Distillation of thought and emotion, micropoetry consists of 20 words or less with effort to make every word, even syllable, effective. These brief poems may be on any topic, may rhyme or be written in free verse. They are found on twitter as #micropoetry.

  • 1280. December Reflections
    Dezember reflexionen, schlängelnde Waldbach, Hemd ausgezogen, blasse Brüste, Sehnsucht nach Frühling. Heute im Wald.  
  • 1181. Cool Fresh Air
    Sweaty hiking trails on Grand Manan, July heat extended to Far-north Restigouche. Bay of Fundy mist, cold water rising, Clifftops lingering, refreshing Breaths of cool fresh air.  Last July (2018) Grand Manan […]
  • 1180. Winter Desolate Beach
    Too cold for darting seabirds, Opalescent dawn, winter desolate Beach, hard-frozen dark sand, Gusting winds, below zero wind Chills, ice-forming layered surf. Thanks for reading.
  • 1098. Ocean Called Me
    Beneath transparent sphere, Ocean called me, briny depths, White-cresting waves, currents, Winds, cold sea spray, life Renewed, place of belonging, Then and now. L’océan m’a Appelé Sous la sphère transparente, […]
  • 878. Secrets Shared
    Whispers lips to ear, One pillow, secrets shared, Body-blanket warmth, Kisses face and neck, Holding hands, we slept Together last night, No one knows. “Secrets Partagés” Chuchote les lèvres à […]
  • 768. Illumination
    First glimmer of dawn, Refuge from cold night, Sun horizon breaking, Beholding radiant light, Illumination of Shore and sea, Body and soul.
  • 688. Ocean Breeze
    Let the clouds descend, Be my ocean breeze, Make me tremble by your touch. “Bris de l’Océan” Laissez les nuages descendent, Mon bris de l’ocean, Fais-moi trembler par ton étreinte. […]
  • 681. One Kiss
    I dreamt of one kiss, Dark eyes twinkling, Daring reach, on rosy Cheeks, pleasured Surprise for us both, On river walkway. “Un Bisou” Je rêvais d’ un bisou, Les yeux […]
  • 662. Hearts Aglow
    Love secret and forbidden, Quick glances, discrete Words exchanged, hands Gently touching, first kiss On ocean shores, passions Set hearts aglow.
  • 635. Ocean Marsh
    Ocean marsh before Morning rain, gradual Approach of scudding Clouds, light breeze, Birds low flying, Water featureless, Smell of salt air.
  • 611. Outshining Sun
    Accept my ocean skies, Veils cascading down, Waters breeze-quivering, Eyes bright reflecting, Hearts upward driven In meteoric light, such Fires outshining sun.
  • 594. Sea and Sand
    Her smile wore on him Like sea and sand, too Distant were her flirting Glances, too anguished His love-pained heart.
  • 530. Love Began Anew
    Love began anew, arising From places deep within, Beyond expectations or Desires, once deciding When and where, it Would not be denied.
  • 521. Morning Ocean
    Clouds scudding, seabirds Darting, morning ocean Beckons, raging and white- Cresting, surf and sea foam Over-washing desolate Windswept strands.   
  • 483. Child of Æther
    O! Muses, graces, blesséd gods! Child of Æther, I shall return to Rarified atmosphere, celestial Sphere, suspended between cloud And sea, epiphany of poetic souls. Written whilst listening to “Apurimac […]
  • 482. Changing Currents
    Lure of ocean is strong And deep, cresting waves Few can follow or navigate, Fathom depths or reckon Changing currents.  
  • 477. Affinities
    Another waking state, sleep Is oft twist of time, where Verses flow upon summer Mountain heights, muses And poets share affinities.  
  • 456. Earthquakes
    The world can shatter and break Emotional earthquakes, Hearts in chaotic sway, Some loves cannot be denied, Simply thrown away.
  • 445. Bronze Goddess
    Diadem-crowned bronze Goddess, her silver-inlaid Eyes still gaze upon antiquity, Heroic days of Athens and Rome, poetic verses of Homer and Ovid.  
  • 432. Sea Breezes
    Gentle and uplifting, Sea breezes bring me Back to you, my beacon And safe harbour when Oceans storm and dark Clouds descend.
  • 417. Celestial Motion
    Planets, moons, and stars, Observations on azure seas, Disparate orbits intersecting, Fingers meshing, lips meeting, Bodies in celestial motion, Two lives begin anew.  
  • 414. Morrow’s Sun
    If we dare to love, Canst you dare to say? I fear our yielding dreams On moonlight nights were Lost on morrow’s sun.
