part 2: Shared Vision Week later, we met again, same trailhead Benches overlooking windswept foreshores, Her nose, cheeks sun-tinged, hair tangles, Benefits of sea and sun. She was younger, Free […]
  • 1329. Forested Sphere, Part 1
    Part 1: Someplace Quiet, Secluded Long difficult year had passed since we Last talked face-to-face, over coffee, Gourmet muffins, fork sharing, in local Coffee shop. Hard months imparted Changes. Her […]
  • 1321. Maine Spring Rituals
    Maine spring rituals, late snow on budding Daffodils, warming sunlight weakens winter’s Hold, wonderous transformation seen from Cottage door, windows. Across hillsides Come greening trees, flowering meadows. Pleasures of rambling […]
  • 1320. Maine, Sleeping Chimera
    Summer night, rain-heavy clouds, shadowy Light entered our bedroom, I listened to her Rhythmic breathing, sweet music, tangled Life, conflicting currents, she washed upon My shores, penniless, all she owned […]
  • 1319. Maine, Dreamt Memories
    Memories, mind lurking, oft sleep emerging, Enigmatic recollections, as much avoided as Adored, dreams occurring, awaking, within Mirror I was pale appearing, death touched, Surf washing over my consciousness during […]
  • 1318. Maine, Sea Dreams
    Awakening from dreams, I did not know when Or where I was, painted seashores, romance, Younger woman, single kiss before we parted, Perplexed by contradictions, life spiraling Beyond our control. […]
  • 1317. Maine, Home Headlands
    Can you hear voices calling?  New verses Welling from within, visceral feelings years Denied, now unthwarted, uncharted, horizon Rising anew. “Come now, find new life, greater Visions.” Take hold, leave […]
  • 1316. Maine, Small Evening Fires
    Inherited from my grandparents, my cottageIs 100 years old, hand-laid stone basementWalls, boards placed on cinderblocks to stepFrom here to there, fuse box replaced withElectrical panel since I moved in. […]
  • 1315. Maine Solitary Life
    Warming days on Maine foreshores, my face Wind-sun burnished, dark sea remains cold. No peace exists between surf and stone, Continual strife and turbulence reflect my Solitary life and feelings, […]
  • 1314. Windowpane Reflections
    Strangest predawn occurrence, I peered intoOpen windowpane, glass angled in ghostlyLight, I saw my reflection, but was someoneElse, another me, roaming all night, nowRetreating with first glimmer of sunlight.Whispered to […]
  • 1313. Emily’s Island Romance, Part 3
    Part 3: Emily Becomes Moon Manon (Last) Today, paper-wrapped package arrived, heart- Racing anticipation, return address of my lover, Letter enclosed, too painful to repeat, except My affections were not […]
  • 1312. Emily’s Island Romance, Part 2
    Part 2: Plain Fish on White Plate For weeks I shared my feelings, each letter More revealing than the last, thoughts on Windswept rocky shores realized, part of Myself recorded, […]
  • 1311. Emily’s Island Romance, Part 1
    Part 1: Maine Island Romance Inner light, glowing flame alighted within, Embers rising to wondrous warmth, slow, Gradual, unintended, through penned words, Inked lines in letters, I have fallen in […]
  • 1307. Ancients Understood
    What was the first time like? Like whirlwind, Did it happen suddenly? Or something else Memorable? It began as quiet conversation Over coffee, nearby restaurant. We went Where we weren’t known, […]
  • 1306. Times Remembered
    We longed for freedoms and tangles we Both knew, simple pleasures, emotional Complexities, embracing without fear Or concern. Casual walks along island Cliffs and meandering trails, rock and Ferns. How […]
  • 1305. Ghostly Landscapes
    Mix of rain and snow, we rode silently amongst Spruce forests. She drove, more accustomed to Narrow asphalt disappearing into fog, seashores Vanishing into nothingness. Ghostly landscapes Her home, I […]
  • 1304. Winter Rituals
    Recent snows resurrected memories of family In Newfoundland. We lived by small rituals, Some religious, some not, all earnest Prayers, nonetheless, to persevere another Winter. By firelight, papa drank hot […]
  • 1286. Reunited
    Long air flights, thrust together on rainy night, I was not used to your presence, nakedness, Another but familiar someone sleeping next to Me. Bad dreams, you were restless all […]
  • 1262. Fundy Island Weather
    Islanders, we lived on shores of dark waters, Chilly in summertime, cloud-shrouded days, Passing rain, mists night-rising, few days we Felt sun-warmth. Sweatshirt clad visitors asked, “Is it always like […]
