Wondrous ocean, magical moonlight,
I behold peace, soul’s solace as you protect
The night, reflecting silvery seas. Oblate
Sphere, cratered face, mare eyes, you rise
From horizon’s limb to transit silently,
Knowingly overhead. Like fisherfolk of
Ages past, pale guiding light conveys sun’s
Position, length of night, harkening dawn
In your travels amongst heavenly planets,
Orion’s defined belt of brilliant stars.

iPhone photo of full moon partially obscured by ocean clouds.
iPhone photo of full moon partially obscured by ocean clouds.

Sea breezes usher in clouds, translucent
Canopy gathering in thickness and
Breadth until your passive beam is lost
In cumulous opacity. As your brimming
Light subsides, the sea, like shadowed
Mists above, transforms into darkening
Solemnity, waves tumbling and unsettled.
For fleeting unveiled moments, your
Limned life returns, blushed passions to
Dispel converging gloom.

As shifting clouds give way, your opales-
Cent face glimmers on swelling seas.
In triumph, you break through turbulent
Vapors and reclaim the night, imparting
Eternal light, dancing radiance, oceanic
Serenity. My orbed companion, I bask in
Your graceful majesty, cold beauty, my
Course plotted true by your steadying
Light. With dawn streaking, you have
Steered me home safely once again.

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