  • 399. Shared Visions
    Come those who are Willing to take my hand, To share my visions of Ancient Greece, to explore Ægean Seas and Homeric Attic lands.
  • 395. O! Blesséd Muse
    O! Blesséd muse from What foreign shores do You rise? Visions and Verses stirring my soul, Dreams upon dawning Oceans radiant and wide.
  • 387. Dawning Beams
    Tempests born on silver Seas, passions regrasp With taste of brine, to Touch and be touched, Rites divine reigniting Dawning beams.
  • 379. Squeezed
    Where do the words come From, what dream-swept Seascape? More heart- Wrenching than gentle, I oft feel verse-infused, Then squeezed.  
  • 369. Ascending Heights
    My love is like an Ocean dawn, gradually Rising from starlit night, Impassioned hearts And hopes, ascending Heights upon briny Heaving seas.  
  • 367. Lost Merope
    Six Pleiades sisters searched for Lost Merope. petitions to ancient Deities, entreating refrains, her Light and future dimmed on this Winter ocean night.
  • 362. Ocean Wind
    Too cold to fly, Marsh too frozen to swim, We will huddle in the sun, Our breast against the Ocean wind.
  • 360. Gleaming Eyes
    I know love. Describe it I cannot. When gleaming in my Girl’s eyes, her love Touches my heart On winter ocean shores.
  • 359. Winter Chickadees
    Winter chickadees took quick Bites of peanut butter suet, Minute beaks making Toothpick scrapes to fuel Tiny feathered furnaces for Duration of winter night.
  • 356. Windswept Strand
    Winter beach is my solace, Place of introspection, when Desolate feelings overtake Me and I wander this Windswept strand alone.
  • 355. Santa Seagull
    We wished for Christmas In Connecticut, instead it Was on the Chesapeake, Rain and fog, yet full of Family cheer and love, With Santa on a seagull.  
  • 353. Christmastime
    Christmastime has special Meaning for fishing families. After working all year on Seafaring trawlers, they Give praise and thanks For Christ’s birth.
  • 352. Chilling Spray
    On winter mornings Ocean fishing, sun Provides light and Warmth. As foam- Streaked waves Pound all day, We turn our backs Against chilling spray.
  • 351. Forever Sealed
    From clay lump to Immortality, potter’s Wheel fashioned majestic Vase, artist’s steady Hands, time-suspended Painted figures, fire- Glazed lifetimes, fates Forever sealed.
  • 347. Bare Feet
    Sun’s warmth on rocky Shores, seabirds sailing On gentle breezes, days Longer now, promise of Spring, surf cold upon Bare feet.
  • 346. Unhinge Me!
    Fix my squeaking door, Just a little extra oil To swing your way, Loosen all my screws, Unhinge me!
  • 345. Lady Jane
    Lady Jane light in your Blue eyes drives men’s Hearts and heads asunder, Fleeting glimpses, sweet Agonies or lacerating grief.
  • 342. December Oceans
    Long nights on December oceans, Cold windy waves, Continuous Pitching motion, We plow in darkness Fishing deep-sea Canyons, taking Ibuprofen.  
  • 340. Harbour Seals
    Basking in sun and Rocky spray, harbour Seals, whose home And love are sea and Warmth, swimming, Rejoicing in briny Ocean waves.
  • 338. Reduced Visibility
    First skiff of snow on Steel deck-plate, winter Fishing season, pains Of wind and sea spray, Frigid hands and feet, Reduced visibility.  
  • 336. Iokaste
    Thus I remain outcast, Iokaste, daughter of Mortal-divine, twixt Conflicting worlds, Longing mother’s Bosomed milk, nectar of the gods, Taste of each denied.
  • 334. Arctic Island
    Alive with wildlife, Arctic Island is summer home to Darting birds, ranging Foxes, barren-land caribou, And polar bears, frequenting Crystal lakes, icy-running Streams.
  • 332. Countess Olivia
    Born of wealthy English Society, Countess Olivia Sought those passions banned, Preferring male-dressing Viola, Her twelfth-night mistress, Amorous touches of her Delicate hands.
  • 325. Rapt Emotions
    Love makes me vulnerable to Rapt emotions welling deep Within, conflicting feelings: Leaving, returning, and Forgiving, clinging to What we have.      
  • 323. Memories
    When cruelty tears families Apart, what survives? Books, Photographs, and love fill Anxious voids when memories Fade or lacerate the heart.  
  • 318. Orion Rises
    On fall mornings, Orion rises on Southeast horizon, Alluring us to push Further seaward, Where thick schools Of fish swim.
  • 316. Rippling Light
    Another night of fitful Sleep, droning diesels, Pitching waves, I escape To my watercoloured Village, floating Peacefully twixt clouds And rippling light.
