Based on Viking culture, these poems delve into Norse religion (pagan and Christian), exploration and settlement of Iceland, Greenland, and North America, particularly the reconstructed L’Anse aux Meadows settlement in Newfoundland. Please enjoy reading about Brithe and her sea-going adventures.

  • 1232. Brithe, Sea-Witch Dyrsella, Part 3
    Part 3: Driven by Ocean Winds (Last) Sense of falling from clifftops, Norse beach I plummeted, Myndill, Dyrsella, village on- Lookers too fearful of sea-witch’s pungent Potion. “What happened?” Myndill […]
  • 1231. Brithe, Sea-Witch Dyrsella, Part 2
    Part 2: Triple-Leaf Vine Sprang Forth Known Norse world, wagon wheel spokes Turning, Myndill reaching, fingers touching Forest heights I flew, neither dead nor alive, Past all sea reckoning, gods […]
  • 1230. Brithe, Sea-Witch Dyrsella, Part 1
    Part 1: Dyrsella, Diviner of Truth “Tide is turning; destiny awaits,” I, Brithe, Stated to Myndill, our Norse leader. By Hearth-fire gazing, clans knew meaning, Not ebb and flow of […]
  • 1221. Ellsbeth’s Norse Sea-Legend
    Coastal storm battering Hebrides outer isles, Children taking shelter in our stone cottage. Around flickering candlelight, Ellsbeth, elder Woman of our island told of Norse legend to Anxious girls and […]
  • 1197. Brithe and Thordrek, Part 3
    Part 3: Gift of Far-Reaching Eye (Last) Greenland coast, amongst north summer Ice we sailed, open leads base of cloud- Swept mountain-high plateaus, crossing Point towards Helluland, offered Thordrek Advice, […]
  • 1196. Brithe and Thordrek, Part 2
    Part 2: Blood Pine-Tar Dripped Before me stood Thordrek, taskmaster, Norse Shipbuilder, ice navigation he knew. Except Where did my learning begin? Riding gleaming Fiord waves? Such fortunes were not […]
  • 1195. Brithe and Thordrek, Part 1
    Part 1: Sea-Oath Hand-Grasping Norse Month of Women we celebrated on Greenlandic homesteads, hearth fires, ale Pouring, feasts, fornication, coldest winter Weeks. Northern climes, we revered not Sunrise seed-sowing, but […]
  • 1190. Spun-Yarn Mysteries
    Undiscerning eyes, pile of stones Lacked shape or form until time- Turning wind-whispers shared Secrets, first faint visions of 1000 Years past, evidence of Norse-Baffin Habitation, long, open Arctic beach, […]
  • 1178. Brithe, Sandey Island Voyage, Part 3
    Part 3: Wisdom of Columba (Last) Within confines of cairn tomb we huddled, Rock-stacked walls storm-protecting, niches Bone, grave gifts-containing. “Father what Wisdom do you offer of this Sandey Island […]
  • 1177. Brithe, Sandey Island Voyage, Part 2
    Part 2: Columba Island Greeted Harrying sea, misty line horizon discerned, Barren windswept isle, protection of sandy Beaches. Swords and shields ready, we saw No one. What gods cherished this […]
  • 1176. Brithe, Sandey Island Voyage, Part 1
    Part 1: Religions Old and New Chilly morn Christmastide week, I awake, Frosty breath, broken fiord ice, lazy smoke Rising from homestead hearth chimneys. To fiord shore, I, Brithe, am […]
  • 1155. Ancient Rituals
    Too young to understand, we prayed for Dead, “Peace be with you.” Stone tomb Erected, boulder-slabs moved by might Through dark forests, ceremonial flames Burning, fiery light and heat on […]
  • 1143. Brithe’s Longboat Sea-Birth
    “On sea, I was born of Gyllda, Norse longboat Sailing cresting waves,” I sing aloud, “first Greeting life, sight of Shetland Isles.” Where Others labour by wave-toil, baptized was I […]
  • 1138. Brithe and Grim’s Sea-Dótttir
