Preset Style = Vibrant Format = Giant Format Margin = Small Format Border = Sm. Rounded Drawing = #2 Pencil Drawing Weight = Medium Drawing Detail = Medium Paint = Natural Paint Lightness = Normal Paint Intensity = More Water = Tap Water Water Edges = Medium Water Bleed = Average Brush = Natural Detail Brush Focus = Everything Brush Spacing = Narrow Paper = Watercolor Paper Texture = Medium Paper Shading = LightFor fishers, October transitions from
Summer heat and bustle to cooler days
And nights, warmth of hearth-fires, haze
Of smoke and fog clinging low on salt-
Marshes and pasturelands, maples
Ablaze in autumn crimson-yellows.

Harvest of fish, crab, and oysters com-
Pleted, sun-warmed days are spent on
Boat repairs, preparing for brutal winter
Waves, freezing spray, headaches and
Concerns, when skippers make quick
Maneuvers on foam-streaked seas.

In silent unison, families scrape, caulk,
And sand, finishing new wood with hand-
Brushed coats of paint, acts of faith for
Finding fish, hauling trawl nets without
Incident or injury, returning safely on
Snow-streaked winter nights.

Yes, October preparations are checking
Winter gear and boots for fit and tears,
Before cold-numbed feet stomp steel
Trawl decks, over-washed by freezing
Brine, prayers for warming sun, home
Buoy lights, hard life of surging tides.

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