  • 1260. Migratory Urges
    How do we know where we belong? Was it Destined from birth or lies latent in DNA? Couple from St. Lawrence Seaway drove Twelve hours to stay at Virginia Assateague […]
  • 1245. Complexities, Ironies
    Can you feel it, my love? How laughter and Crying both quake the chest, take the breath. How eyes water, tears stream, until one engulfs The other, grief overtaking joy, […]
  • 1229. Night Awakening
    Night awakening, I realized life is draining, Emotionally, physically, gnawing at my soul. Work, those I love, like dripping water, parts Of me diminished, lost, never to return. For Months, […]
  • 1228. Sleepless Nights
    Starless nights, clouded skies, darkness Awakened, bed rising, I feel the void, Many trials to overcome. In this, I am Not alone, others like me, sleepless Nights, yet we face […]
  • 1198. All Within Complete
    Moments at cliff edge, arduous path, Peering into abyss, whale spouting Carried to treetops, I followed on Hiking trails, scrambled to nearby Clearing, misty quiet listening, spout, Hollow echoes, more […]
  • 1191. Fundy Ferns
    Cold Fundy spring, winding hiking Trails, narrow turns traversing light And shadow, opened to sun-reaching Ferns, silent reflecting moments, Pristine stands of fronds embracing Wind and rain, awaiting summer Warmth, […]
  • 1188. Fundy Passage
    Winter cold lingered over Fundy Bay, Stillness before storm, ominous signs, Reading seabirds, snow-filled clouds, Nothing on radar except far-distant Isles, sweeping reflections of piled Stone slabs. We pushed south […]
  • 1187. Connections
    Oft shrouded in mist and fog, Hillside outcropping of houses, Churches, roads dock descending, Narrow channel, divides Lubec, Maine from Canada. Opposite Shores, fast-moving tidal waters Bring families together, lobster […]
  • 1185. Seagoing Life
    Dark line on horizon distant, Headlands oft mist obscured, By ferry I’m leaving home for Mainland working, two weeks I must remain. Not by choice but Family needs, well-paying island […]
  • 1184. Island Meadows
    Chilly Fundy spring, dark-clouded Blustery day, island meadows, flowers Wind-waving, field-stretched muted Blooms, desiring longer days of sunlit Warmth, frosty nights give way to Bracing air, scattered snowflakes Melting, touching […]
  • 1183. Surging Depths
    Churning dark waters, white caps Rolling, Bay of Fundy changing Tides, extremes highs and lows, Briny doors unbarred, we rode Surging depths, invisible might Of ebb and flow. Tugging on […]
  • 1182. Island Birch Trails
    Springtime hiking, meandering Island birch trails, mind and Body wandering, rejoicing, “I am home.” Pleasures of Familiar paths, dark forest Disappearing, winter dormant, Chilled rebirth, sensuous sights, Beckon marrow deep, […]
  • 1179. All-Night Waterfall
    Visitor from New Brunswick mainland, not Used to sea swells, crossing Bay of Fundy During hard gale, landed on the island, could Not sleep for all-night waterfall. “Where is It?” […]
  • 1160. Maiden of Bronze
    What currents steer us apart. Well versed At pretending, things are the same, we Know the opposite. Act we perform, Dance of denial, choreographed footsteps, Maneuvering between truth and lies, […]
  • 1158. Shipwrecked Sisters
    Down-pouring rain, blustery Maine island Night, we cannot sleep or stay awake. As If ferry-boat marooned, we wait in silence, Passengers boarded, lives uplifted by Thoughts of going home. Yet, […]
  • 1157. Cashmere Hugs
    We had tried everything to continue, Weekends away, trial separation, our Rubik’s Cube attempt to find what Worked for us, except for too many Moving parts. In uneasy silence, Breaking […]
  • 1154. Grand Manan Sea-Glass
    Mysteries of Grand Manan sea-glass, found In lapping surf on pebbled beaches. How Did wave-smoothed bits of history arrive On Bay of Fundy island shores? Perhaps They came from shipwrecks: […]
  • 1153. Chilly Bangor Parting
    Love cannot survive on concrete and stone. My heart fell into despair when you were gone. Two of us stepping from predawn taxicab, Chilly Bangor airport, carry-ons we grabbed. Ticket […]
  • 1146. Drove all Night
    We drove all night, could not sleep, rain Moved offshore, wet pavement, wispy fog In headlights, cool night air. Miles to go Before we slept, familiar Frost verse rang True, […]
  • 1144. Bay of Fundy Mist
