Portrait of a Roman Woman

Mixture of mythology and historical-fiction, these poems are often inspired by writings Homer, Catullus, and Ovid. As such, many poetic characters are transformed by personal Ovidian-type metamorphosis. Paintings by Godward, Waterhouse, Alma-Tadema, and other WikiArt artists are included as illustrations. Thank-you for reading.

  • 1348. Orea, One with Other, Part 3
    Part 3: Priestess Cipriana (Last) “I have seen all things, and in doing so, Wanderer’s life I have chosen, for I have Passed into and out of myriad worlds, until […]
  • 1347. Orea, One with Other, Part 2
    Part 2: Thyrsus-Wielding Priestess “Before visions of understanding, my eyesAnd mind blinded, heavens were shut, lostWandering, desolation upon desolation. IfPunished, by whom, gods or self? To thisDay, I do not […]
  • 1346. Orea, One with Other, Part 1
    Part 1: Second World Around Us Stony cliff overlooking seashores, children Discover cave opening, archaic verses painted, Inscribed on bare walls, urns containing Time-frayed papyri, scripture still visible. Village-to-village, word […]
  • 1345. Orea and Casta
    “Accompany me to catacombs,” Casta asked of Me, Orea, reflexively I stiffened, turned away, Until Casta tugged my sleeve, grasped my Arm with both hands, crying, broken with Despair. “Yes, […]
  • 1328. Anya, Tomb Voices, Part 3
    Part 3: Life on Desolate Shores (Last) For months within this Kellesha-contrived world, I, Anya endured an isolated, loveless Existence, void of sensation, no taste, smell, Feeling of wind upon […]
  • 1327. Anya, Tomb Voices, Part 2
    Part 2: Soul Passageways    Whilst I had not lived Kellesha’s life, herMemories crept into my consciousness,Dream images she parchment recorded.By warring strife, great woodlands, cities,Ancient and flourishing, had fallen, high-Standing […]
  • 1326. Anya, Tomb Voices, Part 1
    Part 1: Tomb of Warrioress Kellesha Night voices awakened me, cottage-windowClose, yet forest deep. From crofting family,Twinkling lights lured me – furtive fairies,Sprites, I knew not which, except within myHead […]
  • 1325. Forest Ceremonies
    Into forests deep we ventured, tall Pines sky-reaching, bright clearing Found. Yes, two of us, sheer robes Undone amongst ferns, cool breeze, Two bodies taking mid-day sun. For Her, natural […]
  • 1324. Anya, Forest Wildling, Part 3
    Part 3: Highland Stag Fendith (Last) Legend tells of guardians, mortal and divine, Mother’s distant whispers to daughter, Anya, Overcame darkness dread, “Child, remember Lighted skies.” Four words crept forest, […]
  • 1323. Anya, Forest Wildling, Part 2
    Part 2:  Crone Neysa Ensnares Anya Awakening from forest depths, Anya sought Pungent smoky fires of crone, Neysa, in her Cave-like hovel sequestered, herbs drying, Pots of putrid liquid simmering, […]
  • 1322. Anya, Forest Wildling, Part 1
    Part 1:  Sash-Dancing Daughter Too young to understand, Anya viewed life Through beauty and movement, forest trees Wind-waving, scudding clouds, flowering Trees, buds released amongst springtime Swirling snow, inspiring her […]
  • 1285. Iola, Blossoms Gathered
    Spring morn, sunlight warming winter-pale flesh, Fertility rituals performed, translation of ancient Papyri, “Blossoms Gathered.” Unwary gaze, eyes Mirror bright, maidens awaiting muscled suitors, Gossamer gown feet-falling, secluded evenings Amongst […]
  • 1275. Life-Stories Recounted
    In darkness I wept, neither dead nor alive, Clutching dream-memories, another life, Another time, seated next to you, loving You, Suppliant, Sphinx* plays performed, Evening cool, music pleasant, life-stories Recounted, […]