    What do Norse mariners fear? Storming Seas, ice-cluttered whale-paths? Fear is Of sea-shadows, sailcloth-tearing specters, Lurking on foreign shores, horizon’s edge, Luring unsuspecting longboats into timber- Nipping ice, rocks surf-crashing. […]
  • 1083. Brithe’s Arctic Fox, Part 2
    Part 2: Arctic Fox Companion (Last) Rocky escarpment obscured by morning mist, I, Brithe, picked my way to Svinnr’s den, calling Whistling, into rising heights, pieces of gristly Meat, far-distant […]
  • 1082. Brithe’s Arctic Fox, Part 1
    Part 1: Chance Encounter An uneasy friendship on Greenland clifftops, Distance kept, rocky heights and pasturelands, Misty mornings, scudding clouds, till purple Dusk, we followed each other, or he followed […]
  • 1080. Brithe, Helluland Silent Trading, Part 5
    Part 5: Silent Trading Understood (Last) Whilst Norse longboat landed Markland shores For sapling trees, Helluland silent trading yielded No bear furs or walrus tusks until Le-ava invited me, Brithe, […]
  • 1079. Brithe, Helluland Silent Trading, Part 4
    Part 4: Sea-Sister Lu-ava, Sedna Whilst trading with Lu-ava brought not bear Furs or walrus tusks, it ushered Arctic summer Storm, windblown snow upon Norse stone House, built too close […]
  • 1078. Brithe, Helluland Silent Trading, Part 3
    Part 3: Brithe and Lu-ava Bargaining My companion, Arctic raven circled low like South-rising sun, evening twilight disappeared, My needs he knew, not only furs and tusks, But to know […]
  • 1077. Brithe, Helluland Silent Trading, Part 2
    Part 2: Althing Mind-Speaking Amongst twenty warriors, wives, Helluland Althing we held around flat seashore stones, Items trade-worthy, not battleaxes or Swords, lest our traders, equally armed, Enemies became. How to […]
  • 1076. Brithe, Helluland Silent Trading, Part 1
    Part 1: Helluland Sailing Austere island we found, wide rock slabs Step-ascending, longboat harbour, summer Camp at far-north Helluland.* Norse hunter- Explorers, we sought furs, walrus tusks, Sold-bought along Albion […]
  • 1074. Brædyn, Forest Messages, Part 3
    Part 3: Thousand Thoughts Conveyed (Last) When death comes, earth stands still for living And for dead, breathing ceased, heart silenced, Mortal separation, empty rooms, cold sunlight. For Norse, farmers, […]
  • 1073. Brædyn, Forest Messages, Part 2
    Part 2: Sorceress Likanvé Arriving fiord homestead, with my parents I shared visiting another world, speaking to Viking dead, bringing forest messages, so Troublesome, in secret confided sorceress, Líkanvé, diviner […]
  • 1072. Brædyn, Forest Messages, Part 1
    Part 1: Another World Visited Beyond fiord forests dark, I have visited Another world, angled sunlight, shadows Falling upon mountain fields and meadows. “This is not your world,” strangers said, […]
  • 1070. Saga of Seafaring Brædyn, Part 4
    Part 4: Forever-Seeing Horizon (Last) In presence of Holy Breather, Brædyn asked First of three questions, no more, lest agéd Mother required days recovery from spiritual Separation, mind-body. “You said […]
  • 1069. Saga of Seafaring Brædyn, Part 3
    Part 3: Elder Mother, Saana Arrows tree striking, Norse warriors shields Raised, protecting Sigrith on exposed Labrador Shore. Except these attention getting arrows Hit harmless distance away. “We know you,” […]
  • 1068. Saga of Seafaring Brædyn, Part 2
    Part 2: Brædyn Meets “Mother of us All” Wind wailing in rigging, Norse longboat making South along Markland course, clear head-turning Cry, one word: Mother. At first thought imagined, Loss […]
  • 1067. Saga of Seafaring Brædyn, Part 1
    Part 1: Seafaring Brædyn Drowned-Reborn White-cresting seas, Norse longboat storm Seafaring, girl overboard thrown, hands rope Slipping, heavy cloak, boots, no bobbing head, No frantic waving arms. All feared Brædyn […]
