alone-againFlowing in lifting winds, reaching for the
Sun, simple pleasures can be derived from
beach grass, especially its verdant beauty
Reminding of home, Atlantic shores of
Nova Scotia, unique summer light that
Attracts pale beachgoers, sea wanderers,
Hardy fishing families that make sail at
Edges of rolling sand dunes crested with
Thick stands of waving grass.

In a large glazed pot on a patio corner,
A single Marram grass plant suffices. It
Rejoices in love of ocean, long-stemmed
Sleekness and endurance, adventurous
Roots, keeping beach erosion in check.
An ecologist thriving in a massive blue-
Green ceramic planter, it provides a
Needed sense of familiarity, salve for
The uprooted Nova Scotian woman
Transplanted to foreign shores.

In summer light, its plumes open in
Sublime eloquence, a green fountain
As if bursting into song, capturing every
Potent photon within reach, absorbing
CO2, providing oxygen in return. At times,
These sturdy grasses provide refuge for
Wayward fledglings, plaintive chirpings
Hidden in a reedy jungle island mom
And dad birds know well.

On rainy autumn days, my beach grass
Friend finds replenishment from growing
Shoulder-high and transforming its flowered
Plumes to seed. Somnolent during winter,
It barely realizes my approach when armed
With shears and long lengths of string.
Tightly bound at its base, I caringly gather
Sheaves of sleeping stems.

Ribbon-wrapped for the Holidays, dry beach
Grass adorns the old butter churn decorating
A corner of our den, a reminder of Nova
Scotia, sand dunes, and life upon the sea.

This poem is about missing Nova Scotia and beaches adorned with
waving beach grass — a memory of home in Atlantic Canada.

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