"Come take my hand, my companion be..." on southern reaches of Assateague Island, Virginia Atlantic Ocean shore.
“Come take my hand, my companion be…” on southern reaches of Assateague Island, Virginia Atlantic Ocean shore.

Once I aspired for the never-ending beach,
Where serenity and strength were within
Mortal reach, to pursue passions wide and
Wild on lapping windswept shores, for fleeting
Moments to attain understanding of blesséd
Gods, to visit their ocean temple, and yet I
Imagined leaving there untouched.

For I have walked this beach alone, opening
And unfolding, forever expanding to horizon’s
Edge, infinity of sight and soul, wonders left
Untold, for once in ecstasy, the unthinkable
Occurred, I returned to mundane earth,
Retracing every step, my heart and sandaled
Feet heavy, departing heaven’s silver strands.

Who or what did this vessel see? Only what
Filled my being to the brim, few words spoken
To my mind by another who ventured courageous
And unafraid, Ulysses in Spenserian verse
Did speak, Homer and The Odyssey, heroes stride
This holy beach, for those believing in Attic ages
And revel in writings of ancient sages.

“All day-long the silver foam we clave,
Wind in well-stretched canvas following free,
Till sun stooped beneath the western wave,
And darkness veiled spaces of the sea.
Then to bounding shore-lands came we
Of sea-rivers, streaming deep, where dwell,
Those gods from sweet light are secluded well.”*

“Apricots,” Albert Joseph Moore, 1866, WikiArt.

Come take my hand, my companion be,
To explore this naked land, hold close to me
You must, for the gods have given me their
Trust, to bring another who seeks divinity on
Bended knee, to give themselves totally free,
As clouds part, primordial welling waves,
O! Discerning light, to glimpse eternity.

*Homer, The Odyssey, stanza edited for this poem.
Written whilst listening to “Anisina,” by Pink Floyd,
Endless River 
Album, (Deluxe Edition):

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