  • 1066. Saga of Soul-Singing Unna, Part 3
    Part 3: Fated-Destinies Unforeseen (Last) Cloud-dark winds shrieked overhead, trees Distance creaking, forest echoing, “That noise?” Kollstien asked. Desperation in Beasts’ eyes, Sigrith explained, “Creaking Is their danger call, in […]
  • 1065. Saga of Soul-Singing Unna, Part 2
    Part 2: Ash Tree Yggdrasil Ambushed, all round us from earth beasts Arose, self-buried in leaves and sticks, rock Pummeled, arrows, clubs, our attackers we Killed, hand-to-hand, bowel-spilling sacrifice, Two […]
  • 1064. Saga of Soul-Singing Unna, Part 1
    Part 1: Encroaching Clans Three sharp barks we heard, Ristá through Dense fiord forests, arrows set, bow strings Tightened, instinctively I, Brithe, stepped Back, Norse warriors at ready, no sound […]
  • 1021. Saga of Brithe’s Highwielding, Part 3
    Part 3: Faroe Islands North Sailing (Last) All things seen, realized, 100 Norse at standing Stones, believing, questioning, denying their Highwielding, Betrys’ magic spells, stones wind- Wailing, leaden clouds circling […]
  • 1020. Saga of Brithe’s Highwielding, Part 2
    Part 2: Norse Fates Revealed Cloak pulled back, mirror of myself revealed. “Brithe, we are neither foes by blade nor hand. I am Betrys, Druidess of nearby Ireland.” Years Of […]
  • 1019. Saga of Brithe’s Highwielding, Part 1
    Part 1: Ancient Standing Stones Restless days, summers warm, fair-winded, Fiord shores too familiar, we sought promise Of distant islands, wind-swept willow-hills, Outpost building, mysteries of ancient Standing stones, solemn […]
  • 951. Saga of BrimSweord
    Blade fire-forged, edge turned on grinding Wheel, Arnbjorn, Norse metalsmith offered Songs of strength, lip-streams he recited, Rhythm of muscle-wielded hammer strokes. “Give me name, give me spirit,” he said […]
  • 837. Cliona, Eyes Forest Following
    Eyes forest following, sight beyond spruce- Clad hills, stranger to our fiord, encountered Her before, mist and shadow, on sunlit Flowered glade life-paths crossed, I, Brithe And druidess Cliona, wooded edge […]
  • 834. Brithe, Mirror of Herself
    “We were there!” saga began around stone- House feasting fires. “Was but one longboat,” Norsemen boasted, lines memorized, oft Sang in meade-halls, ale flowing. “Ten ships Awaited beyond distant headlands,” […]
  • 833. Brithe’s Marr-Skjöldr
    Born was I for longboat sailing, Brithe, wind- Stretched sails, upon white-cresting waves, Realization hard-struck, I am sea-winds, I am ship-guiding storm-petrels, wind-swept Clouds of Faeroe Islands. I am all these […]
  • 830. Valdisa and Dowtha
    Ancient stone foundations forbidden, Norse Children warned against visiting crumbling Walls, ramparts lost to depths of black mire, Legends of Celtic sacrifices, bodies buried, Enemies killed by sword and axe, […]
  • 823. Saga of Dagný and Stefán, Part 4
    Part 4: Signý’s Darkling Path As years on Faroe Islands passed, Dagný and Stefán lived honeyed years, pagan ceremony Of hand-fasting bound them body and soul, Signý, adolescent girl, whose […]
  • 822. Saga of Dagný and Stefán, Part 3
    Part 3: Dagný And Grendel Amongst Faroe Island waterfalls and clouds, Dagný desired far-ridge trekking, venturing Forth as Stefán, husband returned home blue- Bruiséd and heartbroken from Greenland Western shores. […]
  • 821. Saga of Dagný and Stefán, Part 2
    Part 2: Stefán’s Greenland Spells Roll of waves and time, blessed ceremony of Honey held coin-faced curse, from Faroe Isle Seaside firth, Stefán heard clarion call sailing Seas, adventures joining […]