  • 315. October Gale
    Waves and wind building, Clouds scudding overhead, Rain streaking on horizon, October gale approaching, Bow smashing cresting Brine into cold spray.
  • 313. Briny Stage
    Poised for new discoveries, My mortal coil shed, I have Transcended sunlight to Clouded shade, released From ocean depths, an Abandoned briny stage.    
  • 309. Deep-Sea Trawling
    October deep-sea trawling, Building waves, twenty- Knots winds, gusting Higher, scudding clouds, Salt-spray streaked on Wheelhouse windows, Gloves, boots, and Hot coffee.  
  • 307. Savage Joys
    Of cities razed and warriors Slain, upheavals of perilous Nights, rage of savage joys, Such pleasures shall ordain, Where no sons of Greece Shall tread.  
  • 306. Slate and Stone
    So spake the sea, waves Bent on wrath, dreadful Foes of slate and stone, Bending and upending, Ocean, cloud, and boat.
  • 300. Varangian Chieftain
    Ship burial of Varangian Chieftain, Ruthenian noble, Master of thunderous seas, Cresting whale-paths, voyage To Vahalla, Odin beckoned His gallant warrior-shade.
  • 297. Cove of Smoke
    Fearful of volcanic eruption, Brithe and her family built Sod-stone houses at ocean’s Edge, protected harbour, “Cove of Smoke” known As Reykjavík.
  • 295. Benevolent Sunlight
    Quest for Cape Alexander, Protection of Greenland cliffs, Heaving seas off the bow, Scudding clouds gave way to Beams of benevolent sunlight.
  • 291. Stone Fences
    Rocks wrested from earth By strong backs and calloused Hands, stone fences reshaped Maine rolling farms into plowed Fields and verdant pasturelands.
  • 288. Shipwrecked Me
    Of Ovid’s metamorphosing mythic verse, Dreams upon pellucid seas, Waves of poetic thought, May inspiring Ægean ages continue Speaking thus to shipwrecked me.
  • 281. Brachiators
    Once we shared thoughts And dreams. Now it’s Shouts and screams. Life amongst devolving Male brachiators Totally demeans.    
  • 271. Scudding Clouds
    My companions on the Ocean, scudding clouds, Light-filled roiling vapor, Are lessons in science And beauty, to forecast Fair or stormy weather.  
  • 268. Disappear
    I need to disappear, Withdraw from corporeal world, Deep within myself in solitude And sanctity beyond the Madding crowd.
  • 265. Grand Designs
    Fiery light kindled our creation, Personification of sky Earth and orbiting moon, Deities interacting fates, Star-crossed lovers, Complicating grand designs.
  • 263. Ocean Pines
    Life amongst ocean pines Provide barriers to outside World, solace from invaders Of distant lands, who love Me not nor oceans grand.
  • 254. Nipping Jaws
    Pushing through brash, I’m changing course, Whaler’s advice, closer To shore, to an opening Lead before nipping Jaws put a crush on me.  
  • 253. Handmaidens
    Ocean Lord handmaidens, Lyrical chants of praise Sea and shore, music of Flute and lyre, enduring Songs of faithful, hand- Scribed in ancient Greek.
  • 251. Willingly Collide
    My love, without you at my side, Sea and I must willingly collide, For we are lovers not denied, Embracing depths and welling tides.
  • 249. Old House
    Its foundation crumbled From age, our old house Exists as mist-shrouded Memories, a distant Landmark of family History and our loving Newfoundland past.
  • 248. Soul and Shrine
    Empty are my soul and Shrine, sense of loyalty To our lords, human and Divine, armored and Enlightened, protection And salvation, wine And daily bread.
  • 244. Used Cares
    Used cares One owner, Low mileage, Emotionally drained, Outlook blemished, Patience exhausted, Gentle attention needed, Body presentable, Discreet offers considered.
  • 243. Mirrored Images
    I am of two hearts, One of emotions and That of strength, my Loving preferences Reflected in infinite Mirrored images Of myself.
  • 242. Athens
    To live and breathe again On Ægean shores, So pure the air, Wandering olive groves, My paradise regained Beholding Athens restored.
  • 241. Mercurial Girl
    Missy my mercurial girl – Partner, lover, sister – I cannot Resist her, my tongue twister. Beneath blankets we whisper, Lips and hips blister.
  • 240. Soaring Seagulls
    Practicing above The open ocean Coordinated flight In perfect motion, Soaring seagulls Four in number Performing over Fishing trawlers.  
  • 239. Speed of Flight
    Predatory flash of Feathers white Oceans skies Blue and bright Seagulls darted in Maneuvered flight, Catching thrown Cheetos at the Speed of flight.
