Something has troubled you over
These last few weeks. I’m not sure
What pressures or pains you are feeling
Because of work or family. Though
I know we both sense it, a paralyzing
Darkness deep within. Truth is, I’m
Afraid of how desperate my life would
Be without you and your love.

I tried to ignore my concerns, especially
Alone at nights when you are on the
Ocean making your heightened patrols.
Like half my heart, your side of the bed
Is deserted and cold. I keep pretending
We were still the same. However, when
Moonlight left your eyes, I realized we
Were living a disguise. Curled up like
Passive lumps, we shared few words,
Respecting invisible but patent
Boundaries of our bed.

So what are we to do now that love’s
Electricity has shorted out? That our
Thunderstorms of passion have given
Way to sullen deprivation? Should I leave,
Packing all I own in trash bags crammed
Into the back of my old truck?

I am waiting for what your voice or touch
Advises, a single sweet utterance of your
Silent language, and I will return as your
Companion who listens patiently as you
Recount the intricacies of your day.

With a single text “I love you,” I will fulfill
Your every need, surrendering myself in
Frail nudity across the alter of our bed,
Awaiting sensual sacrifice, consumed in
Fiery passions only two women in love
Can share.

Feelings of uncertainty over the last couple of weeks.

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