"Octopus serving as winter window sentinel..."
“Octopus serving as winter window sentinel…”

Smell of wood-smoke, coffee, and bacon, I awoke
On this Maine morning. First frost, Orion rising in
Night sky, as winter approaches, notion of island
Living settled in, hard ferry boat rides huddled in
Enclosed cabin, splashing salt spray, grommeted
Plastic enclosed summer-open boat windows.
We did the same at home, plastic over windows.

Box pulled from the attic, we removed window-
Sized sections of translucent plastic, each labeled:
“Kitchen,” “Bathroom,” “Fran’s BR,” collection of
Long furring strips. Inside, I stapled beach towel
Over my window, blue octopus serving as winter
Window sentinel, tentacles fending bitter cold,
Some equally engaged keeping warmth inside.

Pushed to back of bedroom closet, flip-flops and
Sloppy sneakers were replaced with boots, pair
For mail-boat trips to town, another for snow
Clearing or venturing into forest winter wonder-
Land. Woolen socks, fleece bed sheets, electric
Blanket dial on night-glowing #3, and my
Tentacled friend, octopus at my window.

Yes, this daylight and cold blocking beach towel
works well, from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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