Portrait of a Roman Woman

Mixture of mythology and historical-fiction, these poems are often inspired by writings Homer, Catullus, and Ovid. As such, many poetic characters are transformed by personal Ovidian-type metamorphosis. Paintings by Godward, Waterhouse, Alma-Tadema, and other WikiArt artists are included as illustrations. Thank-you for reading.

  • 928. Alegrea, Child of Ilion, Part 3
    Part 3: Clymere, Entering Ethereal Car Last glances of shores receding, Attic fishing Village, familiar boats, bright wings lost in Sun-shimmering sky and waves, my god-gifted Daughter, Alegrea, and I, […]
  • 927. Alegrea, Child of Ilion, Part 2
    Part 2: Alegrea’s Origins Revealed Hours of deep sleep, Alegrea awakened at My feet, torchlight flickering, again she knew Not place nor time, except she called to me, Clymere: “Mother, […]
  • 926. Alegrea, Child of Ilion, Part 1
    Part 1: Net-Entangled Discovery Adolescent girl sleeping, tangle of fishing Nets, arms, legs shawl draped, braided hair, Shells and beads adorned, hoisted from Ocean depths or night-beach, wandering in Despair […]
  • 917. Odyssey of Ixia, Part 7
    Part 7: Ancient Tomb Revealed (Last) Dreams, reality time and tempest-tossed, Approached ancient mountain tomb, Lenera And I, Inxia, source of voices, now music, Crypt fires long extinguished, pyramidal Tomb, […]
  • 916. Odyssey of Ixia, Part 6
    Part 6: Ægleia, Elderess of Cyclic Ages What mysteries awaited Lenera and I, Ixia, Arriving Syros Isle? Traveling breadth of Sea and time, to island shores we landed, Flowers never-fading, […]
  • 915. Odyssey of Ixia, Part 5
    Part 5: Voyage to Syros Isle From city of Abdera to Isle of Syros fates Tested our faith in gods, mænad Lenera And I, Ixia, into storming seas we sailed, […]
  • 914. Odyssey of Ixia, Part 4
    Part 4: Lenera, Whimsical Sprite And so our odyssey began, Ixia and Lenara, Upon mountain trails and paths, descending Into olive groves and pasturelands, ocean Coastline roads, Abdera our destination, […]
  • 913. Odyssey of Ixia, Part 3
    Part 3: Æëtia’s Instructions “To what realms do prayers rise?”Æëtia asked. “Night stars, across time, touching as surf and Sand?” This I did not know. Since I, Ixia, simply Prayed, […]
  • 912. Odyssey of Ixia, Part 2
    Part 2: Ixia’s Gift of Revelation Crypt fires long extinguished, pyramidal tomb, Foundations sinking, fronted with empty stone Seat, ancient god, once man living, to aether Had returned, sacred bones, […]
  • 911. Odyssey of Ixia, Part 1
    Part 1: Ixia, Sight-Gifted Child We were six war-wildlings, children wasted And starved, parents perished, afflicted With injury or disease, minds unchained During fevers, dreams of places, events Beyond youthful […]
  • 909. Ceremony of Delphale, Part 4
    Part 4: Rhete Reincarnated (Last) Drought upon our village, farmers above Us diverting flowing streams, waterfall rock- Tricked, turbulent depths now stilled pool We emptied for our crops, bones of […]
  • 908. Ceremony of Delphale, Part 3
    Part 3: Rhete, Twigs and Branches First glimmer of morning light, I awakened Pain in hands, arms, clumps of hair floor- Falling  O! Delphale, as priestess Thessala, What is happening, […]
  • 907. Ceremony of Delphale, Part 2
    Part 2: Rheta, Tree-Enchanted Child Flowing streams, stood single apricot tree, Rheta’s mother found her daughter. “This Is her, I know.” Oddly shaped, thin wind- Waving branches grew upward from […]
  • 906. Ceremony of Delphale, Part 1
    Part 1: Rheta, Fruit-Bearing Tree Older than collective memory, Ceremony Of Delphale, began as oil-anointed stone Overlooking ever-roaring waterfall, mist And wondrous rainbows, revered as Place of healing, votive offering […]
  • 904. Arisbe and Iskaria, Part 3
    Part 3: Resurrection of Arisbe (Last) Breaching waves, deep within my mind, Voices called, Arisbe night awakened, “Holy Mother, I wish to be myself again.” For months her soul slumbered […]
  • 902. Arisbe and Iskaria, Part 2
    Part 2: Sips of Pungent Potion Sweet child, Arisbe, pallet made for rest, Morning sickness, herbal teas to quell her Nausea, forcing sips of pungent potion, Lips and tongue stained […]