  • 820. Saga of Dagný and Stefán, Part 1
    Part 1: Honeycomb Ceremony Early age we had secrets daren’t shared, Things done and should not, lovers too Young to understand, old enough to feel Heart-beating raw delights, bare feet […]
  • 819. Return of Ritsá
    Awakened this morning, Haraldrson and my Sheepdog, Ritsá, left home of Faroe Islands For Iceland, Norse ships before dawn sailing. Hardheaded Haraldrson, sharp words we had, Father to half-grown son. […]
  • 818. Saga of Rakel and Ágausta
    Two Norse longboats storm-lost, course From Iceland to Greenland, low clouds Scudding, waves building, tempests Mast-wailing, we took to nearest shore. Cold-treacherous seas, two daughters Washed overboard, different families, Screaming […]
  • 817. Ketiley, Greenland Drifting
    Gripped by fevers, Ketiley’s mind had lost Place and time, returning to childhood days, Warmth of summer sun, she drifted above Greenlandic seas, Norway seeking, familiar Streams, forests, sounds of […]
  • 816. Saga of Sunnifa and Rán
    Saga of Sunnifa and Rán, sing aloud, for maiden’s blood and bone we searched Impenetrable forest heights, boulders Laurel-entangled, halting forward gains, Norse daughter lost to no avail, first Snow […]
  • 811. Tulimaq, Maker of Time, Part 3
    Part 3: Brithe Abandoned with Tulimaq One amongst Norse explorers, Harvaldr, bold Wayfarer, sword-warrior, rejected all Tulimaq Vision-stated. “Old man, in spilled blood and Steel-gods of Odin-hall I believe, wealth […]
  • 810. Tulimaq, Maker of Time, Part 2
    Part 2: Past and Future Revealed Within underground crypt of Tulimaq, Arctic Night sky appeared on bright summer day, Stars and planets, curtained aurora within Arm’s reach. Alas! Stone walls […]
  • 809. Tulimaq, Maker of Time, Part 1
    Part 1: Viking Discovery Circular stone-ring, shadow-revealed by Afternoon sun, tomb collection of tumbled Stones, lichen covered, undisturbed for ages, Grass concealed entrance, mere crawl space, Opening to underground domed […]
  • 787. Solitude of Stones
    Isolated tundra plateau, lichen-covered Stones reside. In walking approach, I sing Aloud to them, prayerful hymns, parentage Of this archaic land. In Greenlandic winds, They spoke to me. Vikings are […]
  • 786. Shieldmaiden Brithe
    Time swept over me, present moments Transformed into memories, two halves Of myself, lingering in Norse past, fond Years remembered: boats, wind-stretched Sails, men in leather armor, homestead Building. Experiences […]
  • 785. Mirrored Days
    Secrets of Maine islands, life working Lobster traps, mirrored days reflecting Clouds, gazing into still water, appearance Of another me. At first, I ignored this other Face, boat ripples in […]
  • 784. Saga of Hrafnson
    As Norse clans, mystery lived with us as Blood-kin, Christian-pagan rites observed, Scripture and superstitions, Christ’s cross, Odin’s hammer, both as necklace I wore. Yet This sorcery was beyond all […]
  • 729. Sea-Joined Family
    Memories of descending sea clouds, grim Grey wall, sky and waves merging, longships From Sheep Isles, valiant Norse families, Three sailing sea-bolts, undaunted wave Plowing, Iceland to Greenland, forsaken By foaming seas, […]
  • 728. Erlendr and Ketiley
    Shelter we seek against sea-storms, more than Food, weapons, or fire, sails wind-shredded, Ship wave-battered, she groans, mast pitching, Accursed upon blowing foam, helmsman, for Only prayers and sea-might will […]
  • 727. Norseman Apparition
    We awoke to seagulls, crying, circling Round night shore-fires, lost in cold Mist, swooping overhead, landing in Huddled flocks upon rocky beach, no Sight beyond leaping flames, sea-clouds Of descending […]
