• 1156. Visiting Family Tomb
    Morning of understanding, awareness, of Age I had become, not for marriage, raising Children, these, in time, would come. This Somber morn, I visited City of the Dead, Household tomb, […]
  • 1101. Ianthe, Chance Encounter
    Streets of Rome I met flower seller, her Basket heavy-burdened. “May I help you?” she asked. “Please share your deep desires.” Chance encounter, such hopes upon brow And heart, returning […]
  • 1046. Kythera, Etruscan Bath
    Etruscan bath, clear waters, mosaic tiles, Escaping sordid smells of life, entire Room, husband-designed, walk-in pool, Wide ledge each side flanked, turning, Secret alcove, illuminated by single barred Widow, too […]
  • 966. Flavius, Duty and Honour
    Against Celts we marched into Albion, Roman ranks, ten men across, fifty deep, Helmets, swords, shields, wagons following, Smell of sweat-stained armor, into death- Dark forests, no breath of air, stench […]
  • 955. Thyia, Roman Afterlife, Part 3
    Part 3: Wingéd Transformation (Last) My soul liquefied, tomb-escaped, I, Thyia, Ascended not to Asphodel plains, but fell From heights to stark seashores, my body Between ocean and firm land. Without Frame […]
  • 954. Thyia, Roman Afterlife, Part 2
    Part 2: Poison, Bronze Dagger In naked silence I waited you, Camilla, Simple sash around waist, polity round Me overheard, floor-kept gaze, my loyal Confidence rewarded, entombed alive, No coins […]
  • 953. Thyia, Roman Afterlife, Part 1
    Part 1: Love Death-Entombed Faithfully I served my mistress, handmaiden Enjoying her pleasantries, luxuries bestowed To her, by my presence also visited me, Small favours for indulgences, “Thyia, share My […]
  • 939. Kallon and Kallona, Part 4
    Part 4: Kallona, Infinity Touched (Last) Conversations with Kallona, Kallon realized Twin sister turned distant, transformed, Air of high priestess or mountain oracle, Warning she offered. “My brother, I am […]
  • 938. Kallon and Kallona, Part 3
    Part 3: Athis Buried, Kallona Reborn Spark of life yielded upon mountain passes, Day’s journey to flowered meadows, Athis’ Final resting place, whilst drifting form light To shadow, words and […]
  • 937. Kallon and Kallona, Part 2
    Part 2: Kallona’s Bones Urn Revealed To sleep, to dream, offspring of Janus, on Roman plains communed, Kallona, lioness, Her temple-building brother, Kallon, swept Into golden mountain clouds. Visons of […]
  • 936. Kallon and Kallona, Part 1
    Part 1: Secret Side-of-Self Fever-weakened child, arms, legs lacking Strength, on pallet bed Kallon remained Most days, moved in father-fashioned Rolling chair, wonders of temple design, Construction, Kallon learnt, father […]
  • 895. Kallon and Thia
    Tap, tap, my day began, small hammer and Chisel, more like old nail, collecting marble Bits and pieces from temple building sites, Carving animal figurines, exotic faces I, Thia, Called […]
  • 884. Dafna, Healing Faith
    As he walked amongst us, I reached out, Touched hem of Jesus’ tunic, healing my Infirmity, bleeding, seen unclean amongst Men, for I should touch not nor sit not, lest […]
  • 883. Magdalene, New Creation
    Conflicting forces, Jewish and Roman, Inevitability, love and darkness, Jesus’s Disciples, Roman army, teaching, healing, Miracles performed, his life leading to Crucifixion. He knew his fate, last supper, “Do this […]
  • 870. Aristila and Phaia
    Birth morning of Aristila, sun and moon Sky opposed, tug of mortal and divine, Shepherdess mother’s screams, bright- Beamed breaching womb, child goddess Life-long on earth, hidden in Apinnine Mounts, […]
  • 836. In Memory of Palinurus
    Uncounted nights, seas were alive, layered Waves upon waves, cresting, wresting, accounts Few men have lived to tell, those awaiting docks Have witnessed leaden faces, ships demasted, Rigging, sails torn […]
