‘Carolina Wren,” 2012, Wikipedia.

Warm, sunny March days, papa Wren
Returns to seashores, says, “It’s time,
Build new nests, maybe two or three.”
Then it turns cold again, blustery skiff
Of snow, he says, “No!” Tail upward-
Angled, he runs along weathered fence
Rail, farmland near salt marshes,
Wooded places he and his mate prefer,
Raising newly hatched wrens, nests in
Rusty tin cans, old mailbox, under LP
Gas tank lids, woven sticks and grass,
Concealed from view, protected from
Rain and wind, moss-lined pocket for
Dappled eggs, hiding place for mother
Wren, comforts of home. For now he
Surveys nesting places, feathers ruffled
In chilly winds, visiting bird-feeders,
Peanut pieces here, suet cakes on pine
Trees, Sun basking on balmy days.

Yes, Carolina Wrens are searching for nesting places on
Virginia ocean shores. Last few weeks have been warm
and sunny. Their territory is about half-acre. 

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