    From clifftops, what do I see peering onto Bay of Fundy mist? What does my radar Sense? Dangers ahead measured in nautical Miles, day or weeks, lifetime of chance taking […]
  • 1142. Shifting Gears for Fall
    One day should not make a difference, But it does, October morning, frost last Night, slick boat docks and decks, Minute less of daylight along Maine Islands. Hard push begins, […]
  • 1134. Fundy Fishing-Stage
    During winter months, no “rents” are open On fishing islands, cottages, cabins closed. Whilst lobstering, able hand on forty-foot Boat, I stayed at tiny island house, fishing Stage or outport […]
  • 1125. Persistent Grey Morning
    Winter on Fundy islands, grey skies, grey Water, the “R” months of self-hibernation, September to February. As islanders, ocean Protects from bitter cold, most heavy snows, Slushy parking lots, along […]
  • 1124. Contemplating Island Life
    Contemplating island life, guiding tides and Currents, family generations, cedar-shake Houses built overlooking spruce-clad rocky Heights, our own island school, prosperity, Growth, fishing, lobstering, mending herring Nets, boats dockside, crates […]
  • 1111. Too Far From Shore
    Ignoring time together, we had drifted too Far from shore, emotionally more than Physically, both were true, palpably real. We had lost sight of land, firm-footing, Anchor grounding we needed […]
  • 1107. Summer Heat
    Summer heat suffering, doctor says stay Indoors, drink plenty of fluids, avoid Jungle-like forests, ticks and mayflies. Early morning walks permitted, no More than one mile. How I miss cold […]
  • 1102. Maine Island Family
    Returned to Isle au Haut, comforting You sleeping in my bed again. Familiar Blankets, pillows, smell of salt air, Woodstove smoke, mingling two of us. Within my arms and home, […]
  • 1091. Majestic Vistas Revealed
    Dream or waking moments, Fundy clifftop Trail descending, rising, turning, compass Needle swinging north to south, I stepped Into another realm, earth arising from dark Seas. Distant headlands beckoned, meadows […]
  • 1089. Fundy Hiking Encounter
    Bitter Fundy Bay cold-persisting spring, Wind-descending clouds, arduous hiking Trails, near Bishop and Ashburton Head, Cliff-side ups and downs. Moments water Drinking, I rested at large, lichen-covered Stone, place to […]
  • 1071. Weathered Circumstances
    We’ve stood on this Maine rocky shore Together and alone, sickness and health, Richer and poorer, not vows, per se, but Life’s grist, weathered circumstances. Yet, Once again, I am […]
  • 1063. Hiking Ashburton Head
    Usual trails were not enough this year, Familiar footfalls on root and stone, Predictable rambling up and down, Following splash of red paint, word- Weathered signs, break for water, few […]
  • 1058. Reflections Self-Concealed
    Awakened by confusing dreams, memories Resurrected from past, places and people Wrong, swirled within my mind, except Regressed past rising from subconscious, Revisiting in midnight moments. Unable To think straight, […]
  • 1027. Maine Winter 2018
    Maine winter 2018, water-pipe Freezing, battery-killing, diesel- Gelling, ice crystals in my blood, Hands, feet reptilian cold, every Night, I sleep under heating pad.
  • 1018. Maine Winter Solstice
    Maine winter lobstering, everything is tedious, Approaching solstice takes thin slices of time, Daylight, and temperature, shorter, colder days, Decisions harder, traps deeper, 60 fathom, Further from shore, depths good […]
  • 1002. Maine Thanksgiving
    Turned clocks back one hour, messed Up sunrise and sunset, winter coming, Shorter days, colder nights, rough for Maine lobstermen, worse they say for Grand Manan, Bay of Fundy grey […]
  • 1001. Mother’s Secret Lover
    Lights blinking, plumbing dripping, when We lived at childhood home, creaking Attic steps during winter sea-gales, wind And rain took its toll, thin-pane windows Breaking, heavy plastic blowing free. Thus, […]
  • 987. Cloud-Streaked Winter Skies
    Maine winter mornings, south-rising Sun, cloud-streaked light, straining Warmth, after coffee, chill remains on Frozen decks, navigating ice formed this Week, thin crust of snow, sloshing pans, Separating, turning, lobster […]
  • 986. Breakfast at Stonington Café
    Maine islanders preparing for cold winters, Voiced discussions at busy Stonington Café, Stirring spoons ringing in coffee mugs, PEX* Versus copper water pipes. Dozen opinions, One right answer: cold enough, […]
  • 985. Hope after Death?