  • 1249. Tizmay, Twilight-Gleaming, Part 4
    Part 4: Twilight’s Lost Gleaming (Last) Sea currents, mysterious ship-guiding Winds, Cycladic isles we discerned, Sofia Leapt into foaming surf, on beach naked Strove. Fresh water streams, ripening figs We […]
  • 1248. Tizmay, Twilight-Gleaming, Part 3
    Part 3: Virtues of Sea-Life Hillsides twilight-gleaming, shimmering Sofia by my side, flowering orchards, wind- Waving wheat, as much real as dreamt, she Stated, “Creation place, we must return, Day’s […]
  • 1247. Tizmay, Twilight-Gleaming, Part 2
    Part 2: Sofia, Divine Charioteer “O! Flaming essence who are you?” I asked, At gown-shrouded feet kneeling, forehead Ground touching, “Rise, Tizmay, listen and Learn. No goddess am I, no […]
  • 1246. Tizmay, Twilight-Gleaming, Part 1
    Part 1: Bronze-Bolted Portal From dreams, I awakened or sleep-entered, Face, hands, body not my own, past life Or future self, all round me askew. Blurred Perceptions, languages foreign to […]
  • 1194. Tizmay, Prayerful Songs, Part 2
    Part 2: Bronze Threshold (Last) Except for clouds eclipsing moon, stars, no Answer I provided or received: enlightened Soul or child quickening within. Dawning sun, By sandaled feet, I, Tizmay, […]
  • 1193. Tizmay, Prayerful Songs, Part 1
    Part 1: Enlightened Soul or Quickening Within Desert night, prayerful songs rise heavenward To over-arching celestial firmament, divine Residing, dark-sky wanderers, nomads like myself, but gods are beyond limit, ever […]
  • 1192. Tizmay, Music Mysteries
    Your music is mystery to my ears, Tizmay, Plucked tunes, honeyed-voiced refrains, Heart-touching, relating yester-years, Carried cloud heights by frost-compelling Winds. O! How I wish to learn about you, Possessed […]
  • 1175. Tizmay, Orphic Hymns, Part 3
    Part 3: Sweet Music Life-Composed (Last) Dianeme trembling at my side, I, Tizmay, Approached vine-invaded temple, double Bronze door unhinged, column-collapsed Outer porticoes. “Unnatural lurks therein,” She warned of abandoned […]
  • 1174. Tizmay, Orphic Hymns, Part 2
    Part 2: Orphic Hymn: To Divine Love Laurels entangled, I, Tizmay, ventured Toward ancient temple, breaking branches Forbidden, for with each anguished push, Pull, priestess suffered, engulfing moans, From roots, […]
  • 1173. Tizmay, Orphic Hymns, Part 1
    Part 1: Waterfall Pilgrimage Pilgrimage of prayer and faith, father and I, Tizmay, foot-traveled amongst willows Wind-waving, birds singing, clear streams Flowing, morning sun, mist-rising clouds, Heaven’s sphere earth touching, […]
  • 1172. Ceremony of Stones
    Childhood rubbing stones, wishes made Later learnt to pray. With family, flowing Streams we ventured, two round, smooth Stones sought, no larger than my palms. Cloth wrapped, returned home, hearth […]
  • 1152. From Dreams Awakened
    Mirrors of bronze, silver, woman’s dreaming Gaze, shimmering light revealing, men’s beliefs In world only seen, nothing sought beyond wind, None of integrity, weak ruled by corrupt. Why Are women […]
  • 1151. Tizmay, Temple of Bones, Part 4
    Part 4: Flesh-Conceiving Vessel (Last) Temple plateau, wind-waving trees, Kandanke’s Deific soul to scudding clouds cast, nothingness Dissolved. Tearing gowns, deific chorus grief- Silenced, her final verses so we believed. […]
  • 1149. Tizmay, Temple of Bones, Part 3
    Part 3: Divine Confessions O! Sweet dawning morn! Kandake and I, Tizmay Admired temple gardens, above mountaintops, Cloud suspended, deceptive nothingness, except To her, bones of crypt enshrined lover, awareness […]
  • 1148. Tizmay, Temple of Bones, Part 2