  • 726. Norse Hearthstones
    Upon windswept shores we made our home, Nameless strand, tween Markland and hopes Of Vinland, lush grass, meadows wide, thick Stands of spruces, their voices rustling in Morning breeze. First […]
  • 725. Sea-Saga of Austmaðr
    Explore or settlement establish, argument Of Austmaðr, east-land man and his family, Sea-storm stranded, five Viking longboats Surveying great peninsula of rocky new- Foundland, deep fishing bays, hammered Coastlines, long […]
  • 683. Restless Spirits Restored
    Restless spirits, separation of soul-self, Norse Brithe and Irish Meriel, past and Present lives, one roaming Greenland Grassy cliffs, other along Labrador fishing Stations, pebbled beaches, their joining Beyond reach, […]
  • 682. Chance Encounter
    Seashore mist-clinging, spruce-clad hills, Labrador fall mornings, warms days given To cool night air, Meriel wandered beyond Her fishing village to rocky islands joined By low tide, outcropping trees, into […]
  • 680. Ceremonial Flames
    Search for children of oracular sight, Priests wrested daughters from Greek Families, maidens each, thus was Kyra Taken, visions perceived whilst peering Into ceremonial flames. Foresight began As imagined tales […]
  • 679. Meriel and Brithe
    Daughter of fishing family, Meriel, explored Paths meandering Labrador spruce-clad hills, Sunlit clearing opened to collapsed stone Walls, whispering voices within old church, Water-rippling reflections, eye-perplexing, Meriel discerned not herself […]
  • 624. Maine Viking Settlement
    Nor’easter overnight, longship oak ribs Sand and surf emerging, upward curved To daylight, Norse boat discovered on Maine Harbor Island beach, evidence Vikings explored south of L’Anse aux Meadows. Stone […]
  • 596. Brithe’s Visitation by Mary
    Amongst meadows and mountains cloud- Swept, forested land we discovered, trees Vikings knew well, willows, birches, and Ash, sunlit outcroppings never branch- Laced to form meandering treeline, yet Holy places […]
  • 589. Brithe, Vinland Station
    We fought not as other Norse tribes, for we Had made peace, Christian accord to gather Against our true enemy, bitter Greenlandic Cold, strike swords and sails for distant Markland […]
  • 538. Christmas Invitations, Part 2
    Part 2: Invitation from Norse Brithe Heart-tugs I feel from kindred realms, across Whale-paths, gelling ice-seas for Christ’s Mass, Viking warriors song-raised for Savior’s birth, Worshiping ways of holy monks, […]
  • 536. Christmas Invitations, Part 1
    Part 1: Invitation to Norse Brithe O! Brithe, I can tell you are close by, visiting At Christmastime, Viking soul clinging, quiet Celebration of our Savior’s birth, worshiping In medieval […]
  • 531. Arctic Willows
    Pink blooms of Greenland Arctic willows, Wind-shivering in rocky clumps, cloud- Streaked September sun, first skiff of Blowing snow, brief flowered lives are Done, frozen and snow-buried six dark Months, […]
  • 529. Brithe and Torngarsuk
    Western coast of Greenland, to northern Viking Settlements we sailed, rowing in narrow leads, Amongst current-pushed ice-islands, water Flowing from their flanks, wave-washed at sea- Bases, warmth of summer sun […]
  • 528. Songs of Moon Sister, Part 2 of 2
    Part 2: Traditions Joined “Come to me,” Moon Sister said to my mind, Her light glistening on towering ice. “I grow Pallid and crescentic, unless I sing my songs.” Upon […]
  • 527. Songs of Moon Sister, Part 1 of 2
    Part 1: Sister and Brother During Arctic winter nights, I ventured alone On sea ice, Greenland fiords illuminated By moonlight, cold and pale, harsh shadows Creeping. Final glimpse of sun, […]