  • 901. Arisbe and Iskaria, Part 1
    Part 1: Wings Fluttering Night awakening, moon eclipsing, ancient Darkness swept across Œtean mountaintops And vales, presence feared and unspoken, Visions received as hovel-secreted seer, Images flame-spoken, young maiden, Abdomen […]
  • 894. Ambrose and Cynara, Part 5
    Part 5: Ægea Blessed the Ten “Whether mortal or immortal be,” began Ambrose in human form, “Cynara and I Are one entity, presenting as male and Female, expressions appealing to […]
  • 893. Ambrose and Cynara, Part 4
    Part 4: Through Iola, Ægea Speaks Mountaintops overwhelmed, light cloud- Ascending, thunders echo-rumbled, Iola And goddess metamorphosed, maiden Ignorant of ways of men, lifted to position Of the spheres, two […]
  • 892. Ambrose and Cynara, Part 3
    Part 3: Iola and Mountain Pilgrimage Ten pilgrims on lofty climb with Ambrose And Cynara, from mountain paths they took Ascending steps, each hand chiseled from Rambling granite face, call […]
  • 891. Ambrose and Cynara, Part 2
    Part 2: From Battlefields to Pilgrimage How can I give a rational account? Princes And generals of opposing sides, offerings To gods in vain, prayers, exulting, insulting, Believing self-righteously theirs […]
  • 890. Ambrose and Cynara, Part 1
    Part 1: Immortal Fragments We recognized each other, divine light, Surviving flooding rains, plagues, warring Battlefields, immortals, blessed-accursed, Timeless, witnessing life’s fond frailties, Love’s brief moments, tenderness, families Wed and […]
  • 881. Kardelen and Parthenope, Part 5
    Part 5: Abreas Arrived Nyos Isle Siren Parthenope lost to sea and flame, Ships made passage to and from Isle of Nyos, messages to and from Athens Sent, merchant sailing […]
  • 880. Kardelen and Parthenope, Part 4
    Part 4: Cilla and Parthenope Death of Parthenope, skeletons articulated, Fleshed vitality regained, fruit and honeyed Bread we feasted, Kardelen, heroine, lover’s Agate amulet returned, free of chains and Shackles, […]
  • 879. Kardelen and Parthenope, Part 3
    Part 3: Death of Parthenope To whispers of bleached bones I fled, tween Life and death, sway of dreams drug-induced, Pleasures preoccupied, Parthenope unaware Of my soul’s escape. “Come to […]
  • 877. Kardelen and Parthenope, Part 2
    Part 2: Seduction of Kardelen Deeds performed, too ashamed to confess, Lo! I, Kardelen, followed Parthenope to her Lair, circular tholos temple, columns open To breezy sun, inner naos chamber, […]
  • 876. Kardelen and Parthenope, Part 1
    Part 1: Shipwrecked on Isle of Nyos Ever-changing seas and tides, merchant ship I boarded, veiled passenger, few coins saved, Like other strangers huddled below, old life Escaped, new sought, […]
  • 875. Aprilia, Portal of Historia, Part 5
    Part 5: Apotheosis of Aprilia For months Ægean Sea, Naxos Isle were as Aprilia and family recalled, life and faith Restored, security of stone cottages, music Of sheep hillside-grazing, fishers […]
  • 874. Aprilia, Portal of Historia, Part 4
    Part 4: Æon, Epochs between Heartbeats Realizing holy City of Mara’nan was divine Illusion, Aprilia saw beyond veil of stone, Inscriptions, and mosaic murals. She feared Priests and students were […]
  • 873. Aprilia, Portal of Historia, Part 3
    Part 3: Holy City of Mara’nan Eyes adjusting to darkness at cave entrance, Aprilia entered with Galen, priestess-greeted, Maze passages, stairway ascending towards Mountaintop, opened to temple sanctuary, Illuminating light […]
  • 872. Aprilia, Portal of Historia, Part 2
    Part 2: Chariot-Descending Birth of Galen Rugged cliffs of Naxos Isle, sheep-grazing Grasslands, fishing villages, sailing boats And nets, all things Aprilia loved, from her Grip were taken. Cast upon […]
  • 871. Aprilia, Portal of Historia, Part 1
    Part 1: Portal of Historia Discovered Music of sheep bells, melodies of Aprilia’s Childhood, clouds scudding over Ægean Islands, rocky pastures, shepherd-family Raised, rhythm of tides and ocean currents, Clifftop […]