    Part 2: Kandake, Liquid Voice Towering citadel I, Tizamy entered, wind, Sand-worn bricks, square-based, narrowing At archers’ parapet heights, abandoned Decades, yet divine presence felt, lingering Consciousness, visions I received, […]
  • 1147. Tizmay, Temple of Bones, Part 1
    Part 1: Ancient Arbiters As children, we were forbidden to visit or To speak of ancient ruins, stone steps rising Mountain heights, oft cloud-lost, except Primordial chorus beckoned me, Tizmay, […]
  • 1145. Tizmay, Divine Reflections
    Where are gods during human tumult? Such Questions I, Tizmay, am asked, during famine, Disease, amidst mother’s grief. Pour bowl of Water, look within, what reflections do you See? Shimmering […]
  • 1141. Tizmay, Ever-Thinking Thought, Part 3
    Part 3: Duality of Realms (Last) Fading evening light, desert spread her veils, Pastel purple hues, windblown cold descended, Rippling desert sands at sandaled feet, first Night-appearing stars, wide-orbing planets, […]
  • 1140. Tizmay, Ever-Thinking Thought, Part 2
    Part 2: Encounter at the Well Lingering moments, tangential planes, of Apertay, I asked, “Where are we, am I? For I, Tizmay, felt heart, soul fulfilled, no fear Of trespassing […]
  • 1139. Tizmay, Ever-Thinking Thought, Part 1
    Part 1: Apertay, Heaven’s Cloudless Sky Solemn visits we made to cottage of Emete, Elder woman who night died, gifts to family, Fish, honeyed fruit, and bread. “I am here,” […]
  • 1137. Tizmay and Altyndepe, Part 5
    Part 5: Thirsting Water, Dry Wells (Last) “We believe in faceless voices,” I sang aloud to Derya, nursing at my breast, Esmeray, elder Mother, at my side. “Wind, waving wheat, […]
  • 1136. Tizmay and Altyndepe, Part 4
    Part 4: Birth of Derya Part of me died at sea, childhood memories Washed away. Prophetic verse, this I realized Walking lonely strands, my girl moved within, Telling kicks, yearning […]
  • 1135. Tizmay and Altyndepe, Part 3
    Part 3: Fates Written Upon Black Waves Into moonlit night desert I wandered, woman Lost to cold, colorless realms, footprints Fugitive in rippling sands, dream or real, I Knew not […]
  • 1133. Tizmay and Altyndepe, Part 2
    Part 2: Spirits Stirring Within Star-swept from Cycladic fishing isles by Altyndepe’s, I, Tizmay, descended to Göbekli Tepe temple, broad porticos, massive stone Columns never seen nor hand-hewn since. Regal […]
  • 1132. Tizmay and Altyndepe, Part 1
    Part 1: Guardian of Göbekli Tepe Realms exist between sea and shore, land And sky, transparent domains, invisible As breeze, heat above flame, ethereal as Starlight. How did I, Tizmay, […]
  • 1130. Tizmay, Candle and Door, Part 4
    Part 4: Waking Dreams (Last) “Where did languages originate?” Bel of Akkad Asked of me, Tizmay. “Think of welling springs, Trickling streams, rivers flowing across farming Plains, parental tongues originating […]
  • 1128. Tizmay, Candle and Door, Part 3
    Part 3: Bel of Akkad Father abandoned, stone enshrined, cave Dwelling, I, Tizmay, cared not for myself, Lost in pungent candle smoke, taunted by Ancient manuscripts, mountain voices fallen Silent, […]
  • 1127. Tizmay, Candle and Door, Part 2
    Part 2: Timber in Treeless Realms “There is more,” Derya advised, few words doom Invoking, anxious breaths for father and myself. “Plateau winding paths,” she began, withered Hands waving, mental […]
  • 1126. Tizmay, Candle and Door, Part 1
    Part 1: Threshing Wheat and Chaff Elder woman of ancient voices, guidance of Derya I sought, stone hovel-living hermetess, Sight rising to mountain peaks, she lived By charity, those wisdom […]