  • 517. Viking Icelanders, Part 3 of 3
    Part 3: Brithe’s Sólarsteinn Brithe at the helm, first Knarr ship, “Sea-Shield” Left at morning light, followed by “Wave-Cleaver,” Vikings taking northern course to high Norwegian Seas, pennants and sails […]
  • 516. Viking Icelanders, Part 2 of 3
    Part 2: Knarr Shipbuiling Skilled at shipbuilding, Vikings discovered Splitting wood, exposing living sinew, was Stronger, more flexible wood cut by hand Saws. Axe-hewn, they formed backbone of Knarr: sturdy […]
  • 515. Viking Icelanders, Part 1 of 3
    Part 1: Thorolf’s Thingstead Around roaring fires of Thorolf’s thingstead Chieftains gathered, cattle roasted, brewed Ale filled drinking horns, kinfolk and noble Warriors, high-minded thoughts to build Knarr, Ocean-going longship, […]
  • 514. Lost Sea-Islands
    Saga of lost sea-islands, Vikings left Markland Rocky shores, skies sun-bright, summer winds Too light for sailing, longships took to whale- Paths by hard oaring, wave-winds pushed Vikings south past […]
  • 513. Brithe’s Greenlandic Dawn
    Night lingers this cold morning venturing To my sacred cliff overlooking Greenlandic Whale-paths, to southeast I watch. Glimmer Of dawn, my soul ascends amongst stars, Orion and his belt, Norse […]
  • 455. Saga of Sea Mysteries
    Upon northwest Greenlandic seas, Brithe and Her Viking warriors sailed, by Skute boats they Flew, sea torrents heaving, avoiding pinch of Oaken keel, Norsemen reckoning frozen brine, Past snow-crested mountains, […]
  • 452. Brithe’s Sea-Heart Awakened
    Decisions to abandon Greenland, summers Cold as winter, for too long we have ignored Fates, whale-paths cluttered with ice floes, Longboat hulls pinched in closing leads, Norse gods no longer shine […]
  • 444. Chance Encounter
    Lofty-wingéd mind, where did we fly last Night? To Greenland grassy cliffs, radiant Summer sun, flourishing Viking farmsteads, Thriving colonies, building Hvalsey Church, Hand-laid Ashlar stones, longships ocean- Riding, sails […]
  • 436. Saga of Sacrifice
    Saga of sacrifice I tell, brutal reign of ancient Gods, before Odin Father, untold ages before Christ desert-dwelled, moss-covered rocks Toppled, bones of kinsman tomb-buried, Blood spilled on altar-stones, I […]
  • 415. Norseman Sæmundr
    During Greenlandic winter-ending nights, Sea ice moaned at Viking camps, grinding, Cracking, painful wails, beckoning calls Echoing from distant fiord shores, spring Slow emerging, ice persisted, riding with Wind and […]
  • 412. Brithe’s Leifsbuðir
    Song I sing of heart’s lament, another brutal Winter endured, spring ice hard-fast to Green- Land shores, fiords still choked, my tribe to Westward shores do yearn, Helluland and Warmer […]
  • 398. He Who Resurrected Me
    My family thought I was dead, limp body Wrested from Isle au Haut, Maine icy waters, Henna hair, death-distant blue eyes. I drew no Breath, my skin cold-pale, for brief […]
  • 354. Brithe’s Føroyar Island Pilgrimage
    December pilgrimage of Christian faith, voyage For three bitter days and nights twixt Norway Fiords and Iceland, icy wind-blown spray, Shieldmaiden Brithe at long-ship helm, thirty Norse men and women, […]
  • 304. Kaðlín, Shieldmaiden of Hrönn
    Night of sea-rage, scudding clouds obscured Guiding stars and crescent milky moon. In Waning light, specters descended, tempests in rigging wailed, ten Viking longboats pushed From Iceland to Greenland southern […]
  • 302. Prayers for Lawful Mediation