  • 868. Ancient Punishment
    Few cups of grain, first fruit, figs and fish, I approached Demeter, praying petitioners On temple steps, to priestess they relied, Responsibilities of maiden priestess, I Addressed marble statue, not […]
  • 853. Ritsá and Kora
    Early waking, daily labours, I am old now, Naps in afternoon, yet shepherd-family Children come around, my little comforts And magpies. “Tiziana, tell us about Ritsá,” In unison demanding. My […]
  • 851. Lambda and Kappa
    Around us clashing swords, fight and flee, Turn and fight, adolescent girl days lost in Œtean Mountains, parents night-separated, Arrow and sling-stones of mercenaries, no Path found without dead bodies […]
  • 850. Hyperborean Muses
    We met midday at stone well near Abdera, Women water-carrying, some for miles, Beneath Thracian sun, few bites of figs, Daily thoughts shared, household duties Of wife and mother, receptive […]
  • 848. Symerya, Desert Temple, Part 6
    Part 6: Divine Duties Realized Walking temple garden-groves, Symerya Asked Dolius, “How many times, my lord, Have I been so assigned, temple scribe, Messenger, upon this life-dedicated path?” “Since mankind […]
  • 847. Symerya, Desert Temple, Part 5
    Part 5: One Candle Lights the Next “In dream-visions, ancient temple exists, not As sand-buried ruins, but living oasis, prayer And enlightenment, welcoming all, prophets And scribes of varying beliefs, […]
  • 846. Symerya, Desert Temple, Part 4
    Part 4: Voices from Clouds Calling Inked smudges on parchment, Harawah was First of ancient gateways Symerya and Dolius Must reach, guiding landmarks, to ruins of Ancient temple site. “This […]
  • 844. Symerya, Desert Temple, Part 2
    Part 2: Prayers of Realization Twined threads of life, sea and sky, touching Yet opposed, I sail on soaring wings, upon Bow of merchant ship, divinity revealed, My soul transformed, […]
  • 843. Symerya, Desert Temple, Part 1
    Part 1: Spiritual Discovery Sails wind-rustling, waves ocean-cresting, Symerya sang aloud, “I have seen, I have Heard, I have learned scriptures of holy Prophesy.” Ocean rising sun, her Turkish Homeland […]
  • 831. Mitéra, Merging Streams
    We knew her as Mitéra, elder mother, sage Who appeared on sunlit rocks overlooking Two merging streams. She was neither oracle Nor priestess, yet we approached her for Guidance, offerings […]
  • 829. Evania’s Sea-Mist Spirits
    Parent’s plight, adolescent daughter, Evania, Taken in marriage, not enslaved by battle Conquering generals, but one of Attic armies, Man by us admired, given in loyal obedience To calloused soldier […]
  • 828. Kypris Became Astarte
    Parents’ disbelief, temple ruins overgrown In mountain spruces, children ascending Granite steps, branch-obscured, hand-hewn, Foot-worn, past to darkness lost, except for Page torn from ancient book, family shown, Tangle of […]
  • 827. Ohndrea, Eyes Unveiled
    From humble families, mountain stone Cottages, I grew as maiden shepherdess, Flocks of meadow-moving music, ringing In eternal unison to radiant clouds, hymns And prayers heard by goddesses and gods, […]
  • 815. Aketra, Œtean Oracle, Part 4
    Part 4: Ægean Sea and Silver Moon Moonlight ocean-reflecting, eternal tug of Tides, advancing and retreating, Ægean Sea whispered to silver moon, “Gypsy Beekeeper sails to Thessaly, designs upon Your […]
  • 814. Aketra, Œtean Oracle, Part 3
    Part 3: Enchantress Aglaonike Hooded robe, walking staff, Aketra appeared As peasant. Crone she sought, rock-spring Hovel, amulets, ancient chants, papyrus roll Aketra brought, augury eyes to discern. Bones Cast […]
  • 813. Aketra, Œtean Oracle, Part 2
    Part 2: Womb-Wrested Girl Infant Pre-dawn alarms clanging, Aketra’s bed cold- Empty, disappeared from family cottage, into Black pines wandered, ferns trampled, torn Clothing found amongst branches, fillets lost From […]
  • 812. Aketra, Œtean Oracle, Part 1
    Part 1: Tormented Child Œtean mountain shepherd family, dinner Table eating, blood dripped from Aketra’s Nose, pale fainting, falling on to father’s Shoulder, parents learned of tormented Adolescent daughter, lights […]
