When cloud above and waves below reflect deific light...
When cloud above and waves below reflect deific light…

Light of ethereal sky, wide-opening gates
Of dawn, glimpse of divine, as my father
On ocean clifftops first revealed, when
Clouds above, waves below reflected deific
Light, and he posed to me, “What is divine?”
For decades passed, such lifetimes spent
Defining love and sanctity.

For each, concept of divine may differ as
Dusk and dawn, yet my beliefs are simple
Now, this soul has much attained. I know
God not as mystical being sequestered by
Marble porticoes. Within each of us, ancient
Divinity soul-instilled since stinging wound
Transformed clay to pulsing flesh and bone.

God is present in wind-moving trees, motion
Of life, whispers on high hills, flowers gracing
Woodland streams, blooms sunlight yearning,
For mortal man is same, to ponder and to pray
Are divine, as talents are, upward flames, to
Paint, sculpt, or to write, inspired by muse’s
Embrace, striving for lifelong dreams.

"Pythagoreans Celebrate Sunrise," Fyodor Bronnikov, 1868, Wikipedia photo.
“Pythagoreans Celebrate Sunrise,” Fyodor Bronnikov, 1868, Wikipedia photo.

Bright effulgence near, I know God as love, all
Binding robe, thoughts central to the deific
Sphere, radiant morning light. So, come my
Son, walk with me on ocean cliffs in night’s
Lingering shades, and let us talk of God, celestial
Beams of creation. Before I take my final chariot
Ride, I ask that question of you, “What is divine?”

Defining divinity is an individual experience. My on-
journey has been through poetry, studying Greek
philosophers a
nd writers, and within Catholicism,
sacraments, and rosary, 
at times an uphill struggle,
lifelong pilgrimage “on ocean clifftops.”

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