Hrönn as “Mermaid” by Russian artist Alena Lazareva.

The primeval attraction is undeniable,
An adoration of unfathomable depths.
You force me along when I desire to drift.
You tug at my feet when I approach
Your turbid, foaming edge.
I stand humbled by your tidal strength.

With each deafening roar,
You demand the terms of our interaction
Lest I’m subject to retribution:
Stinging nettles, spiny fins, and tearing teeth.
Yet, you permit me to venture on your crests,
To navigate your inky depths,
To take fish from your possessive grip.

On warm placid days, your waves transform
To azure serenity,
As if some incantation from the sun
Has brought you peace and to us – a truce.
In mermaid nudity,  I slip quietly into your depths,
A salty, liquid passion for life,
Your caring embraces splash gently on my breasts,
And for an enduring moment we are as one.

Written after swimming on a summer evening at the Virginia Atlantic Ocean shore of Assateague Island Beach.

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