    On that harsh night, we slept not, my duties Keeping hearth-fires burning bright, warmth Against Icelandic winter-wrath, fiords freezing, For one of our Viking tribe was arrow-killed by Neighboring warriors, […]
  • 299. Myndillson’s Sjaund Eulogy
    Warrior of Helluland, great flat-stone place, Sailing longboats, first who fronted barren North, fluttering sails, pennants flying, Master of thunderous north-winds, cresting Whale paths, we hail fallen Myndillson, hero Of […]
  • 298. Thunder Ship Guest
                                         þunor Scippe Gæst þeah       tell        I       soðgied       sþell        wæs        wundrian Nevertheless   I    tell   a   true  account   there    was   a    wondrous Heofonbeorht      glitenian      þunor     scippe   þæt     rid      gelic Heaven-bright      shining        thunder  […]
  • 296. Brithe’s Helm of Odin Awe
    Her clan settled an ancient volcanic land, Steaming geysers, bubbling lava pits, deep Grumbling rifts, tumult of edging ocean Plates, forming Icelandic promontory. Fearful Of deadly fire-ash, Brithe and her […]
  • 252. Brithe’s Ionian Dream
    Shift of fiord winds, impact with summer ice Sent shuttering impacts through a Viking longboat, Sails wind-billowing, hard heeling, Shieldmaiden Brithe thrown overboard, struggling in cresting Waves, calls for help, as Greenland […]
  • 218. Brithe’s Escape of Eldgjá
    With angered fire-might of Eldgjá rumbling, Brithe and her clan-folk went running: molten Rock flowing, suffocating ash cloud descend- Ing, livestock panicked, pastures and sod-roof Long-halls smoldering. Ground trembling, Mountain […]
  • 215. Eadwacer and Wulf
    In cold salt spray, your longboat, Sails wind-full, Eadwacer, escape To our secret island not of my Tribe nor yours, wondrous day, Greenlandic raging rock-surf, Warm inlet, open for your […]
  • 212. Brithe’s Iselandic Baptism
    “Ingolf” by P. Raadsig, 1850, Viðeyjarstofa in Viðey, Reykjavik. Wikipedia photo. Amongst Iseland-approaching Norse longboats, Brithe took to bow as volcanic plume of Helka Erupted, thick ash smoke billowing visible at Horizon’s […]
  • 194. Viking Fellowship Renewed
    From blustery stone-slab heights of Viking Helluland, I recognized the seasonal Window to navigate ice-cluttered Davis Straight. From moments we pitched tents, Telling breeze of advancing Arctic winter- Chilled summer air, conditions […]
  • 184. Brithe’s Vinland Sea-Pilgrimage
    In a square-sailed longboat, Brithe ventured Across gleaming seas, amongst icebergs And sea mammals delight, ocean-swimming Polar bears. She found God’s love in nature, Wisdom of ancient ages. Greenlandic Arctic […]
  • 182. Brithe’s Mystic Teachings
    As daughter of stalwart Viking seafarers, Brithe Worshiped under Odin god-warrior’s reign, Sword-wielding heaven-provider. Ravaging Foreign shores, raiding years brought plenty Until meeting lowly Christian priests. No heavy Leather or […]
  • 179. Brithe’s Dream-Vision
    On a wind-bittered cliff, Brithe gazed upon sea Ice gripping Greenland’s southern coast. For The fifth consecutive year, ice formed fast in Late summer, cattle watering ponds over Frozen. She longed […]
  • 145. Vinland Meadows
    Valiant demands of ice and brine, Heroic adventures, lure of west Lands, ten square-sailed longboats, Viking warriors, women, child-folk, Left security of stone-houses and Hamlets to fates of welling waves, […]
  • 121. Thorvald’s Helluland
    Medieval Viking warrior, Thorvald, explorer Of Greenlandic shores, heart-quest, ventured West in three square-sailed longboats, one- Hundred men, pushed from Brattalið into great Ice reach, uncharted sound, two rough days […]
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