  • 1104. Eternal Cycles Repeated
    Beyond primordial ocean depths, earth Dark azoic void, into this I unwittingly Stepped, no firm footing, no familiar Beach, safe harbour for my soul, god- Absented manifold, unfathomed, hope- Forsaken, […]
  • 1100. Ohndrea of Kalchis
    Girl of Kalchis, Ohndrea trespassed into Temple of Athena, silent feet on marble Floors, slender frame through massive Bronze doors slightly left ajar. She sipped From naos holy cup, ambrosia […]
  • 1094. Aprilla, Roaring Lion’s Head, Part 3
    Part 3: Dolius, Elder Fisherman (Last) As oracle of Kybelis, no petitioners, no Sailing ships approached Turkish Isle of Didyma. Stranger to myself, I, Aprilla, was Hapless on desolate sand […]
  • 1093. Aprilla, Roaring Lion’s Head, Part 2
    Part 2: Sirens, Isle of Didyma Mind stretched by oceanic tides, I, Aprilla, Veil enwrapped, drifted amongst Ægean isles, Hair and spirit sea-flowing, thousand leagues From parents, temple of Kybelis, […]
  • 1092. Aprilla, Roaring Lion’s Head, Part 1
    Part 1: Waxen Tablets Conceived Week of ceremonies, fertility rites, goddess Kybelis, teachings throughout childhood, This day, I, Aprilla, adolescent daughter of Cypriot fishers, entered columned temple, No mere visitation […]
  • 1088. Papyprian Fragments, Part 2
    Part 2: Papyri Discovered in Collapsed Wall Second Group of Four Fragments: Worshiper unrest arose first in Corinth and Then to Athens spread, holy priests to select Three amongst them […]
  • 1087. Papyprian Fragments, Part 1
    Part 1: Urn-Discovered Verses First of four lost fragments: 1. “From Cyprus, where does this ship sail?” Symerya asked captain at the helm. “Crete” “Then after?” Youthful face inquired. “Two […]
  • 1024. Cosimia and Aprilia, Part 3
    Part 3: Hand of Ædeon Discovered (Last) Distant ridge unfolding, skies cloudy grey, Legend told of fighting fields, horses hoofs And chariot wheels, heroes born by deaths Of thousand slain, […]
  • 1023. Cosimia and Aprilia, Part 2
    Part 2: Anysia, Plurality of Voices Weeks Aprilia stayed at our cottage, sleeping On hearth-room pallet, nights awakened, she Prayed, sing-song incantations whispered: “All things life-partaking die, memories lost, Lo! […]
  • 1022. Cosimia and Aprilia, Part 1
    Part 1: Marble Sleeping Girl Discovered Ancient monuments of extinct peoples, their Culture lost, weathered marble altar, sleeping adolescent girl, time entwined, inscription Written in three languages, best deciphered: “By […]
  • 1017. Almond Blossoms
    Mother said it was snow, wind-swirling white- Grey flakes, sky rising, behind her I stood, Away from heat, women crying, smell of Burnt flesh. Thus were childhood memories, Funeral pyres, […]
  • 1016. Cosimia and Acheron
    Night awakened, anxious voice bedside, Adolescent daughter Cosimia: “Mother, Man I love is in my bedroom.” Anger- Coupled fear, face, throat burning flame, “Where is he?” distain I asked, life […]
  • 1015. Cosimia, Invisible World, Part 5
    Part 5: Coronis, Sybil-Sister (Last) Time unhinged, awakened Immortal Charioteers Knew not old-age nor life’s infirmities, restored Bodies, youthful appearing, sleeping hundred Decades in quietude. To first-speaking Ancient Ones, Cosimia […]
  • 1014. Cosimia, Invisible World, Part 4
    Part 4: Kydilla-Coronis Encountered “Tomb door opening riddle we present,” Began stone Lumasi to Cosimia and her Mother. “Twins we are, same but different, Door hinges and bolts, left-right, masculine […]
  • 1013. Cosimia, Invisible World, Part 3
