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Poetry in free-verse is mainstay of my writing, often originating from reading, dreams, muses, classical or modern – or deepest part of myself. In turn, verse can touch readers deeply as well. Writing and reading poetry should be enjoyable and read aloud. My writing contains growing and evolving poetic characters, chorus of many voices, their journeys and challenges, births and deaths, finding new life-purpose.   

I’m often asked, how did you write this? How long did it take? For the most part, words come easily, or conversely, like laying bricks, one cemented word at a time. If the story-line originates in dreams, upon waking, I put as many words as possible on paper, in an effort to convey images and feelings. Over time, they tend to fade and can be difficult to rekindle. I can tell it in my writing. I suspect readers notice it as well. For time being, I am concentrating more on poetry than on prose.

Readers are part of the poetry writing process. Without readers, poetry or prose would lose purpose, stories would go untold, and enduring characters would remain lifeless, hidden in closed pages. Thank-you for reading, for following on Twitter, and for making comments. They mean very much, often brightening my day, providing the helpful nudge(s) to keep my writing going and growing. FH @franehennessey    

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