Ocean Sky 9-23-13Ocean magnificent! Having plowed vibrant
Waves, I know your vast depths and breadth,
Strength to sustain life, unspeakable wrath to
Destroy ships and coastal towns within your
Perilous grip.

A blending of blue-gray hues, clouds and waves
Merge mercurially as one. Ceaseless swells
Advance from horizon’s edge, rolling foam,
Lifting, pushing, winds freshening, palpable
Pulse of primeval force.

To deep-sea canyons we steer white crests.
Nets deployed dragging depths, measured in
Cold salt spray. With each tow, restless hearts
Pursue more fish, observant of sea changes,
Ship’s lights aloft burning bright.

At dawn, the ocean stirs awake. Seabirds circle
In cloud-streaked skies. Quiet moon, in fading
Starlight, bemoans the loss of silvered reign.
Retreating low on earth’s subtle curve, the oblate
Orb reflects first cascade of morning light.

The hold filled with ten thousand frozen-silent
Hearts, weary cares give way to thoughts of home.
Making white water, we glide through heaving
Waves, grateful for another bounty taken from
Yielding depths. Ocean Magnificent!

This poem was inspired from a week on the ocean, cooler weather, and rolling whitecaps. At times, the ocean was a mercurial deep blue-green.

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