    Part 3: Ancient Lumasi Discovered Clouds descending upon tomb mountaintop, Bone penetrating mist, mercy of malevolent Forces, beyond arm’s reach, Cosimia and I, Her mother were invisible, dream realized: “Light […]
  • 1012. Cosimia, Invisible World, Part 2
    Part 2: Mother’s Revitalizing Blood To my daughter, Cosimia, world was invisible, Time-stilled, hourglass sand upward flowing With each ascending turn of Mountain paths, Rocky-narrows at cliff-edge, earth below us […]
  • 1011. Cosimia, Invisible World, Part 1
    Part 1: Immortal Charioteers “Mother, world is invisible!” By these words, Cosimia startled me awake, foot of my bed, Saying, “Wind, bird songs, night-dark skies, They are felt or heard, […]
  • 1008. Cosimia and Cloud Goddess, Part 2
    Part 2: Iris, Goddess of Rain Clouds (Last) Approaching Iris’ sacred spring, Arkia’s Youth returned, by healing streamlets, Her features fair, reliving god-created Days. Lo! We knew not her earth […]
  • 1007. Cosimia and Cloud Goddess, Part 1
    Part 1: Elder Woman at the Well Drought months persisting, crops dying, We laboured naked in fields, sun beating Upon our backs, repeated turns at well, Urns heavy, watering crops, […]
  • 1006. Cosimia, Doorway and Hearth, Part 4
    Part 4: Kaphinos Archway (Last) “What image shall cornerstone contain? In Whose honour?” pilgrims asked Cosimia, East-west facing gateway arch supported By wood structure awaiting placement of Weight-bearing stone. “Sun […]
  • 1005. Cosimia, Doorway and Hearth, Part 3
    Part 3: Revelation of Ædian What dominion did Janus hold upon gods Residing spruce-clad Œtean mountaintops, Roiling luminescent clouds? Nameless ruins, Hilltop ancient village in his honour, only Foundations, Janus’ […]
  • 1004. Cosimia, Doorway and Hearth, Part 2
    Part 2: Cosimia’s Visions Bright-clear, my daughter’s eyes sightless To world around her, blindness opened Other doors, new discoveries, knowing Sensations felt within, her mind candle Flame. Cosimia arose from […]
  • 1003. Cosimia, Doorway and Hearth, Part 1
    Part 1: Ancient Archway Discovered Ancient arch discovered, crumbling brick And stone, vines overgrown, older than Collective memory, entrance to ruins of Œtean Mountain village, walls collapsed In rubble, dried […]
  • 999. Cosimia, Goddess Restored
    Flooding rains, mountains rushing down, Across farmlands, rivers over-flowing, Villages destroyed by moving wall of Mud and trees, we awakened to find all Owned lost, olive orchards gutted by deep […]
  • 998. Cosimia, In Two Worlds
    Daughter, Cosimia, found wandering wind- Waving wheat, trance enchanted, arms sky- Reaching, dark eyes heaven-fixed, questioned So, “Mother, in two worlds I live, one with You, other amongst ethereal purple […]
  • 997. Cosimia, Delian Daughter
    Night awakened by my daughter, Cosimia, “Mother I have lots to say.” Share with me She would, except by pen and papyri, night Writing by candlelight, cheese and bread, Hot […]
  • 996. Cosimia and Marble Goddess
    Ancient temple entered, painted statuary Intact, dozen altar bowls for offerings, Flowers, first fruit, oldest gifts to gods, Before Greek city-states, harvest gift of Tithes. “No one is here, no […]
  • 995. Awakened and Undone
    Surf rising between sand and sand, narrow Isthmus binds mortal and divine, infinity Of sight and sound, universal desire for Love, beauty, sacrifices made, heaven sent Tears, mirth. O! Innocent […]
  • 982. Stranger at the Oasis
    Stranger I met at the oasis, ignored by all Who passed. He asked not for charity, no Potter’s bowl for coin or food, empty skin For drinking. Yet, he watched, […]
  • 981. Myrina, Voice of Bones, Part 4