  • 807. Aglaia, Votive Offerings
    Life viewed from mountaintops, sight beyond Ethereal skies, I learned of ruins of ancient Villages, marble stones, bits of black-glaze Pottery, dried well I discovered, vast votive Offerings cast therein, […]
  • 806. Anthea and Andrea
    Family said I was too young to remember, Childhood memories, events time-blurred, sea-storms, clouds descending, orchards Uprooted, vineyards laid to waste, mother Crying, hearth fires flickering, howling Winds, unable to […]
  • 805. Kora, Ceremony of Seeds
    Too young to understand, solemn ceremony, Weeping parents, families gathered, elder- Father awakened not this morn, aged body Laid to rest, spirit sky-rising to eternal light. Thus, death was explained, […]
  • 804. Melissae, Protector of Bees
    Too young to understand, mornings and Evenings we prayed, foreheads touching Floor, melodic words we chanted, flower Petals, grains, and figs, offerings to the Gods, protection and direction, crops and […]
  • 803. Winged Victory of Samothrace
    “Loading Marble,” Nikolai Ge, 1868, WikiArt. Before protecting temples of Samothrace, I knew neither life nor death, yet I was twice Created, from earth-forming furnace, and by Sculptor’s skilled hands. […]
  • 802. Atala, Lamp of Living Flame
    City-kingdom of Myonia, family prepared Body of Atala for burial, bathed in oils, Adorned with flower petals, linen-bound, Ceremony of mystical chants, musical Refrains, lyre and lute, prayers and hymns, […]
  • 801. Dolius and Theon, Part 2
    Part 2: Lifetimes Measured “By deeds, lifetimes are measured, men Women, children, those touched by mercy And charity, small acts prophets offer,” Began Dolius to Theon. “Greatest of these Is […]
  • 800. Æliana, Voices of Wisdom, Part 7
    Part 7: Mother’s Secret Song Scaffolding collapsed, stone carver trapped Beneath marble stone, brief moments of life, Theon and Æliana beckoned. “Father, I am Dying,” Artisan said to pair. Theon knelt […]
  • 799. Dolius and Theon, Part 1
    Part 1: Prayers and Chants Under tutelage of Dolius, Theon’s morning Began with prayers and chanting, one the Same, though different, refrains of soul Beyond words, efforts of well-intended Adolescent, […]
  • 798. Æliana, Voices of Wisdom, Part 6
    Part 6: Æliana’s Calling How do gods a prophet make? Clay tablets In form of deific thought tumbling from Sky to receptive hearts? Deific light on Water reflecting to unsuspecting […]
  • 797. Æliana, Voices of Wisdom, Part 5
    Part 5: Tomb of Unknown God Effects of Dolius’ potion subsided, Æliana Realized austere seashores, mounts of Cyprus were not her home, nor was Dolius’ Ocean hermitage, passages deciphered on […]
  • 796. Æliana, Voices of Wisdom, Part 4
    Part 4: Cyprus Sea Voyage Merchant ship at Iolcos Æliana boarded, Passenger amongst amphorae of oil and Wine, wool bales of Œtean mountain sheep, Destined to Mersinaki, ancient Cyprus port. […]
  • 795. Æliana, Voices of Wisdom, Part 3
    Part 3: Conflicting Fates Enchanted fillets hair-entwined, coupled Twin sisters across transparent skies, Benevolent thoughts and deeds imparted Windy motion to waving wheat and trees, Divine forces rustics witnessed and […]
  • 794. Æliana, Voices of Wisdom, Part 2
    Part 2: Wisdom Personified Mind and body overwhelmed, writing night Before, hair undone, fingers ink-stained, Æliana approached wisdom’s light, temple Pediments hovering. Prayerful pose taken, Forehead touching mist-wet stone. “Child, […]
  • 793. Æliana, Voices of Wisdom, Part 1
    Part 1: Duality of Worlds Earth tremors, ancient temple ruins, stone- Sealed burial niche revealed, wall mosaic, Vases shattered, papyri scrolls discovered Amongst bones of buried dead. At first Discarded, […]
  • 792. Ceylan, Desert Messenger
    We have always been desert people, since Remembering, home of prophets and gods. Yet to outsiders, deserts were wastelands, Ages unmoved except by wind and time, Monuments and towns buried. […]
  • 791. Birth of Jæson
