Based on Viking culture, these poems delve into Norse religion (pagan and Christian), exploration and settlement of Iceland, Greenland, and North America, particularly the reconstructed L’Anse aux Meadows settlement in Newfoundland. Please enjoy reading about Brithe and her sea-going adventures.

  • 1221. Ellsbeth’s Norse Sea-Legend
    Coastal storm battering Hebrides outer isles, Children taking shelter in our stone cottage. Around flickering candlelight, Ellsbeth, elder Woman of our island told of Norse legend to Anxious girls and […]
  • 785. Mirrored Days
    Secrets of Maine islands, life working Lobster traps, mirrored days reflecting Clouds, gazing into still water, appearance Of another me. At first, I ignored this other Face, boat ripples in […]
  • 624. Maine Viking Settlement
    Nor’easter overnight, longship oak ribs Sand and surf emerging, upward curved To daylight, Norse boat discovered on Maine Harbor Island beach, evidence Vikings explored south of L’Anse aux Meadows. Stone […]
  • 398. He Who Resurrected Me
    My family thought I was dead, limp body Wrested from Isle au Haut, Maine icy waters, Henna hair, death-distant blue eyes. I drew no Breath, my skin cold-pale, for brief […]
  • 81. Legends of Seafaring Muriel
    Listen now to legend-might of folk-kings! Eldest daughter of Styrmir, daughter of Hræfna, Muriel was able seafaring maiden. Born of blacksmith family, Styrmir was Protector-provider of his clan, hammer Heart-fire […]
  • 65. Grim Tale Shieldmaiden Hervor
    Battle-felled, Shieldmaiden Hervor lies dead, mortally wounded by Huns. Painting “Hervor død” by Peter Nicolai Arbo (1831-1892). Raiding seafarer, daughter of Heidrek The Wise, Shieldmaiden Hervor protected Hearth-fires, defended Viking clans. […]
  • 53. Triumphed Agonies
    When our eyes first met, my love, we Heralded a mystical epic of concealed love, Courage and sacrifice, rejoicing tears Warm as summer dawn, bright as snow- Crested mountains, stolen […]
  • 48. Crucible Sword +ULFBERH+T
    Conceived by Nordic gods, hand-wrought from Flaming iron-earth and burned-black ancestral Bones, Ulfberht sword possessed magical powers: Shattering shields, Penetrating armor chain-mail. Formed in mystic crucibles, Norse villagers Labored at […]
  • 46. Greenlandic Vikings Remembered
    Song I sing of ancient Hvalsey Church, Witness frozen demise of Greenlandic Viking habitation. Enduring monument, Fitted ashlar stones, Christian ruins Withstood unrelenting approach of Barren desolation, mournful years, Ice-slashed […]
  • 5. Heroic Vinlander
    On a bluff above the Labrador Sea My pointed trowel plies ancient earth, Revealing secrets held a 1000 years ago, When courageous Vinlanders, mighty seafarers, Braved the threat of ocean swells […]
  • 4. Death of Signý
    Bitter snow brought a Harsh tale of Signý’s death. Weaved together for three years, Young bride of Redgin, Son of Halvaar, She was mother to their Death-lost suckling son. At first […]
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