    Is there hope after death? Lifeless body, shell Of someone I once loved, lived with, shared Bed, bath. How we enjoyed unfettered love, Passions, weekends on Fundy Bay, coast of […]
  • 961. Steadying Touch
    When you are gone, immeasurable sea Exists between us, not knowing when Or where. Bright daylight, world busy Round me, I understand why you leave, Parting ways, ship plowing waves, […]
  • 952. Missing Part of Self
    Maine islands, spruce-clad, glacier-scarred Rocks, pebble beaches, quiet coves, throttle Back on outboard, tide drifting, wind on Face, in hair, voice in tree-depths, “I am Here, time forgotten.” At first […]
  • 946. Hiking Moments Shared
    Crossing morning meadow, pebbled cove Ascending seaward trails, rain-wet roots And rocks, winding forests deep, sun rising Along Fundy clifftops, misty, rain drizzling, Cap-brim dripping, trail-hiking decisions, Beyond turning back, […]
  • 898. Lobster Boat Sternman
    Wind-swaying trees, rain down-pouring, Surf upon Maine island rocks, these things I had forgotten, yet they were ingrained Upon my heart. This blustery morn, I’m Ferry passenger from Stonington to […]
  • 897. Grand Manan Fog
    Edge of heavy rain, ocean approaching, Island sweeping, downpours on Fundy Bay. Morning on Dark Harbour, skiff Ready, misty clouds moved in. Grand Manan makes its own weather, clear And […]
  • 849. Maine Shipwreck Adoption
    Listless girl from shipwreck found, no Others were alive, child swept up by Rescuing arms to stone cottage, rocky Coast, Isle au Haut, Maine. “Tween life And deaths she is, […]
  • 808. Baking Brown Bread in Maine
    Christmas and New Year’s tradition, baking Bread, family from Atlantic Canada meet in Maine, in-laws and distant cousins, Fundy Ferry, snowy drives through New Brunswick, Three generations converge in Eastport, […]
  • 806. Anthea and Andrea
    Family said I was too young to remember, Childhood memories, events time-blurred, sea-storms, clouds descending, orchards Uprooted, vineyards laid to waste, mother Crying, hearth fires flickering, howling Winds, unable to […]
  • 785. Mirrored Days
    Secrets of Maine islands, life working Lobster traps, mirrored days reflecting Clouds, gazing into still water, appearance Of another me. At first, I ignored this other Face, boat ripples in […]
  • 777. Morning Lighthouse Walk
    Morning walk before daylight, long straight Stretches of South Lubec Road, quiet eastern Corner of Maine, outshining familiar stars, Bright full moon cast shadows as I stride Towards Quoddy Head […]
  • 776. Endings and Beginnings
    Saying round these boat docks, “things end Much the way they began,” applies to men And boats, these days, women, too, faith And matrimony, skipper to boat, plowing Dark waves […]
  • 766. Maine October Gale
    Maine sun has no warmth, north side of The house, shaded island hills, thick forest Stands, all remain night cold, worsened By October ocean gale, wind whipping From the gulf, […]
  • 761. Shared Dreams
    Breakfast at Stonington Diner, bulletin board Ad caught my eye, “Lobster Boat For Sale,” Bass Harbor phone number listed. Questions To morning muffin regulars drew no response, They knew not […]
  • 760. Life Lost and Regained
    Winter park trails of Isle au Haut, snow Clouds descending, timeless silence Reigned over forest and my presence Amongst spruce trees, rambling streams, Scenic craggy coastlines frequented by Summer tourists. […]
  • 759. Maine White Hurricane
    Cold nights on Gulf of Maine, ice formed in Blustery lobster bays, around windswept Spruce-clad islands, watery film, gathering Few moments, stretching, dissolving next. To pipe-smoking old-timers who worked And […]
  • 758. Maine Birdwatching
    Artic travelers arrived in flocks, migrating South, resting, eating, gathering collective Strength on Maine rocky shorelines and Secluded island beaches. At first light, we Were awakened by cacophony of birds, […]
  • 757. Octopus at my Window
    Smell of wood-smoke, coffee, and bacon, I awoke On this Maine morning. First frost, Orion rising in Night sky, as winter approaches, notion of island Living settled in, hard ferry […]
  • 756. Foggy Gulf of Maine
    Wheelhouse windows mist streaked, I Made solemn statement, “I have never Been lost.” This was different. We had all Seen things, mysterious lights, distant Ships appearing above sea waves, early […]
  • 730. Maine Back Roads
    Maine back roads, widening at the curve, Disappearing into deep woods, houses built On steep hills, along roadside, pavement Turning into gravel, enough room for snow- Plows and no more, […]
  • 708. Maine Tides