    Twilight hour upon Pindus clifftops, songs Raised to evening stars, I offered prayers for Your safe return. With you, Ærion I touched Divine. Earth and heaven unfolded, we were As […]
  • 790. Coins of Leontis
    Confronted by dark days, sleepless nights, I have fallen from favour of the gods, my Adult children, which is most concerning, I dare not say. I am Airlea, widow of […]
  • 789. Night Wanderings
    For weeks, I have not slept, taking to night Wanderings, death of husband, widows many Amongst us, nothing to avail, few moments To myself, I venture barefoot along foot paths, […]
  • 788. Simple Mountain Soul
    Healing temples, laves and balms, searing Fire, my agéd mother, Rhene, I accompany, Maladies beyond our healing, herbs allay Pained-weakness, yet provide not cure of Surgery, more than wound-liking dogs, […]
  • 783. Kabyrah and Tal’May, Part 5
    Part 5: Deific Seed Instilled Spindled wool of fate, weave of time undone, Bronze tomb door opened, sunlight crystal Illuminating mountain peaks. Kabyrah knelt Before bone-containing crypt, holy messenger In […]
  • 781. Kabyrah and Tal’May, Part 3
    Part 3: Servitors of Life-Miracles Cavernous mountain shrine, stone pillars Paint-embellished, ornate designs, Tal’May And Kabyrah discovered torch-illuminated Hallways, walls inscribed in ancient texts, Time-lost languages, pictograms describing Religious rites, […]
  • 779. Kabyrah and Tal’May, Part 2
    Part 2: Deific Messenger Revealed Confused-conflicted child, Kabyrah recalled Nothing prior to her vision, neither family Nor uncounted days wandering into rocky Thorn-thick tangles, collapsing at meadow Stream, cold and […]
  • 778. Kabyrah and Tal’May, Part 1
    Part 1: Kabyrah Resurrected Found unconscious in meadow streams, Adolescent girl, breathing, moaning when Moved, she had trekked far, her legs and Woolen gown bramble-torn. Unveiled face Spoke of foreign […]
  • 774. Theron of Antioch, Part 5
    Part 5: Muted Birds in Gilded Gage Upon Alexandria lighthouse spires, violet light Burned bright, St. Elmo’s Fire harbour men Surmised until on flaming wings, fiery blaze Descended to ships […]
  • 773. Theron of Antioch, Part 4
    Part 4: Ancient Fragments Inspired by Aion’s Light Solitude of open sky, barren desert sands, Voice arising from solar beams, living being No sexes wore, face upon which no gaze could […]
  • 772. Theron of Antioch, Part 3
    Part 3: Theron’s Visions of Aion Capes extending into ocean, Theron and his Daughters arrived at Cypus harbor, citadel Of sea-trade, Paphos. Ever-rising paths, Pilgrimage they made to library-temple site. […]
  • 771. Theron of Antioch, Part 2
    Part 2: Sisters Leandra and Sidony Merchant sailing ship upon white-crested waves, Stormy transit from ancient Antioch to Cyprus, Sisters approached lone hooded figure, protection Against windblown spray. “Father, we […]
  • 770. Theron of Antioch, Part 1
    Part 1: Immortal Theron He lived not under death’s shadow, Theron Discovered during fighting war, untouched by Mortal injury or disease. Wounded, moments He laid unconscious, awakened, life returned Whilst […]
  • 769. Erenay, Moon Mystic, Part 6
    Part 6: Soul Released to Void Final thoughts of Erenay: Beyond what I see and know is nothingness, Darkness, no desert, no prophet, or prayer, My existence reduced to poetic […]
  • 767. Erenay, Moon Mystic, Part 5
    Part 5: Desert Stranger Night amongst desert campfire, lone stranger Approached, dark-robed, walking staff, water Skin empty. As was custom, I offered all I had. Conversation beneath stars, flame-illuminated Faces, […]
  • 765. Erenay, Moon Mystic, Part 4
    Part 4: Moon Soul Shadow On moonlit desert nights, my shadow follows Me, one and same, never touching or meeting, Yet present with the other. Thus is my soul, Present […]
  • 764. Erenay, Moon Mystic, Part 3
    Part 3: Blade and Coals From her breast poured lyrical song, Erenay, Moon Mystic, healer of desert-roaming tribes, Oasis resting with camel caravans. Injured And infirmed, they sought her, to […]
  • 763. Erenay, Moon Mystic, Part 2