    Part 4: Secrets Self-Kept (Last) Upon new island world sailing ships landed, Lyrical Voice of Bones atmosphere quavering, I realized then, there, gods were real, tangible, Above us singing praises, […]
  • 980. Myrina, Voice of Bones, Part 3
    Part 3: Steerboard of Brine and Sky Ancient customs revealed, we carried body Of slain Myrina across Greek countryside, Shrouded, oil anointed, dried in open air, Bones exposed, none lost. […]
  • 979. Myrina, Voice of Bones, Part 2
    Part 2: Emerging Diaspora “Admitted by Holy Ones we are,” Myrina Chanted, eyes, arms heaven-lifted, hail of Thrown stones, she continued undaunted. “Chariots earth descending, high-flying, Glimpses of infinity, for […]
  • 978. Myrina, Voice of Bones, Part 1
    Part 1: Wingéd Song Outpouring “Holy pilgrimage,” father stated, visiting Ancient mountain tomb, incantations of Myrina, rising from crypt sleep, awakened, She became Voice of Bones. Some trekked Two days, […]
  • 976. Kallon and Arete, Part 2
    Part 2: Beginning to End (Last) Timeless pool, I, Arete, filled in, destroyed. Once man-discovered, atrocities committed, Killing innocents, taking slaves, families so Separated. Thus, my decision made, single Journey […]
  • 975. Kallon and Arete, Part 1
    Part 1: Time-Turning Sacred Pool Awakened in night darkness, hard fist on Cottage door, hearth fires smoldering, Stranger seeking help, eyes distant, face Vacant, battle-weary walking wounded, Mind tween living […]
  • 974. Kypris, Sanctuary of Tempe, Part 3
    Part 3: Kypris’ Metamorphosis (Last) Entrance appearing tomb-like, sanctuary Of Tempe, unbolted portal of learning, Enlightenment, Kypris reading, studying During day, her night dreams invaded, Voices of ancient deities, her […]
  • 973. Kypris, Sanctuary of Tempe, Part 2
    Part 2: Mother’s Amulet Gift Last look outside of tomb, Kypris studied Faces of villagers and elders, all gathered Round, broad daylight, trees and sky, for 1000 days locked within, […]
  • 972. Kypris, Sanctuary of Tempe, Part 1
    Part 1: Bronze Door Pilgrimage “I am light. I am creation,” sun-glowing disk Announced, memories Œtean village elders Shared with shepherd-farmers. Semi-circled Round stone altar, open glen, they worshiped Rustic […]
  • 964. Oreias and Galene
    Lone survivor, merchant shipwreck, entangled in Sinking sails, rigging, depths of Ægean seas, certain Death amongst toppled columns, collapsed temple, Ancient city, 100 fathoms from island shores. Fishers, Merchants,  drowned […]
  • 963. Meröe, Ceremony of Eiris
    For Greek girls of given age, sailing ship, sea- Island voyages, mountain pilgrimage, upward Winding trails,  Ceremony of Eiris, realization Of wingéd goddess, praying at cleft of living Stone, sacred […]
  • 962. Kaethe, Sacred Spring
    Stream of Forgetfulness, fount-fed springs, Unwitting travelers sipped from clear-sweet Waters, all memories lost, who, what, where, Ancient spells ruling over gaze-empty souls, Wandering into our village: children, families At […]
  • 960. Aristea and Sümer, Part 4
    Part 4: Goddess Eileithyia (Last) Cloud-height guiding voices, “Run to sea! Down sloping hillsides, waves glimpsed, Soldiers pressing, river emptying into Tide-currents. I fell into welcoming waves, Beyond arrow-reach, land […]
  • 959. Aristea and Sümer, Part 3
    Part 3: Aristea’s Escape Upon seashores of Anatolia, life ended, Athens, family, ceremonies, festive days, Aristea no longer existed, instead chain- Fettered burdened beast, oft caned not Walking in unison-step. […]
  • 958. Aristea and Sümer, Part 2