    River meeting incoming tide, liquid forces Opposed, gravitational influence of moon, Six-foot surge of seawater pushing from Gulf of Maine, sweeping past outlying Islands, into low rivers, across expanse Of rocky […]
  • 707. Evening with Maine Farmer
    Forty years of Maine farming, father, sons, Grandchildren, wife, mother, daughters, Barns and house with added rooms, their Dream began as single cabin, spring water, Trees and rocks cleared, produced […]
  • 706. Maine, My Home
    By Maine’s rocky hills and shores, I found Home, farms and fields wrested from rolling Land, hand-cleared determination, promises Of seed-sown tilled earth, family homesteads. At first light, lobster-boat rumble […]
  • 705. Island Forest Spirit
    Ocean island forests, trails rising into Misty cloud, descending to music of Rocky streams, cascading waterfalls, Trekking round ridges, communing With stately birches, delicate ferns, To rest near, drink from […]
  • 704. Ocean Island Home
    When do ocean islands become home? Heart-tugging question, ferry passage, Black Harbour to Grand Manan. Others Like myself stirring morning coffee, Sing-song Atlantic Canada accents, Moments for ears to adjust, […]
  • 703. Bay of Fundy Finback
    Sunrise on Bay of Fundy, Canadian island, Rocky lighthouse shore, fluke breaches, Finback surfaces, spouting breath of air. Quiet interceding moments until music rose Again, upward thrust of mist, bay […]
  • 671. Maine Family Home
    When bulldozers tore down the Maine Family house, I was there, solemnity Of death bed and funeral, few phone Photos as workers encircled steel cable Noose around the foundation, as […]
  • 668. Maine Ice Memories
    By mid-June, Maine ice is memory more Than hindrance, familiar am I to myriad Forms, fresh and seawater, returning in November, clear skim ice forming over- Night, rising and fracturing, […]
  • 663. Gulf of Maine at Night
    Steadied on wheelhouse ladder, Gulf of Maine At Night, evening slipped to starry blackness, No ship lights or diesels droning, only open- Sea silence, pitching waves abated, witnessing What few […]
  • 658. Three Women, One Boat
    Fall gale on Gulf of Maine, smoke pouring From fishing boat, fire or distress signal, Burning oil-soaked rope, arms waving on The bow, Long Island fishermen in trouble, Steerage lost […]
  • 638. Fire-Glazed Teapot
    Evening exploring my grandmother Kaelyn’s China cabinet, dusty crystal, cups of coins, Yet green fire-glazed teapot caught my eye. I felt generational family history brewing. Why would she keep an […]
  • 637. Guides to Understanding
    As if sleep had taken him, white sheet Pulled over his aged body, thin and pale, Thurman found dead in his Bass Harbor Home. Some said he was a retired […]
  • 632. Maine Island Rain
    Spring rain on Isle au Haut, sweet sounds As long drops through forest move, ferns Breeze dancing in pouring approach. I’m Home today, old sofa on screened back Porch, sleeping […]
  • 624. Maine Viking Settlement
    Nor’easter overnight, longship oak ribs Sand and surf emerging, upward curved To daylight, Norse boat discovered on Maine Harbor Island beach, evidence Vikings explored south of L’Anse aux Meadows. Stone […]
  • 616. Watching Over You
    How do we reconcile who and what we were and Who and what we are now? Within one year, we Have both changed, in some ways dramatically. My memories mercurial […]
  • 608. Lobstermen and Farmers
    Maine lobstermen and farmers are much The same, waking before dawn, spring Preparation of boats and tractors, lobster Boats leaving harbours, cutwater plowing Waves, steel plow pulled deep in yielding […]
  • 604. Boat Repairs Done Wright
    Cold spring mornings, Stonington, Maine, Pungent smells across the marine railway, Boats hauled, repaired and refitted, hulls Barnacle-scraped and painted, including Trinity, Captain Wright’s two-mast sailing Skiff, her masts pulled, […]
  • 602. Old Seaside House
    Yes, we bought an old seaside house in Maine, near Lubec, most eastern part of The shore, next to the Canadian border, Two plus hours out of Bangor, edifice to Another […]
  • 597. Weathering Change
    Change is inevitable even if slow, ways Of Mainers, tedious like winter-rising Sun, movement over ocean horizons on Cold dark nights, when breath steams In closed-off bedrooms, blankets tacked Over […]
  • 593. Maine Cod Fishing
    Home buoys receding on horizon, falling Off radar, plowing cresting waves on Gulf of Maine, stern trawler, making for Fishing grounds, taking cod before stocks Collapse, trawl doors cutting icy […]
  • 588. Maine, Different Light
    As retired lobsterman, I’m oft asked what do I remember most, what did I like best, for few Moments, I thought knowingly, my answer: Timeless dawns on Gulf of Maine, […]
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