    Part 2: Oasis Visions Solitude and peace, Erenay, at edge of Wind-rippling oasis she prayed, desert Sun palm tree-shaded, her heavenward Refrains tear-turned, pained sorrows, From obedience and humility, divinity […]
  • 762. Erenay, Moon Mystic, Part 1
    Part 1: Moon Mystic Lure of desert night, pale moonlight, rippling Sand, young Erenay left family-camped oasis, Voice of ancient prophet beckoned, “Follow me.” By two words, she understood, fear […]
  • 755. Awakened Heart
    Once we began, we could not sleep or eat, We gathered in his name, compiling oral Accounts of Christ’s life, decades after Crucifixion, recollections as we framed Them, according to […]
  • 754. Reflections of Divine Eyes
    Many who were present at Christ’s crucifixion Remained at distance, faithful yet afraid of Roman soldiers, thunderous clouds overhead. I was one of those, Meirah. We had traveled For days […]
  • 753. Desert-Dream Awakening
    Of deserts cold and desolate I dreamt, night Winds sand-rippling, lone traveler I met on Moonlit rocky slopes, both of us east-facing, First glimmer of dawning light. “For what Do […]
  • 752. Woman at the Well
    Well of Arimathea I met them, believers on Pilgrimage, across wilderness, along Dead Sea shores, places holy to them, listening To teachings of this prophet, or so they Called him. […]
  • 748. Hundred Funeral Pyres
    My youth worsened by ravages of war, I was Old enough to understand, many daughters Without fathers, mothers laboring on farms, In fields beneath beating sun, fed and bathed Us […]
  • 747. Ancient Sylvae, Part 5
    Part 5: Thousand Endless Ages My essence thin amongst windswept clouds, I ascended  ethereal light, between life and Death, songs of silver moon, orbing planets, By Ancient Sylvae, I was […]
  • 746. Ancient Sylvae, Part 4
    Part 4: Two Souls Lost to Everything Voices of Greek Chorus: Nascent star dawning on coalescing sphere Of molten rock, Ancient Sylvae ushered first Earth sunrise. Divine thought awakened star- […]
  • 745. Ancient Sylvae, Part 3
    Part 3: Revolution of Time Lo! Water sprang forth from granite face, Clear-purified by Sylvan light, taste soul- Refreshing, cleansing. On knees, double- Cupped my hands, drinking deep thereof, Thirst […]
  • 744. Ancient Sylvae, Part 2
    Part 2: Iolanthe and Berylia Restless nights, visions of ancient sylvan deities, morning light I took to mountain Paths, guidance of mystic crone, mad some Said, potion making in stone […]
  • 743. Ancient Sylvae, Part 1
    Part 1: Plurality of Light Upon flowered mountain meadows, hillside Overlooking grazing sheep, melodies of Moving bells, I rest from noonday sun in Shade of ancient cedars, clouds passing Overhead, […]
  • 742. Donya, Lydian Princess, Part 4
    As Adyon and I ascended marble steps, Realization struck, my Athens life existed Not on desolate beach or on higher planes. Nor as Adyon’s mother could I follow her. With […]
  • 741. Donya, Lydian Princess, Part 3
    Part 3: Donya Becomes Adyon In ship-quiet night, Donya whispered, “Elder Mother, I know who I am, for gods call me Adyon, this much they have revealed.” “My Child, we […]
  • 740. Donya, Lydian Princess, Part 2
    Part 2: Oracular Phœnix Linens from my bed, Donya made thobe of Wingéd sleeves, face and body concealed, Lydian slave ushered onto sailing merchant Ship. To the master I gave […]
  • 739. Donya, Lydian Princess, Part 1
    Part 1: One Destiny Revealed Frantic child at my door, tearful help-pleading, Her gown blood-stained, spoil of war, her Marriage arranged to older man, wounded Doubly by abrading shackles and […]
  • 738. Memories of Sophia
    In night dark, visitor at my door, anxious Bride, Sophia, abdomen rounding, husband Sent to war. Receptive arms, ears brought Faster-falling tears, hearth firelight eye And face reflecting, fates uncertain […]
  • 737. Towering Sylvan Groves
    In your absence, my love, what do I hold Dear? Children, family? Spruce forests, For evenings amongst them, I attained Solace. By lantern light, I prayed, cried, And yes, screamed at gods for […]
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