Austere Assateague Island…

How do we know where we belong? Was it
Destined from birth or lies latent in DNA?
Couple from St. Lawrence Seaway drove
Twelve hours to stay at Virginia Assateague
Island with no explanation than, “We love
This place. It’s where we belong.” Similarly,
Couple from Virginia drove to Lubec, Maine,
Campobello Island, expressed same feelings,
Believed similar ways.

By coincidence, their paths crossed, refueling,
Bite to eat, notice license plates. Both couples
Stopped at same diner, first time they met.
After cordial conversations, migratory urges
Pushed them in opposite directions on open
Highways. Why does this occur? Why wouldn’t
Seaway couple be content on Campobello Isle?
Or Virginia couple find equal happiness on
Austere Assateague Isle?

Grand Manan Island…

Interestingly ocean, bay islands are integral
To this human longing, mystery. I offer no
Explanation because I do same. Quiet rocky
Bay on Grand Manan is where I would like
To live, to stay, but life dealt other plans,
Destiny unfolded in unexpected ways. Never-
Theless, I migrate north for summer, bright
Metal wings take flight, Fundy Bay ferryboat,
I am “home” for fleeting few weeks.

Feeling migratory urges, thanks for reading.

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