    Part 2: Misty Mirror of Myself Safety of catacombs, I slept amongst dead, Skeletons, dust-crumbling, votive offerings, Mysteries of ritualistic murders, ceremonial Burials, honour of Eileithyia, golden goddess, Sun-radiant, depth […]
  • 957. Aristea and Sümer, Part 1
    Part 1: Reckless Schemes Mountain shepherdess I have become, music Of moving bells, Cypriot grasslands, ancient Ruins, collapsed stone buildings, godly towers, Histories time-lost, my past as blank eyes on […]
  • 956. Ariandra, Bright Mirror
    “Do not go to ocean clifftops,” mother Warned. Scattered fleet made fruitless Battle, triremes burning, heavy-armed Athenians and Spartans, lifeless bodies Washed upon our shores. As sisters, we Could not […]
  • 950. Kandakē, Delphic Oracle
    Chained naked to stone wall, arms and leg Splayed, forced to stand on tiptoes, pungent Powders inhaled, brain to flame transformed. My body, earth around me quaked, dozen Cymbals clanging. […]
  • 944. Aeriel and Althea, Part 4
    Part 4: Wilderness Revelation (Last) Weeks in forest wilderness, we climbed And crawled, few paths found amongst rocks and roots, laurel ensnarled dark Stretches. Course of self-realization or Destruction, I […]
  • 943. Aeriel and Althea, Part 3
    Part 3: Wanderers we Became First argument in night darkness, tossing Upon pallet bed, plurality of conflicting Voices within our head, essence of divine Althea in opposition to me, Aeriel, […]
  • 942. Aeriel and Althea, Part 2
    Part 2: Divergent Daughters Two When goddess took my hand, into another Realm I entered, one of enlightenment and Reason, beyond noise of earth-dimming Thought, adulterated pleasures, my soul Stretched, […]
  • 940. Aeriel and Althea, Part 1
    Part 1: From Death, Life Renewed Amongst family, dying words I whispered, “I love you!” three times stated, with each Breath straining, shouting if I could, faces Fading, I surrendered […]
  • 935. Diadema, Destinies Reckoned, Part 5
    Part 5: Diadema Returns as Cora (Last) Life-passage of Nayera, no longer could I live At home, parents pretending nothing occurred, Not of earth or of heaven, I wandered in […]
  • 934. Diadema, Destinies Reckoned, Part 4
    Part 4: Nayera, Crucible of Creation Shepherd daughter of sunlit meadow flowers, Rock-cascading streams, goddess Ælektrona, Beckoned me, Diadema, encouraged by divine Voice and hands, hair unbound, naked bodies In […]
  • 933. Diadema, Destinies Reckoned, Part 3
    Part 3: Crone Nayera, Reverse-Transformed. Memories of rolling oxen cart, staring upwards, Sunlight trees, silver light illuminating veins of Leaves, spidery branches, I was one with more Than myself, hovering […]
  • 932. Diadema, Destinies Reckoned, Part 2
    Part 2: Diadema’s Tearful Recollection Released from spell of Ælectrona, I ran to Family cottage as if pursued by pack of Hungry hounds, through laurels, brambles, Ravines, rocky hills, crying […]
  • 931. Diadema, Destinies Reckoned, Part 1
    Part 1: Cora Becomes Diadema Our life threads unraveling, tale of goddess Trespass, by force taken from parents, king’s Men, armed and armored, chariot driven, last Glimpse of frantic mother, […]
  • 930. Alegrea, Child of Ilion, Part 5
    Part 5: Beating Drums of Zrengrakos (Last) Swallowed by vines dozen decades, sealed tomb Broken from within, might of one-hundred Skeletons resurrected, soldier-sons of Marion Refleshed, bronze doors unhinged, first […]
  • 929. Alegrea, Child of Ilion, Part 4
    Part 4: Dolius, Sleight of Body-Mind Kidnapped, rope-bound by highwaymen, Alegrea clutching me, Clymere, bruises As oxen cart hit ruts and rocks, we prayed Aloud to gods, taken to ancient […]
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