  • 775. Flower Seller
    Attending games at Pompeii, crowds cheering, Wine and fruit, young woman appeared at lower Terraces, merchant’s daughter I believed, selling Flowers, my help I offered, instead she asked, “What is […]
  • 636. Livia, Two Worlds as One
    By placing her hands in warm olive oil Livia’s pain subsided. Servant girl in Villa of Ephebe, merchants of Pompeii, Three houses merged into one, her work So increased, scrubbing, […]
  • 630. Adopted Ritual
    What ritual has this new prophet and his Disciples adopted? Argean regeneration Rites, Dionysian Mysteries, described by Plutarch and Varro, known as Roman Rain-spells, most reverent purification Ceremonies, casting out […]
  • 548. Akis and Galatea
    Ever-moving splendorous seas, tides and Currents welling, fish in schools gliding, Undulating seagrass, passions storied by Hesiod and Homer, maiden daughter or Triton, milky-white Ægean sea Nereid, Discerning eyes sea-distant, […]
  • 512. Livia’s Pilgrimage, Part 3 of 3
    Part 3: Holy Pyramid Temple Ethereal mountain air, healing springs of Bona Dea brought faithful from beyond Etruscan farmlands, shepherds and fisher- Folk found refuge amongst blessed fonts, Sipping from […]
  • 511. Livia’s Pilgrimage, Part 2 of 3
    Part 2: Livia’s Enlightenment By oxen cart and prayers, Livia left seaward Farmlands to Sabine Mountain springs, Statue of Bona Dea blanket-swaddled, face Sun-streaming, past ancient Latium villages, Olive groves, following […]
  • 510. Livia’s Pilgrimage, Part 1 of 3
    Part 1: Visions of the Invisible Far distant from temples and priests, Livia Struggled with her beliefs, rocky outcropping Where she prayed, images of Pales, stone and Wood carvings, protected […]
  • 505. House of Paulus
    Paulus: My family survived first eruptions of Vesuvius, Protection of granite arches, fortunate ones, Faithful to the gods, praying as fire and cloud Reigned the night, columns toppling, burning Homes […]
  • 492. Vesuvius, Duty and Honour
    Recurring dreams startled me awake, night Sweats, Vesuvius firestorm erupting, wit- Nessed from perilous distance, warships Fleeing Stabiae, houses burning in night, Death of my parents at their mountain villa. […]
  • 473. Pompeii Memories
    Explosion of Vesuvius, earthquakes, Consuming fires and suffocating smoke, Columns toppling, mosaics crashing To marbled floors, destruction I can Recollect, as well as time-distant words Of wisdom, “Dying is oft […]
  • 426. Bride of Dionysus
    My Pompeiian home I visited again, perplexed By reconstructed views, tabernae and mausolea Lining stone-paved roads descending from City gates, alternating love and sadness for Those who dwelled in family […]
  • 425. Legend of Morys Stavros
    Who can best reveal secrets of Pompeii’s Buried House of Oceanus, archaeologists Or classicists? Accounts by each required, Unearthing and examining, deciphering tiled Images on ancient mosaic walls, excavation In […]
  • 409. Cythereia of Pompeii
    Daughter of wealthy Pompeiian merchant, Cythereia found solace on warming days When sun shone brightly on Mount Vesuvius, Beams of light entering three-windowed Asped hallways, illuminating her private Bath, water-shimmering […]
  • 321. Mira, Priestess at the Gate
    My last mortal words were, “I have returned to Nothingness.” We expected nothing, and were Reduced to same, scorching heat, descending Suffocating clouds, rich and servants, men And beast alike, only […]
  • 246. Divine Light, Pellucid and Deep
    Uncertainty came gradually, encroaching Visceral angst, when familiar dissolves into Forced observance, realization that we worship New gods, or a single god, one of sacrifice, Crucified, holy blood spilled on […]
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