  • 238. Ocean Marshes
    Redolent with heavy Salt air, ocean marshes Ferment on summer Mornings thick with Humid warmth, Brackish bubbling Beneath opalescent Predawn haze.
  • 236. Evening Breeze
    Evening breeze, smell of Salt air, rustling marsh Grass, last boats arriving At my Atlantic Ocean home, Quiet Village of Oyster.
  • 234. Oyster Village
    Spared ravages of Urban pillage, On a quiet cove Rests Oyster Village, Home, hearth and Secure anchorage, My secluded Ocean cottage.  
  • 233. Experimentation
    Disrupting my life Of seclusion, she Appeared like an Optical illusion, Provoking angst, Turbulent emotions, Sexual confusion, Fleeting inhibitions, Sapphic experimentation.
  • 232. Maine Thunderstorms
    From distant shores, Ocean thunderstorms Are magnificent displays, Lightning, wind, and rain, Specially when they Scud along scenic Coast of Maine.
  • 230. Summer Rain
    Joys of summer rain, Soothing cool, Vanquished heat, Windblown showers, Grasses growing, Ocean marshes, Brimming primeval Fertility and life.
  • 228. Upon the Docks
    For those who doubt God, Work on fishing boats, Utter soulful prayers, Specially when trawlers churn home, rubbing Upon the docks.
  • 227. Silent Herons
    Quiet sea-breeze Evenings, silent Herons find safety In salt marshes, stands Of tall grass, hunting In ocean-pastel light.
  • 226. Sturdy Nest
    Our Wrens returned, building A sturdy nest, marvel of mud, Grasses, and small twigs, Sturdy bowl for baby birds In an overgrown shrub.
  • 223. Listless Hugs
    In contemplative tea-stirring Moments, I understood what Transpired. We had a storied Love that knew no bounds. Now our embraces turned to Conciliatory listless hugs.  
  • 221. Windswept Waves
    Ocean teaches self-reliance, Decision-making skills, When and where to fish, How to maneuver in Heavy weather, and To respect grandeur Of windswept waves.  
  • 220. Deep-Sea Canyons
    Love of fishing and of ocean, Heaving brine, bounding Life and motion, with my Companions, we tow our Net amongst deep-sea Canyons.  
  • 219. Act of Faith
    An act of faith, fishing Is honest labour, boat And nets on reflecting Seas, quiet prayers, Closeness to God, Love of His creation.
  • 217. We Know
    For too long we waited, Not knowing what to do, To consider carefully Our life together Or to act on what We know.
  • 216. Little Wulf
    We are same but different, Eadwacer, one heart-hope, One soul, our flesh merged. My little Wulf moves within, Knowing our life-song together.
  • 214. Windy Rain
    Ocean shore broods on Thunderous cloudy days, Vaporous filtered light Dulls beaches and surf, Though beach grasses Thrive, waving in Windy rain.   And wave in windy rains.
  • 211. Fishing Villages
    Enduring sea plights, Fishing villages are Families working, Worshiping together, Self-reliant providing Help in times of need, Standing together, Sense of community.  
  • 210. Life
    Neither a beginning nor An end, life is an endeavor To reach growth goals, Realization beyond self to Greater understanding.
  • 208. Small Boats
    Back-breaking work, Seeding oysters or Planting “spat” in Crushed shell beds Along creeks and Shallows restores Vital ecology from Small boats.  
  • 207. The Unwell
    Caught on a medical Carrousel, the unwell Ride painted ponies, “Medication” and “Treatment,” in and out Of hospitals, beyond Hopes and prayers.
  • 204. Ocean Fog
    Fog knows not fear nor pain, A creeping mist obscuring Sunlight, sky, and ocean, Penetrated by radar, Mist illuminated by Lights burning aloft.
  • 202. Chert KlarSten
    Radiant chert KlarSten Touched Brithe’s heart, Hair and face blazoned Opalescent light, her Mind enlightened by Ancient gods, desolate Labrador northlands.  
  • 200. Thisbe
    Walls between our houses Dauntingly divide. While I listen intently at the Wondrous fracture, Our impassioned Whispers oft go unheard, Tears of bitter discontent.
  • 198. Winsome Sprite
    Ice and candles melted, Pillows pushed to floor. Sweaty inked arms and legs, Wings of impassioned flight, Love courageous, unashamed, Soar my winsome sprite.
  • 197. Toxic Flames
    Lamia approached amidst Meadows flowing, venomous Fangs poised for mortal embrace, Asp lunging tremulous breasts, Dæmon injecting toxic flames, Metallic taste of death.  
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